Sherdil Shergill 25th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Sherdil Shergill 25th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Sherdil Shergill 25th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Manmeet saying you will be okay. She looks for water. She feeds him the water. She says I can kill anyone for your sake. The goons look for them. Raj says the goons can be outside, don’t go, I want to do something good before leaving. He asks her for a kiss. She kisses him. The goons see the blood marks on the ground. She asks Raj to not say any nonsense. Raj says just say it. She says I love you and hugs him. She goes out to get help. She gets shocked seeing Bhairav pointing the gun at her. Bhairav recalls her words. He shoots at the goon behind her. She shuts her ears. He runs to see the goon. He says its fine, I shot the goon. He gets shocked seeing Raj lying unconscious. He shouts Raju… She says he is unconscious. Murari comes. Bhairav asks Raj to open his eyes. He asks Murari to take Manmeet to her home. She says no, I will come along, we have to take him to the hospital. He says I have to save my son, there is danger around, goons can come to the hospital to kill him, he will be safe at home. Ajeet gets Manmeet’s call. He says oh okay, I will tell Puneet, are you fine, okay, we will come. He says it was Manmeet’s call, something happened to Raj, we have to go there, tell Vidya to take care of Anmol. She says its Gunjan’s call. She answers and asks shall we talk later. Gunjan asks did anything happen, I want to talk to you. Puneet says we are going out. Gunjan asks are you going to jail to meet Manmeet. She says Manmeet has got us famous, her arrest news is printed in the newspapers. Puneet says she is framed. Gunjan says she did something, she insulted my inlaws and now us. Ajeet says don’t say anything, you don’t know anything, don’t say anything against Manmeet. Gunjan says I have to pay a price for this, if you want my marriage to run well, then you have to end relations with Manmeet. He asks what nonsense, are you mad, she is in trouble today, you should stand by her, you are advising us to end ties with her. She says its your decision, if you don’t end ties with her, then I have to end ties with family. He asks what.

Bhairav gets Raj home. Everyone cries seeing him. Choti/Priyanka asks Manmeet to leave. Manmeet says I have to be with Raj. Choti scolds her. Doctor says Raj is critical, where is Manmeet. Choti asks why. He says Raj is taking Manmeet’s name, come with me. Gunjan’s Sasuma scolds her. Gunjan says I can’t end my relations my my parents. The lady says then end relation with Roshan. Gunjan asks what. The lady says I can help you in packing your bag. Gunjan says this is my house too. The lady says its our house. Gunjan asks where will I go. Roshan’s dad says go to your sister’s house, she has much money. Ajeet says we will explain Gunjan later. Murari comes to Bhairav.

He says don’t worry, Raj will be fine. Bhairav says Nirali will question me, what will I tell her, I m failing in the life’s calculations, I would have got caught badly by one wrong move. Murari says nothing will happen to you when I m here. Bhairav says even when I scolded you. Murari says it was my mistake, I will give my life for you. Bhairav says if police goes to the root of this matter, then I can get badly caught. Nurse stops Nirali from going to Raj. Bhairav and Murari come. He says I will explain. He sees Ajeet and Puneet. He asks Choti to stop. Choti asks what are you doing here. Ajeet says Manmeet called and said she is here. Choti says yes, she is fine, Raj is fighting with his death. Puneet says Raj saved Manmeet. She goes to talk to Nirali. She says Raj has saved Manmeet’s life. Ajeet asks how is Raj. Bhairav says he is out of danger, but he didn’t get conscious. Ajeet asks who would have done this, Manmeet was falsely blamed, she was kidnapped, do you have any idea. Bhairav says someone wants to ruin Manmeet and Raj, Anisha’s dad Gopal might be behind this, Anisha’s marriage broke, he has done this, I know his moves, I did wrong. Ajeet says yes. Bhairav asks don’t you believe me. Ajeet says no, inspector said that rich people get anything they want. Bhairav says Gopal is a minister, he uses power, he is rich, disgusting. Nurse asks are you his wife. Manmeet says no. She sits by Raj’s side. Manmeet hugs him and talks to him. She says I love it, though its filmi, you look cute.

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