Tale of Princess ft Queens of Mahabharat – Epi 3

Episode – 3

Scene 1

A tender prince whose face is poetic and stuffed with dharm comes right into a mansion and requires Devika.

She comes and addresses him as Aryaputr. Yes, he’s the topped prince of Hastinapur “Yudhisthr”.

Yudhishtr: Devika, come sit down right here. I do know you’re offended with me.

Devika: Of path, I’m. You have totally forgotten me for the previous 1 month.

Yudhi: No, I’ve been touring to other states in regards to the country’s accountability.

Devika: I understood however nonetheless my middle and kid want you.

Yudhi: I heard one thing that you just received’t step at the throne with me.

Devika: Yes, I received’t.

Yudhi: Why?

Devika: If you’re stepping on that, I’m feared of what would have came about to Devarji. I and Bhanu reside like sisters right here. I don’t wish to see her in a nasty state.

Yudhi: Devika, I will be able to’t promise you that. If there’s a warfare, then I wish to combat towards them. Even folks need me to be the king. This is my proper too. I’m no longer announcing that I must experience these kind of rights, I’m telling Duryodhan that we will be able to proportion the rights. Hastinapur is a large country, we will be able to paintings in combination. But…

Devika: Aryaputr, let’s depart it to the destiny of God. Let’s discuss one thing else. Nowadays, our child’s actions are so visual. The child is thankfully enjoying in my womb.

Yudhi touches her womb and kisses her abdomen.

Devika: Kiss is just for child a?

Yudhi smiles and kisses her brow.

Just then servant comes and calls Yudhi as some folks have come to fulfill him. He then bids good-bye to Devika and leaves.

After someday…

A tender fascinating prince comes to fulfill her.

Prince: Bhabishri…

Devika: Nakhul, are available in.

Nakhul: I introduced those mangoes for you.

Devika: So, concept of you. Thanks, Nakhul.

Nakhul: Bhabishri, I am keen on you a large number. Even I inform you all of the secrets and techniques.

Devika: What are you going to inform me now?

Nakhul: Bhabishri, in truth I’m in love with somebody.

Devika is surprised.

Devika: Who?

Nakhul: She is none instead of your sister Karunmathi.

Devika feels relieved and glad.

Devika: You scared me for a minute…

Nakhul feels puzzled.

Devika: I do know that my sister loves you.

Nakhul: How?

Devika: I’m no longer simplest her sister but additionally her mom. I nurtured her and purchased up her. I do know her to the fullest. Every time when she comes right here, I’ve spotted her love for you again and again.

Nakhul feels shy.

Nakhul: We each began liking every different out of your marriage.

Devika smiles.

Devika: You each are an exquisite pair. Don’t concern, after Arjun’s marriage with Draupadi, I’ll discuss with Ma and prepare your wedding ceremony.

Nakhul: Thank you Bhabishri.

He then leaves.

Scene 2

Bhanu calls Vrushali and appears for her. She notices her sitting all on my own within the lawn.

Bhanu: Vrushali, what came about? Why your face seems uninteresting?


Vrushali: Nothing princess.

Bhanu: You are my pal, inform me what came about?

Vrushali cries. Bhanu consoles her.

Bhanu: What came about?

Vrushali: I like Karn.

Bhanu is surprised.

Bhanu: What?

Vrushali: Yes, I like him since early life. Even he had affection for me earlier than. But when he changed into king, he isn’t even chatting with me. He behaves like a stranger.

Bhanu: No Vrushali, bhai isn’t like that.

Vrushali: Even now he’s praising Draupadi and he needs to marry her.

Bhanu: That received’t occur. He received’t cross there. Only Arjun Devarji will win and marry her.

Vrushali: How are you able to be so certain?

Bhanu: Vrushali, I promise you that you just’ll marry him. I’m so glad to listen to this. You are ideal for him.

Vrushali hugs her and thank you her.

