Sasural Simar Ka 2 2nd November 2022 Written Episode Update: Aarav gets upset with Simar

Sasural Simar Ka 2 2nd November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on Small screen

The Episode begins with Simar going to the storeroom and considering the place is Aditi? She reveals the statue there and thinks how did this statue come there, Aditi used to be right here someday again, thinks how did this bangle come within the statue’s hand. She turns to move and hears the statue announcing she didn’t thieve. She is stunned. Maharaj ji brings a Servant there, and tells that she has stolen the anklet. Simar says she has the opposite set of anklet pair. The Servant tells that she didn’t thieve. Aarav asks Badimaa to suppose if the statue will likely be thrown out, and tries to persuade her. Badimaa remembers anyone pushing her from the steps and the fireplace incident and says she needs statue to be taken out from there. Simar says it’s for everybody’s betterment. Gajendra says we will no longer take any possibility. Giriraj asks him to remember that it’s topic of everybody’s protection.

Gagan and Aditi are leaving, regardless that Aditi doesn’t need to depart. Sandhya asks them to have meals. Gagan says we will depart now. Aditi seems to be on the bangle and gets drawn to it. She says she needs to the touch it as soon as. Chitra tells Aditi that they shall depart, as Gagan mentioned. She asks them to take care. Aditi meets everybody. Badimaa asks her to maintain her inlaws. Chitra and Sandhya get drawn to the bangle. Chitra asks Simar if she will be able to check out. Aarav says sure, you used to be closing. Chitra is going to check out. Badimaa says she don’t need statue or its issues. She asks about Vivaan and Reema. Simar says they went out. Sandhya choices the anklet.

Vivaan and Reema are within the library. He says he feels dangerous within the library. She says even she feels an identical. He says those are the newspapers of that technology and asks what’s she looking out? Reema says we will seek the entirety concerning the kada and the statue. She says my middle says that if we get the data then all our issues might be solved. His telephone rings. Reema asks him to move out and attend the decision.

Simar asks Aara what’s his downside, why he doesn’t need to let pass of the statue. Aarav says I’m upset that no person cares for the artwork and it sort of feels adore it has are living in it. He asks do you suppose it’s evil, and says the sculpture have made it with such a lot love and will likely be saved lovingly. He asks why no person is figuring out. Gajendra tells Badimaa that he has known as the scrap service provider and he’s at the means. Giriraj asks why did you quilt its face? Badimaa says I don’t need to glance in its eyes, and don’t need it to take a look at any individual. Simar asks why don’t you remember that 3 deaths have came about with the similar development. Aarav doesn’t agree and tells that she shall no longer give her bangle to any individual as he had introduced it for her, after looking for all of it day lengthy. He gets upset as Aditi and Chitra have worn it. Reema and Vivaan to find the scoop concerning the Bengali circle of relatives to whom that kada belongs to, and that it used to be given to their each and every bahu, and so they used to get possessive about it, however then it used to be stolen.

Aarav tells Simar that she isn’t possessive about any individual. He asks her to vow that she is not going to give bangle to any individual. Simar guarantees him and hugs him. Chitra wears the bangle, whilst sandhya wears the anklet. They pop out speaking in Bengali.

The scrap service provider is at the means when he meets with an twist of fate. Badimaa asks Gajendra to name Scrap service provider. Just then Sandhya and Chitra come there dressed in Bengali costumes. Badima asks why they’re wearing Bengali costumes. Chitra says she sought after to put on in order that’s why she worn it. Badimaa asks Sandhya if Chitra pressured her. Chitra says no. They display the Bengali dishes. Reyansh asks if there may be any Bengali fest nowadays. Sandhya displays the dishes and tells its identify. Chitra displays the fish dish. Badimaa gets stunned and asks how dare you to make non vegetarian meals in our area. She asks Sandhya how she will be able to do that. Giriraj and Gajendra ask them. Simar thinks Maa doesn’t have non veg. Sandhya says we will devour one thing peculiar nowadays. Chitra says Bengali meals is incomplete with out this fish dish. Simar calls Maharaj ji and asks him to take that dish from there.

Aarav says he’s very hungry and sits to have meals. Badimaa asks Gajendra the place is the scrap service provider? Gajendra says his name isn’t connecting. Aarav gets indignant and gets up. Simar asks him to have meals. Aarav says no person may have meals, till that statue pass clear of there. Badimaa says that statue has to go away. Simar tells Aarav that she is going to come with him and says circle of relatives’s protection is best maximum precedence. Badimaa says do no matter you need, however throw it out of doors the home. Aarav is going on my own.

Precap might be added later. (*2*)

Update Credit to: H Hasan(*2*)

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