Woh Toh Hai Albela 31st October 2022 Written Episode Update: Kanha And Sayuri Fool Rishi

Woh Toh Hai Albela 31st October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on Television tubeUpdates.com

Rishi acts as getting injured by means of Yash all over their battle. Daadi Mausi nurses his wound and provides him medication. She calls Kanha and Sayuri and complains them in opposition to Yash. Rishi acts and says he advised to not tell Kanha and Sayuri about it. Kanha asks about Saroj. Daadi Mausi says Saroj’s brother and SIL met with an twist of fate and therefore she went to satisfy them with Rashmi. Kanha and Sayuri say they’d have long past to assist. Daadi Mausi says Saroj’s nephew is there for assist, however Saroj went there to care for different problems. She says Sayuri must be at house for Diwali pooja as she is grihalaxmi of the home.

Sayuri searches for Diwali garments in cabinet and name callings Kanha. Their nok jhok begins. Kanha items her a brand new diwali get dressed. She thank you him and is inspired together with his love and deal with her. She additionally items him a diwali get dressed. She notices him unhappy and to cheer him up says she didn’t like his talented lehanga. He will get tensed. She asks him to check out it on himself first. Kanha hesitantly consents and wears lehanga choli. Sayuri says he’s the most efficient and hugs him.

Kusum makes a doll for Sayuri and Kanha’s child. Rishi walks in and vents out Kanha and Sayuri’s frustration on Kusum and doll. He tears off doll and threatens to kill Sayuri and Kanha like this. He then tortures her. Next morning, circle of relatives plays Laxmi pooja and rejoice diwali. Rishi continues to torture Kusum silently whilst appearing pooja along with her. After pooja, children take elders’ blessings and take items from them. Daadi Mausi asks Kanha and Sayuri to the touch Rishi and Kusum’s toes. Rishi says its ok as he doesn’t need any factor all over diwali. Tej says he needs everybody to rejoice diwali luckily.

Daadi Mausi asks Dhanraj to present a jewellery field which Saroj left for Kusum and Rishi. Rishi will get satisfied listening to that. Dhanraj items them jewellery field. Kanha acts as frowning seeing that. Rishi rushes out and tries to promote jewellery to a jeweler. Jeweler says its a pretend jewellery and insults him. Rishi realizes its Kanha and Sayuri’s act and determines to punish them. Kanha informs Nakul that Sayuri changed jewellery on time and now Rishi is left with pretend jewellery.

Precap: Tej items his spouse’s necklace to Sayuri and Indu items her husband’s kada to Kanha. Rishi notices that and plans a

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