Udaariyaan 3rd November 2022 Written Episode Update: Nehmat and Ekam fight

Udaariyaan 3rd November 2022 Written Episode Update: Nehmat and Ekam fight

Udaariyaan 3rd November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Mallika is in tears. Ekam says it’s okay Mallika don’t worry. He says it was a mistake. He says Nehmat will only wear my chunni. He hugs her. Mallika sits back. They make Mallika wear chunri. Mallika recalls baba Ji said someone would come between her and her love. Advait drinks with Nikhil. He asks do you Naaz well? He says yes. Advait’s mom says I want to be sure about her before making her my DIL. Nikhil says I love Naaz a lot. If someone is provoking you against her they’re lying. He leaves in anger.

Naaz cries. Nehmat asks what happened? she says Nikhil told me Rama aunty will soon bring his proposal. You should be happy. Naaz says don’t do this drama. You and Mallika never want to see me happy. You don’t want me to marry Nikhil, right?

Scene 2
Mallika cries and throws things in anger. Ekam comes to her. He asks what happened? She hugs him and cries. Ekam says tell me what happened? Let me call Nehmat. She can clean your tears only. Mallika says how will she when she’s the reason behind my tears? Nehmat says why would I say anything against Nikhil? I invited him here for Diwali. Naaz says you pretend to be innocent and your friend goes around and says bad things about me. Nehmat says what has she done? Naaz says to call her and ask her what has she told Nikhil’s mom about me.

Mallika cries and says nothing is right. Gautam rejected me because of Nehmat and now my Advait. Ekam says what are you saying? She says that chunri. He says it was an accident. She says it wasn’t an accident. I was so scared. The astrologer said I will never get my love. Ekam recalls what he said. He says how is it Nehmat’s fault? You are insecure about your love but how is it her fault? She says I know I am being stupid but I am so scared. And Naaz keeps threatening me.

Nehmat says what? Mallika said all this? She Advait and their mom would believe Naaz. Nehmat says if Mallika has said it’s wrong. I have always stopped her when she said anything against me. You’re my sister. Naaz says she is taking my love from me. Will Nikhil’s mom come here? Nehmat says she will for sure. I will tell her you’re an amazing girl. Naaz says Mallika is their to-be DIL. Nehmat says what do you want me to do? Naaz says to choose between your friend Mallika and your sister Naaz. Nehmat says she’s my best friend. She says and I am your sister.

Mallika says asks Nehmat if she will never meet Advait again. Ekam says are you doubting her? They only meet professionally. Naaz is making you doubt Nehmat. Ekam says talk to her yourself. She says you tell her, please. She won’t’ meet Advait. Ekam says to me? Okay, I will say it. Mallika hugs him.

Scene 3
Ekam and Nehmat fight over Mallika and Naaz. He says Mallika is my sister. Nehmat says Naaz is my sister too. They say why are we fighting? They say sorry to each other and hug. Nehmat says but I don’t get it why Mallika said this? Ekam says Naaz says things about everyone. He says they both don’t understand. They are childish. Nehmat says what has Mallika said? He says she sent a message to you. She said you shouldn’t meet Advait. It’s so funny. Nehmaat is shocked. She says fi she said it she must be disturbed. Ekam says why is she bothering about it? Nehmat says I won’t meet him and we have to make Naaz and Mallika friends. Ekam says they will make their in-law’s life hell. Nehmat hugs him. Nehmat recalls what Naaz said.

Scene 4
Nikhil says Naaz heard everything. Mallika provoked you. She is mixing poison in this house before coming? Rama says she’s your dad and Advait’s choice. She can’t be wrong. Advait says Nikhil think before you speak. Nikhil says Mallika doesn’t like Naaz since childhood so she’s being personal. He says I want to marry Naaz. that’s it. Advait says you have to be responsible first. He says I will once I get married to Naaz. Please take my proposal mom. She says I will. Only Naaz can handle you. He hugs her and says thank you. She says will go tomorrow.

Naaz calls Shally and tells her Nikhil’s family is coming tomorrow. I am so happy. Nehmat is happy. Mallika says to Ekam I can’t tolerate her under one roof at all. Ekam is Advait more impirtant or hate for Naaz? She says of course Advait. He says then focus on him only She sees their pictures and says they’re so pretty.

Scene 4
Nehmat gets a new case for investigation. She sees the file. It has photos of Ekam. She reads the police report. Nehmat says this case can damage Ekam’s response a lot.

Episode ends

Precap-Nehmat’s boss asks her to publish the report soon. She’s scared. She comes home. Rama is there with Nikhil to ask for Naaz’s proposal.

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