Scene 3

Bhim involves a jungle. He takes a stone from the pool and throws it towards the wooded area. Suddenly the bushes glance door opens. It is a wooded area stuffed with Maya. The homeplace of Hidimba. Currently, she is the queen there.

The folks welcome Bhim throwing plants at him. He greets everybody and in the end is going to the cave palace of Hidimba.

She hugs him and tells him that she neglected him so much.

She then takes their son and provides it to him.

Bhim: He is overgrown for two years.

Hidimba: We at all times develop like this simplest.

Bhim: Putr, your Bhanu Chachi has despatched you ladoos.

Hidimba: Is everybody effective there? Bhanu didi and Devika didi are effective? Did you give the drugs? Ma, the queen, Matajis, and Dadima all are effective. Your brothers?

Bhim: Everyone is okay there. Everyone advised their needs to you. And you could have a marvel.

Hidimba: What?

Bhim presentations her the Shagun plate that Devika despatched her. She will get teary-eyed.

Bhim: Don’t cry.

Hidimba: I at all times suppose why didn’t I born as a royal princess and stayed with you and your circle of relatives. At least within the subsequent incarnation, I wish to stick with you and your circle of relatives.

Bhim consoles her. Gatotkach cries…

Bhim and Hidimba play with him and he smiles.

Bhim: I feel he wishes a significant other to play with. Maybe a sister or brother. Why can’t we…

He teases her and he or she blushes…

They have a contented second.

Scene 4

Kunti calls Vidhur.

Vidhur: babhishri…

Kunti: Devarji, are you able to do me a want for me?

Vidhur: Sure.

Kunti: Please ship a royal letter to the king of Madra to ship Sahadev right here. Arjun goes to get married and he must be right here with him. He is staying there for just about 2 months. Ask him to return again quickly.

Vidhur: Sure bhabishri, I’ll ship now.

He is going…

State of Madra…

Sahadev is proven within the gardens sitting and talking with a lady.

Sahadev: Vijaya, you’re mine since early life. After Arjun bhai’s wedding ceremony, I’ll discuss with ma quickly.

Vijaya: I agree with you.

She lies on his shoulder they usually spend a wonderful second.

Meanwhile, in Panchaal…

Draupadi is eagerly taking a look on the front.

Dadisa: Whom are you looking forward to?

Krishna: For me.

Draupadi will get glad seeing him. Dadisa additionally smiles. He greets them each, then Dadisa takes a depart.

Krishna: Sakhi…

Draupadi: Govindha, I’m so puzzled about my wedding ceremony. I will be able to’t make a selection an acceptable groom.

Krishna: I see… Sakhi, you’re the avatar of fireplace. You have much more paintings to do. This is an easy factor.

Draupadi: Everyone says this. But I don’t need this. I need a existence this is easy and glad. Why must I wish to sacrifice my happiness for others?

Krishna: Fine, with whom do you suppose you’ll be at liberty?

Draupadi: I think Karn.

Krishna smiles.

Krishna: Without dharm on his aspect, how may happiness come?

Draupadi: He is donating wealth each day; how may you assert that he received’t have dharm.

Krishna: Donating isn’t dharm. Leading a existence in dharm trail issues extra.

Draupadi seems puzzled.

Krishna: Sakhi com…, sit down right here.

Krishna: Karn is with Duryodhan. He will have made his pal stroll in a dharm trail, however he failed. It’s no longer love that you’ve got for him. It’s recognize and sympathy for him. Think exhausting, you’ll get the reality. Ask your middle who you’re keen on. Take your time and suppose neatly.

He leaves…Draupadi thinks about Karn and Arjun….



Arjun comes to fulfill Draupadi in a saint avatar…

Bhanu forbids Karn to visit suymawar…

Satyavati meets the King of Kashi and asks his daughter Valandhara for marriage to Bhim…

A tender princess around the sea sees Yudhistr’s photograph and needs to marry him…

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