hi readers..here’s the second shot of my ff. This one shot is in line with AnuPre. Thank you JasmineRahul for suggesting this tale for anupre..however i made little adjustments. Hope you all revel in it.. please do remark and provides your perspectives☺️💖.

A small woman is noticed crying close to a useless frame..

Girl: mumma..mumma..why are you now not waking up? Please stand up..

A woman comes and hugs her and comforts her and he or she is alleged to be mohini (woman’s mom’s good friend)

Mohini:prerna beta.. relax. Iam additionally like your mumma..so if you need the rest then inquire from me..

Prerna:then ask my mom to stand up.. that’s handiest i need Mohini maa..

Mohini will get indignant seeing the woman’s sorrow and her good friend’s useless frame..

Mohini in thoughts:it’s all as a result of you mr. Shastri. You at all times tortured my good friend and pressured her..you didn’t be a excellent husband and father. Wait and watch..i can make you arrested as you’re the explanation why for my good friend’s suicide.

Mohini by hook or by crook places prerna to sleep in her lap and carasses her…

Mohini: you might be my long term bahu beta. I can get you and anurag married as consistent with your mum’s and my want. Till that the place will you are living..i additionally don’t come up with the money for to handle you..

Suddenly a girl comes there along side her husband and a child..

Lady:leave out..mohini..should you allow we will be able to stay prerna in our space.

Mohini:who’re you?

Lady:iam akshara and he’s my husband naitik and that is my daughter naira. Naira is prerna’s shut good friend at school and we now have talked to prerna’s mom veena too. We heared about Veena’s demise and we rushed right here..

Mohini:she is like my daughter and the one downside is cash. If we had enough cash then we wouldn’t have nervous for her house as we might have stored in our house atself however as we don’t come up with the money for..

Akshara: don’t concern about it. I additionally imagine prerna as my daughter..so give her duty to me..i can handle her smartly. I can ship her to your home additionally incessantly..

Mohini: that’s so great of you. But please just remember to stay prerna at all times satisfied..

Akshara:i promise for it..

Mohini passed over prerna’s duty to akshara and the times handed and aksara and Naitik handled her smartly like their very own kid and prerna too began to bond with them..

Even naira thought to be her as her sister they usually performed and frolicked in combination..

Some years later..

Basu’s have grow to be wealthy by means of anurag’s hardwork..

Prerna and naira are grown up into gorgeous girls they usually each will get in a position and is derived earlier than akshara..

Prerna and naira:maa..bless us..

Akshara smiles and blessings them each fortunately..

Akshara: a suprise for you each..this night Naveen chachu is coming right here.

Prerna and naira will get satisfied..

Prerna: actually? He went to out of the country years again and is he returning after all?

Akshara:sure beta.. hereafter he’ll keep right here with us.

Naira:that’s so great. I ignored him so much and after all he’s getting again..

They percentage their happiness and..

Prerna:maa..iam leaving for Mohini maa’s space now..

Akshara:sure..inform them that i needed them.

Prerna:positive maa..bye maa..bye naira..

Prerna is going to basu space and hugs mohini..

Prerna:excellent morning Mohini maa..

Mohini:excellent morning beta. As same old you got here right here early morning..

Prerna:sure..how am i able to now not meet my mohini maa?

Mohini: handiest you got here to fulfill me by myself? Don’t you need to fulfill moloy uncle and anurag..your good friend?

Prerna smiles..

Prerna:no..i got here for them additionally..however you’re the first desire at all times..

Mohini smiles and kisses her brow..

Then anurag comes down getting in a position and he smiles seeing prerna..

Anurag in thoughts:waah..how gorgeous she is! You are my center prerna..i like you such a lot. I can suggest you quickly..

Anurag walks to prerna..

Anurag:hello prerna..

Prerna:hello..so mr. Basu were given in a position for place of job?

Anurag:sure.. what to do? If our existence haven’t were given this downside known as cash..we might have loved like in our adolescence with out going jobs..however what to do..

Prerna: haha..existence received’t be fascinating if handiest happiness surrounds you. So pass and paintings well..

Anurag: it received’t be fascinating too should you don’t spend time with me..

Prerna makes a face..

Prerna:am i your existence?

Anurag: ofcourse..you might be my..lo..i imply my soulmate good friend. So..

Prerna:acha..then i can come at night time..we will be able to spend time.

Anurag:lier..that is on a regular basis’s discussion from you but if i ask you at night time..you answer that you’re spending time together with your sister naira..so can’t come..

Prerna:acha..baba..iam sorry. I promise i can come these days..now ok?

Anurag smiled..

Anurag : ok.. however my ok will happy handiest at night time after your arrival..

Prerna:positive..i can make your ok happy..now pass to place of job with out losing time..

Anurag smiles and is going and he drives the auto fortunately..

Anurag in thoughts: after all i were given a time to spend time along with her. Soon i can suggest you my pricey love..

Prerna spends time with Mohini and moloy fortunately for someday..

Prerna:mohini maa..moloy papa.. iam going again house now.Tonight Naveen chachu is coming..

Mohini: that’s excellent information. Go beta..

Prerna is going again house and at night time she spends time with Anurag at a park..

Anurag simply admires her all over their time..

Anurag in thoughts: i will be able to’t regulate my emotions anymore prerna..i can without a doubt suggest you quickly..

Prerna notices his look and..

Prerna:why are you staring me like this?

Anurag: not anything..you glance unhealthy that’s why.

Prerna:what? How dare you..

She beats him and anurag laughs..

Anurag:whats up..i simply joked..

They each spend high quality time in combination..

Prerna:now Time is 7:30 pm..my chachu shall be coming in an hour..so are you able to drop me house now?

Anurag:acha..however first promise me that you’re going to meet me like this the following day additionally..

Prerna:why do you wish to have promise for this?

Anurag: as a result of i will be able to’t consider your talks as you idiot me at all times..these days you got here as you promised me so promise me for the following day additionally..so that you’re going to come evidently..

Prerna laughs and guarantees him..

Prerna:acha.. promise i can come. Now come we could pass..

Anurag drops her in her space and is going whilst prerna is going in and will get suprised seeing Naveen ..

Prerna:Naveen chachu?

Naveen appears her and will get puzzled..

Naveen:who..who is that this woman naitik?

Naitik: arrey..it’s prerna..she has grown up.

Naveen will get suprised and he instantly is going and hugs her..

Naveen:ohh..so you might be prerna..you’ve grown up like that.. that even i couldn’t determine you.

Prerna smiles..

Prerna:however you glance identical younger chachu…

Naveen:thanks..come i introduced you..you favorite beverages. Come and revel in..

Naveen offers her favorite beverages and he or she enjoys ingesting it..

Akshara and Naitik smiles seeing prerna satisfied..

Akshara:i think satisfied seeing prerna satisfied. Though she isn’t born to us however she become our daughter..

Naitik:sure..we’re fortunate to get her. And most commonly naira is simply too fortunate that she were given a sister..


The days passes and in the future naitik comes house fortunately..


They threw rush to naitik..

Akshara:naitik..why are you shouting like this?

Naitik:arrey..we were given loose tickets to look at singer Dev’s live performance..

Naira and prerna will get satisfied listening to it..

Naira:dad..are you telling fact? Did we get tickets to look at singer Dev’s are living live performance?

Naitik displays tickets to naira and..

Naitik:see..i purchased the tickets too. Evening we 4 will opt for Dev’s are living live performance..

Prerna and naira will get satisfied they usually hug each and every different..

Prerna:wow..naira..our dream is coming true to peer Dev’s live performance Live..


Continued on subsequent web page…

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