The story begins in a village atmosphere away from the huzzle – buzzle of the  cities.Filled with the chanting of prayers and the cool breeze ,the atmosphere is adorned with calmness.The camera rolls to a not so old house near to a krishna temple.A 20 year old girl is moving here and there busy in packing her bags.There comes a call “Akshu……. have you finished packing the clothes”.Yes this beautiful 20 year old girl is none other than our heroine AKSHARA

Akshu :No mom.Mom, have you seen my pink kurthi.

Suwarna:it will be somewhere there look carefully!

Kairav:Akshu are you looking for this

Akshu:yes,give it to me

Kairav:no way,first promise me that you wont take away the laptop with you

Akshu:mom see this Kairav is trying to irritate me.Kairav you know right i need this for my study purpose

Kairav:Akshu you know right i need this for my film purpose.

Akshu:please Kairav don’t irritate me

Subhadra(badi nani) comes and gives a small ear twist to Kairav and suddenly Kairav changes his colours from a mischievous  younger brother to the most sweetest brother of their neighbourhood.

Akshu smiles…..

Suhasini(nani):Akshu beta take this oil along with you.Apply this everyday on your hair so that your long locks remain intact.

Akshu:thankyou nani..


The scene shifts to a big mansion in the heart of Mumbai .Despite being in the centre of the city buzz! the atmosphere near the mansion is quiet calm with greenary surrounding  it …..Arohiiiiii……….. a huge scream from the downstairs,it is none other than our RUDI,the cool boy among the Birla brothers

Rudra:Aru thu jaaa jaldi jaa! thabhi tho mujhe dadi ke haath ke saare laddo khane ko milenge

Aru:Rudi ,dont irritate me!thumhe dikh nahi raha kya mein packing karne mein busy hooo

Dadi:kya chal raha hai donom bhai behen ke beech! phir se lad rahe ho kya???

Aru: dekho na dadi yeh mujhe chida raha hai!!

Dadi:Rudi… thum kyun bewaja use chida raha hai!!

Rudi(in his most sweetest tone):meine kuch nahi kiya dadi sachme!!!

Seeing Rudi’s puppy face they both started laughing!!Then Aru’s favourite bro Abhi came to see her

Abhi:meri choti KITKAT ready ho gayi(Aru is very fond of kitkat!!!If the brothers need any help from her they bribe her using kitkat.)

Aru:(ran to him and hugged him)Bhaiyyaaaa

(Abhi was hiding something behind him..)

Aru:Bhaiyya,aap kya chupa rehe ho mujhse

Abhi:kuch nahi

Aru: meine dekha kuch tho hai

Abhi:kuch nahi hai yaar

Abhi started running and Aru behind…Finally Abhi stopped at a dark room …..Then came a voice breaking the darkness..SURPRISE!!!!!!

There she saw her whole family  gathered in that room .Yes,you are right the Birla brothers have organised a farewell party for their choti kitkat.Aru’s eyes filled with tears seeing their love.

She cut the victory cake and her family members gave her gifts one by one..

Badi ma and bade papa(Anika and Shivaay) gifted their ladli the latest i phone set

Naira and Karthik gifted her a beautiful bag for college

Dadi gifted her a beautiful gold chain

Om gifted her a painting of the 3 bros and their choti kitkat drawn by him.

Rudra gifted her with a pack full of kitkat .

Atlast our Abhi gave her a gift.On opening the gift Aru’s eyes lighted up..She could feel the butterfly feeling!!! it was a latest model LITTMANN stethoscope!!

She thanked all of them for their love.

Aru,Naira,Karthik and Abhi said bye to all and headed to the airport.


Akshu,Kairav,Suwarna,Manish and her cousin are arranging the luggage into the car

Nani:Akshu all the best study well dear!

Akshu: ok nani

Manish became emotional and started talking to akshu with teary eyes

Manish:Akshu beta,I have failed as a father in fulfilling my responsiblities.I am sorry beta!But still you have acheived what you dreamt of!! I know it has all happened only beacause of the efforts of your mother.So never disappoint her ! study well beta!!!!!Akshu also became emotional and hugged him.

