Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Samrat’s Trick

Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th January 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samrat notices a bride lifting her damaged specifications and realizes its the similar specifications which he talented Nayan. Nayan notices damaged specifications and thinks she’s going to get it repaired after marriage. Samrat turns a fan against Nayan. Nayan’s veil flies up and divulges her face. Sam thinks in the end he discovered her, follows her, and thinks he’s going to no longer let Nayan and Mohit elope. Paati watches wedding ceremony match on TV and asks Malati if she is excited now that Nayan is getting married. Malati prays for a boy who will marry Nayan. Nayan and Rahul’s wedding ceremony get started. Panditji asks ghee for havan. An organizing team of workers brings ghee. Sam bribes him and orders to drop ghee on Rahul. Staff acts as slipping and drops ghee on Rahul and requests Rahul to return with him and alter his sherwani. Panditji asks Rahilto alternate as 5 mins are left for the rituals. Sam feels just right seeing that.

Mohit and Ishani take a look at at airport and stay up for their flight. He says they’ll go away India in 5 mins and Sam can’t hurt them then. Ishani hugs and thank you him after which calls Malati to tell her. Chintu selections name and informs that Malati were given a middle assault and is in clinic. Ishani thinks why didn’t Nayan tell her about it and asks the place is Nayan. Chintu informs that she has long gone to have wedding ceremony in a mass marriage match at Malviya Nagar. Ishani disconnects name and informs Mohit that Paati is getting Nayan married forcefully in a mass marriage match, she wishes to move and prevent this wedding ceremony. Mohit says who is aware of if Nayan met and appreciated the man, she will be able to name Nayan and to find out. Ishani calls Nayan.

Staff drops Mohit in a rest room and asks him to scrub himself after which alternate his sherwani in a converting room. Sam hits Rahul’s head from in the back of and makes him subconscious, complicated him as Mohit. He wears groom’s get dressed and replaces himself with Rahul. Panditji begins rituals. Nayan misses Ishani. She receives Ishani’s name and asks if she is marrying forcefully, she will have to stand up and go away from there. Nayan says no matter she is doing is along with her want. Mohit notices a wrist band he talented to Sam in groom’s wrist and realizes that Sam changed a groom. He informs Ishani that he’s positive groom is Samrat as he’s dressed in his talented Samrat. They rush against wedding ceremony venue.

Doctor exams Malati and says she is basically high quality now. Malati asks if she will be able to cross house now to welcome her daughter. Doctor says she will be able to and will have to take her medication on time. Paati says allow us to cross house and bless Nayan and Rahul. Nayan and Sam’s wedding ceremony pheras get started.

Precap: Sam and Nayan’s wedding ceremony completes.
Mohit informs that Nayan married any individual else as a substitute. Nayan asks who. Sam says its him. Malati reaches house and reveals it burnt.

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