Vyavastha Vivah…Arranged marriage…Zain Imam Tejasswi Prakash SS Part 8

Vyavastha Vivah…Arranged marriage…Zain Imam Tejasswi Prakash SS Part 8

Vyavastha Vivah…Arranged marriage… Part 8


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After some months…


Mohit entered the room.He was surprised to see a baby’s picture on the wall.

He was confused.

Rashmi went near him and held his hand.Then she kept his palm on her stomach.

Mohit realized what she conveyed through the baby’s picture.

He was surprised.

Mohit:Are we going to become parents?

She nodded with a smile.

He embraced her happily.

Mohit:Actually though I had not expected it now,I feel a special happiness hearing this happy news.I can’t express it.

She smiled.




Dev and Neelima  always pamper Rashmi.Anuradha and Sunil keep visiting Rashmi with home made food items.Mohit forcefully feeds Rashmi for the baby.

Mohit and Rashmi came back home after check up.

Neelima:What did the doctor say?

Dev:Is everything alright?

Mohit:I think we are not taking care of Rashmi properly.

Rashmi looks annoyed hearing what he said.

Dev:Why are you saying so Mohit?

Mohit:Because the doctor gave her many medicines.

All were worried.

Rashmi got irritated.

Rashmi:What nonsense are you saying Mohit?

Mohit was frowning:Rashmi,why are you hiding it from our families?Tell them the truth.

All were really tensed hearing Mohit’s words.

Anuradha:Rashmi…any health issue?

Sunil:What did the doctor say?

Rashmi:Don’t worry.Mohit is simply getting worried.The medicines which the doctor prescribed were folic acid,iron and calcium tablets.

Suddenly all of them started laughing.

Neelima:Mohit…these tablets are for the health of the baby and the mother.These are taken by all pregnant women.

Mohit was embarrassed.

Anuradha:You really scared us Mohit.

Sunil:Exactly.It’s the first time I am getting scared like this.

Mohit became shy.He gave an embarrassing smile.

Rashmi giggled seeing Mohit’s facial expression.



Rashmi was arranging the book shelf.She was surprised to see new books there.

Those books were on pregnancy and babies.

She was surprised.

Mohit came there.

Rashmi:Mohit,you bought these books?

Mohit:Yes.It’s written about the pregnancy period.Then about small babies.Some books are about how to bring up children.

She smiled.

Mohit:I have already started reading the book on how a husband should take care of the pregnant wife.

Rashmi:So that’s why you are feeding me food forcefully.

He smiled.

Mohit:We should read these books and become the best parents too like our parents.

Rashmi nodded with a smile.

Rashmi:But is it possible to do everything according to these books?

Mohit:No.But still we can try.But I assure you that you will love these books.

She smiled.



Mohit came back from office tired.

Rashmi:Mohit..shall we go out?

Mohit:Now?I just came now.Why now itself you want to go out?

Rashmi:I feel like eating from outside.

Mohit:But outside food is not that good during this period.

Rashmi became dull.

Rashmi:I know.But I know a hotel where we get very nice food.I know them very well.They cook food without preservatives. Let us go there.Please….your baby wants to have food from there.

Mohit:Ok ok baby.Your dad will take you there to feed you your favourite food.

Rashmi became happy.

Rashmi:The baby is asking me to give you a kiss on it’s behalf.

She gave him a flying kiss.

He smiled.




Mohit-Rashmi went to an outdoor restaurant.

Rashmi was eating a lot.

Mohit:It’s the first time I am seeing you eat this much.

Rashmi:Now a days I really feel hungry.I really want to eat a lot.

Mohit:Eat as much as you want.You need to have food for 2 people…for yourself and for the baby.

She smiled.

They both continued eating.

Rashmi:It’s yummy.





Rashmi was on her way to the boutique by car.

Suddenly the car got stopped.

She asked the driver:What happened?

Driver:The car had a break down.I will have to call a mechanic.

Rashmi:Oh no…how will I go to the boutique?

She got out of the car.

Rashmi looked at the car driver and said:I am going to catch a taxi.Bye.

She walked to catch a taxi.But she could not get any taxi.

Rashmi tried to contact another taxi driver over the phone.

She could not contact anyone.

She saw a poor pregnant woman entering the bus.

Rashmi:There are pregnant women who travel by bus too.Then why should I hesitate?Bus can be safe.

She got inside the bus.

But she did not get any seat.

The bus driver hit the brake suddenly Rashmi lost balance and she fell down.She touched her belly.

Her eyes got filled up with tears due to abdomen pain.


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