Unravelled mind Part 7

 Dedicated to Salley145 for giving a jodi title to Rishab Maya-RishMa.

The subsequent morning when (*7*) awoke,he may now not in finding Maya any place.

MJ:Where is Maya?

He remembered consuming wine.

MJ:After that what came about?I will be able to’t keep in mind the rest.How did I sleep?Since I slept off,Maya should have left.

(*7*) attempted calling Maya.But she didn’t attend the decision.

MJ:Why Maya isn’t selecting up the decision?

He switched at the TV to eliminate the inflammation.He used to be surprised to peer an individual at the TV.

Kabir in police dress used to be revealing about (*7*)’s crimes with evidence at the TV.

(*7*) gritted his enamel in anger.

MJ:Kabir is an undercover cop?Kabir joined my place of job as a easy subsequent door boy to extract secrets and techniques from me.And my confession of crimes…

Suddenly Maya got here there.

Maya:You confessed your crimes like a idiot on your subconscious state.I had spiked your drink.I’m a psychiatrist.So I hypnotized you and were given all of your secrets and techniques.Kabir and I joined in combination to show you to the sector.Kabir has displayed all of your secrets and techniques in public.Kabir is none instead of Rudra papa’s brother’s son.

(*7*) used to be surprised.

MJ:Maya…you too betrayed me?Why?

Maya:Because I sought after to take revenge on you for killing my dad Rudra.Because of you,my mom changed into a widow and I changed into fatherless.

(*7*) used to be surprised:You are Rudra and Manvi’s daughter?

Maya:Yes.The mistaken data in my biodata misled you.The heart elderly couple you noticed with me within the images weren’t my oldsters,they simply took images with me on my request.

(*7*):Your mother harm me.Now you additionally harm me.

Maya:You additionally harm us MJ.So you deserve it.

(*7*) were given very indignant.

MJ:You can’t defeat me Maya.I will be able to now not spare you.

Maya:You can’t do the rest MJ.Because the police will come right here now.Kabir will probably be handcuffing you currently.

(*7*) used to be surprised.Hearing the police jeep siren,he ran out of the home and escaped.

Maya:Oh no….

Kabir reached there with the gun.

Kabir referred to as in a noisy voice:MJ…..

Maya:MJ escaped from right here.

Kabir were given annoyed:Damn it!



Kabir used to be with Ruchika.

Ruchika:Your project is sort of over.Now my circle of relatives additionally is aware of who you’re.They are stunned or even pleased with you.

Kabir:My project will probably be over provided that I catch MJ.How will I catch him?

Ruchika changed into disenchanted.

Suddenly they heard a voice.

“You can not catch me.Before that you are going to be over Kabir”.

Kabir and Ruchika had been surprised to peer (*7*) stating a gun against him.

MJ:Did you assume that you’ll be able to get away from me after betraying me?

Kabir and Ruchika were given apprehensive.

Ruchika prolonged her hand against (*7*) and pleaded him:Please don’t kill Kabir.

(*7*) smirked.

Suddenly Maya got here there pointing a gun against him.

Maya:You can not kill my brother.Because you will get killed by means of me MJ.

(*7*) too pointed the gun against Maya.

MJ:I will be able to’t die on my own Maya.You will die and include me to the hell.There we will be able to have our incomplete honeymoon.

Maya may now not undergo anymore and Kabir moved against (*7*) to strangle him.

Suddenly they heard a gun shot.

(*7*) fell down lifeless.

They had been surprised.

Maya:I didn’t shoot him.

Kabir:Even I didn’t shoot him.Then who shot him?

Ruchika:Maya,how did you achieve right here?

Maya:I traced MJ and I noticed that he’ll unquestionably attempt to assault Kabir.So I adopted him and reached right here.I had referred to as policemen additionally.They will come quickly.

The policemen reached there.

They had been surprised to peer (*7*) lifeless.

One senior police officer:Kabir,you killed MJ?

Kabir’s lips shivered:I….in reality he attempted to kill me and my sister Maya.

Senior police officer:So for self protection you killed MJ.You did a excellent factor Kabir.Criminals like MJ will have to now not reside.We had were given data on MJ making plans to kill you.So our upper authority has put an order to kill him at the spot and you’ve got executed that.Well executed Kabir.

Kabir,Maya and Ruchika had been stunned.

Kabir:But Sir..I…

Without paying attention to Kabir,the senior officer ordered to take  MJ’s frame from there.



Kabir,Maya and Ruchika had been sitting in combination.

Kabir:But who killed MJ?It’s this sort of giant thriller.

Maya:A prison like MJ has many enemies needless to say.One of them should have killed him.

Kabir:Being a police officer,I will be able to’t stay quiet.I will be able to have to show the fact that I didn’t kill MJ,however somebody else.I’ve to determine the true killer.

Ruchika:I believe…I do know who the true killer is.

Kabir and Maya had been surprised.

Kabir:You know?How are you aware that?Did you spot the killer whilst he shot MJ?

Ruchika:I noticed the glimpse of that masked shooter.But I didn’t see his face.

Kabir:Then how did you establish him?

Ruchika:Because I do know some people who find themselves revengeful against MJ.One of them has killed him needless to say.

Kabir:Who are the ones folks?

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