Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Samrat Accuses Nayantara

Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th January 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samrat will get offended when he learns that Nayan knowledgeable police concerning the medicine in Kiara’s post-wedding birthday party. He accuses her of making issues for Aliya by means of informing police about medicine within the birthday party. Nayan says she stored his sister as a substitute or else she would have died because of drug overdose. Samrat shouts how may she say that to his sister. Reporters watch their brawl from a distance. Nayan says he’s harming his sister as a substitute by means of selling her addictive habits and himself is under the influence of alcohol. Sam continues to shout at her. Nayan continues his sister wishes circle of relatives love and now not cash. Sam angrily strangulates her. Media rush close to them and document that.

Mohit with Ishani rushes in and prevents Sam. Sam shouts that Aliya took an excessive step as a result of Mohit didn’t take right kind care of her. Nayan leaves with Ishani. Sam blames Nayan for Aliya’s situation and determines to punish her. Next morning, Mohit will get Aliya’s bail. Sam submits bail to inspector and asks Mohit to guide their London tickets in an instant. Inspector informs that Aliya is convicted in a homicide case and therefore can’t pass out of town. Sam takes Aliya house and recalling Nayan’s recommendation that Aliya wishes circle of relatives love and now not cash questions Aliya why she took medicine. Aliya unearths that Mohit broke up along with her for Aliya. Sam shouts that Mohit and Nayan betrayed them each and knowledgeable police to get rid off Aliya. He shouts he’s going to now not spare her.

Next day, Chintu at house informs Nayan that cable isn’t coming. Nayan reveals her and Sam’s photograph in information paper. She additional watches information on TV and disconnects cable not to let her circle of relatives watch it. Malai informs Nayan that she has fastened an alliance for her and the boy is coming to satisfy her this night. Sam angrily confronts Mohit for breaking apart with Aliya. Mohit says he by no means cherished Aliya and not were given nearer to her, so he can’t marry her. Sam says he did it for matchmaker’s daughter. Mohit thinks how did Sam know about Ishani and says Aliya is mendacity and he doesn’t love somebody. Sam calms down and leaves.

Mohit fears that Sam will hurt Ishani and therefore he has to go away India with Ishani this night. He books 2 tickets in his and Ms Iyer’s title. Malati informs Paati a few boy coming to look Nayan. They watch a information about Nayan and Sam’s struggle and Sam calling her unsightly. Neighbors badmouth about Nayan. Malati panics and collapses. Paati seeks lend a hand.

Precap: Paati informs Nayan that Malati collapsed after observing her and Sam’s information. Mohit tells Ishani that Sam needs to hurt her, so that they will have to depart India. Sam units Nayan’s space on fireplace to prevent her from operating away with Mohit.

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