Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Samrat Reaches India

Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th December 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishani chats with Mohit and expresses her want to sign up for Samrat’s dance troupe. Mohit asks her to ship her dance video and asks the place is she from in London. Ishani replies she is from India and would come there if she sends her flight tickets. He says since she is from India, she will’t sign up for Samrat’s troupe. Ishani fumes. Nayan name callings her. After a while, Ishani and Nayan get aggravated paying attention to Paati making a song Samrat’s tune in a hoarse voice. House proprietor walks in and calls for hire from Malati or insists her to vacate his area. Family questions Malati why didn’t she pay hire on time. Malati unearths she spent hire in Nayana’s dowry. Family will get indignant for her mistake and asks who will she pay hire now. Malati says she is fastened a London NRI Samrat Rangaswamy’s alliance and would pay hire with the costs she will get from Rangaswamy. Nayan cheers up circle of relatives and offers a circle of relatives hug.

Aliya walks into Samrat’s room and divulges that she were given India’s flight tickets for them and they’d fly to India as soon as Revati reaches London. Samrat panics fearing Revati, however consents. Next day, Revati leaves for London with Seema. Samrat, Aliya, and Mohit depart for India simply after that. Malati will get fever and tries to depart for airport to obtain Samrat Rangaswamy. Ishani and Nayan insist her to relaxation whilst they move and obtain Rangaswamy from airport. Malati consents.

Samrat with Aliya and Mohit reaches India and fears that his lovers and media will see him. Mohit and Aliya say they already made association for him and he don’t need to concern about it. Ishani with Nayan waits for Samrat Rangaswamy preserving his placard. A drama ensues. Nayan hears Rangaswamy’s lady’s circle of relatives badmouth about Malati and Nayan and feels harm. Samrat senses an urgency to make use of washroom and barges into girls washroom. He hears Nayan crying in a subsequent cubicle and interacts together with her.

Precap: Nayan asks Samrat why is he in a girls washroom. He says he’s a girls guy and leaves his hankie by means of mistake. Nayan unearths it and thinks of returning it to him. Revati calls Samrat and unearths hears airport announcement. Nayan drops grimy water on Rangaswamy who cancels alliance. She tells Ishani that this all took place on account of hankie boy.

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