Finally akshu has reached the medical college, which is the third best medical college of her state .Her eyes had a mixed emotion-The feeling of acheiving her childhood dream and The feeling of losing her dream college.On entering the college her heart skipped a beat…She had that butterfly feeling in her stomach….The feeling was same as when a person meet their first love.In a way MBBS was her first love!!!!

She completed all the paper works and has finally reached her second home that is her hostel room.The room can accomodate 2 students and she was the first one in her room.She and her mother started cleaning and arranging her room…


Flight landing……While getting out of the flight Abhi took a deep breath.He felt a familiarity with the breeze in kerala.He felt as if a soothing hand had caressed his hair when the soft breeze began to flutter his shiny hair.

Aru:Bhaiyya yeh kitni acha hai naaa…kithna calm and pollution free hai yeh kerala….

Abhi:Yeh baath tho sahi hai aru

Naira and Karthik smiled looking at each other.

Abhi has already arranged a car for their travel..The car was already waiting there …They got into the car and started the google maps…Finally they reached their destination…Arohi felt as if a dream which she was dreaming for years have come to a reality infront of her eyes…

Naira Karthik and Aru got off the car and  went to the office for doing the paper works.

By that time Akshu and her mom after finishing the cleaning reached the parking lot.She felt a little sad when she was bidding bye to her family

Suwarna:All the best Akshu !! You have reached one step more close to your dreams .Do your best dear.(She placed a warm kiss on her forehead!A tear drop tripped off from the corner of her eyes;Akshu also became emotional)

Akshu:Ok mom …

Kairav suddenly started to weep like a baby !!!

Akshu :Why are you crying Kairav is it beause of parting from me or LAPTOP!!!!

Kairav(with a smile drenched in tears):These are not the tears of seperation but the tears of joy!!

Akshu understood his feelings.She gave him a warm hug.

Manish:Remember what i have told you dear…

Akshu:Ok papa

Cousin:All the best dear.Do well!!!!

Akshu:ok brother!!!

Finally they left…

The climate which was sunny suddenly turned cloudy!!She felt like the nature was giving her a company for her sadness!!!At the same time Abhi was coming to the parking area.He found this cloudy and cool climate to be romantic and enchanting..He felt that the cool breeze playing with the leaves have added a charm to the dull atmosphere of a hospital!!!

While walking Akshu felt the wind softly playing with her bangs and long locks!!She felt  a motherly warmth in the air!!!By that time the cool clouds have already started to shed their tears of joy!!!The raindrops touching the grown felt as if the land was waiting for years for a drop of rain to quench its thirst .The soil and rain felt like long lost lovers who were waiting for ages to get a glance of each other!!!Suddently a car out of track came to her way..Inorder to escape an accident she jumped to the side where she slipped on a stone and fell down.Her left hand had scratched and blood was coming out!!!She thought “oh my first day got spoiled”The doors of the car opened breaking her thoughts!!!She thought the man who came out of the car will come to her and help her.But he passed by her.She thought”he must be an arrogant man that is why he not even paid a heed attention to me!!!!!”When she looked at him with anger,she saw him going to a  small girl crying in front of the car!At that time Akshu understood what has really happened!!

FLASHBACK:While Abhi was driving a small kid has come infront of his car inorder to avoid an accident he turned the car and that is how Akshu fell down

Back to reality;Abhi:baby are you alright!!!!!Why are you crying you are strong girl right!!Dont you know that girls dont cry for such trivial matters!!!

But the baby was still crying …Akshu understood the reason why the baby was crying!!!She went to the baby and told that baby in malayalam whateverAbhi was trying to say..She gifted the baby a choclate and the baby finally stopped crying!!Abhi and Akshu took that baby to her mother and the mother thanked them!!

When akshu was about to leave a hand hold her hand from behind!!!!!!She felt as if she was electrocuted!!She turned to see who it was …her eyes suddenly got lost somewhere in the depth of his light brown eyes!!!!Abhi felt like the time has stopped!!!!He felt like her eyes wanted to tell him many stories!!!Both Akshu again had that butterfly feeing in her stomach!!!!Both of their heart skipped a beat and they started beating with the same rhythm as if it was a musical instrument!!!Their breathing rate were raised!!!!!!The cold wind playing with their hair added a magical touch to the moment!!! Both of them were lost somewhere in the magic of the moment and both of them wished as if the time could stop here and this moment could last forever!!!!!!



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