Yeh Hai Chahatein 20th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 20th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on Television

Roohi determines to show monster uncle Atharva and thinks as soon as mamma reveals out that he gave her spiked milkshake, mamma will forestall napping with Armaan and sleep together with her. She opens door and notices Armaan lustfully touching napping Preesha. She data video to show Armaan. She drops a vase. Armaan will get alert and begins his infantile appearing once more. Preesha wakes up. Armaan says he fears a ghost is out of doors. Preesha is going out to test. Roohi hides. Preesha says wind from an open window should have fallen the vase. Armaan says Roohi should be afraid listening to the sound, in order that they will have to pass and take a look at. Preesha says Roohi and Saransh don’t get afraid simply and is going to test on his insistence. Armaan notices one mattress empty and thinks any one among them should have dropped that vase.

Saransh comes out of washroom. Preesha asks if he heard any sound. He says didn’t and displays Roohi napping. Preesha leaves with Armaan. Saransh asks Roohi the place had she long past. Roohi finds that Armaan is evil and simply appearing as a kid. She displays him video. Saransh says they each will disclose Armaan the next day. Next morning, they stroll right down to lounge and tells their folks that they have got a marvel for them. Rudra and Preesha asks what sort of marvel. Roohi says grimy Armaan uncle’s reality which they’ll display it to everybody. Preesha asks if Armaan did one thing once more. Armaan says he didn’t do the rest. Saransh asks him to forestall appearing.

Saransh switches on TV and says now everybody will watch Araman’s reality on this video. This are surprised to peer a cool animated film video as a substitute. Armaan grins and recollects listening to their dialog and converting the video as soon as they’re asleep. He thinks he knew they have been appearing good, so he modified the sport in opposition to them. He says its his favourite cool animated film. Preesha and Rudra ask what’s on this cool animated film, they’re losing time. Roohi will get offended on Armaan and says he’s simply appearing. Preesha helps Armaan and says Armaan isn’t appearing. Roohi says Preesha all the time helps grimy Armaan uncle and leaves from there crying. Saransh tells Preesha that this time she is fallacious and Roohi is correct, she doesn’t know that Armaan is appearing and is really high-quality.

Roohi runs to her room crying and tells Saransh that she doesn’t know the way Armaan deleted the video. Saransh says they will probably be cautious subsequent time. Rudra walks in and comforts Roohi and says she should have recorded Armaan’s prank video and sought after to turn them, however even Preesha is correct. Roohi says she isn’t fallacious. Saransh finds that Armaan used to be touching Preesha inappropriately and used to be seeking to kiss her. Roohi says Armaan is appearing as kid and may be very grimy. Rudra says he knew Armaan is appearing and angrily determines to punish Armaan for touching Preesha inappropriately. Saransh stops him and says he advised him already that Preesha married Armaan with a reason why, however he married Pihu as a substitute; he needn’t hassle about Preesha and allow them to deal with their mom. Rudra insists to assist them and divulges that Pihu isn’t his spouse as he didn’t marry Pihu in court docket.

Precap; Rudra asks Preesha what’s particular in Armaan that she is risking her existence. Preesha says he doesn’t know the explanation. Rudra says they’ll disclose Armaan via convalescing the video and exposing Armaan’s reality.
He recovers it by way of a technician.

Update Credit to: MA

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