Woh Toh Hai Albela 14th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Bad News For Chaudhrys

Woh Toh Hai Albela 14th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on Television tubeUpdates.com

Sayuri writhes in ache after Rishi pushes her away and he or she falls on flooring on her abdomen. Kanha with Nakul and Yash reaches there. Sayuri calls him. He runs to her. Sayuri asks him to save lots of Kusum first. They realize Rishi looking to kill Kusum.
Yash and Nakul trash Rishi and his goons. Goons overpower them. Kanha helps them after which he and Kusum rush Sayuri to clinic.

Kusum suggests Nakul to tell circle of relatives about Sayuri’s situation and the incident took place. Rishi hesitates. Kusum calls Saroj and informs her the whole lot. Saroj stands shattered recalling her caution to Sayuri to watch out together with her child and Sayuri telling she is going to maintain her child, however at this time her precedence is Kusum’s lifestyles. Lady physician notices Sayuri’s situation essential and calls senior physician. Kusum feels disheartened and blames herself for her circle of relatives’s issues. Kanha comforts her. Sayuri’s situation stabilizes after senior physician’s remedy.

Nakul and Yash achieve house recalling Rishi passing away once they all 3 attacked him. Kanha asks them about Rishi. They tell that Rishi died. Family walks in and stand surprised listening to about it. Saroj presentations her fear for Kusum and asks if she is ok. Kusum says she is ok. Daadi Mausi asks how Rishi died. Yash says he’s going to tell them about intimately later, however first they will have to concern for Sayuri. Doctor walks to them and informs that they couldn’t save Sayuri’s child and stored Sayuri with nice problem.

Chaudhrys shatter listening to that. Kanha asks if Sayuri is aware of about her abortion. Doctor says no longer but and asks any of the members of the family to tell her. Kanha cries hugging Saroj. Nakul asks Kanha to tell Sayuri about it. Kanha walks to Sayuri and notices her speaking to her child and promising it that she is going to take excellent care of it. He thinks how will he tell her. Sayuri tells her child that papa will deal with them each. Kanha informs her that their child is not more. Sayuri breaks down and collapses. Saroj blames Sayuri for shedding her child even after her caution. Bhanu asks if Sayuri’s sorrows are larger than hers, Sayuri had long gone to save lots of Saroj’s daughter risking her personal lifestyles and misplaced her child, Saroj will have to fortify Sayuri as an alternative of criticizing her. Doctor tests Sayuri and informs that she is ok. Kanha breaks down seeing her.

Precap: Sayuri considers her child as teddy leaving circle of relatives in surprise.

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