Sasural Simar Ka 2 21st December 2022 Written Episode Update: Arindham transforms Badimaa into his Dida

Sasural Simar Ka 2 21st December 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with everybody asking Arindham to open the door. They open the door and in finding Arindham drowsing. Aarav calls Arindham and asks him to get up. Vivaan asks the place is our Badimaa. Arindham says I used to be drowsing right here. simar assists in keeping her hand at the mattress and one thing falls down. Arindham and Joker have a look at it. She tells Arindham that she heard Badimaa’s voice coming from the room. Vivaan asks him to mention. Arindham says if you need then seek her, however don’t misbehave. They glance within the tent. Vivaan says forestall this drama and let us know. Vivaan drags Arindham out of doors. He asks Arindham the place is Badimaa? He says definitely he has achieved one thing along with her. Arindham says you’re venting out your anger on me as your Dadi isn’t discovered. Badimaa calls Vivaan and asks what you’re doing? Vivaan says Badimaa. She says I’m right here and assists in keeping hand on her hair. Arindham says my Dadi is again and remembers conserving his Dadi’s soul in Badimaa’s frame. Then badimaa faints as her soul will get caged within the replicate. facebook ends. Simar is going to Badimaa, however she ignores Simar and is going to Arindham. Vivaan says you don’t know him, he’s imposter and betrayal. Badimaa slaps him arduous surprising everybody. She holds Arindham’s face and asks if he’s high quality? She says I requested you to care for my visitor, and asks when you’ve got looked after him like this. Simar says you used to be no longer discovered. Badimaa (Arindham’s Dadi) asks did you seek me on terrace. She then scolds Vivaan. Chitra asks what did you do, you might have raised hand to your grand son for stranger. Reema says Vivaan were given frightened for you. Badimaa asks why did you beat him, as he’s by myself and he don’t have a circle of relatives. She says if that is your bravery.

She tells Arindham that it isn’t his fault, and whoever has achieved the error, shall make an apology, seems at Vivaan. Simar says all of us shall sleep now. Gajendra asks Simar to take Maa inside of. Simar apologizes to Badimaa on everybody’s behalf.

Badimaa stops Vivaan, Reema and others and asks them to make an apology. Simar says I’ve apologized already. Badimaa asks Vivaan to make an apology and says it’s my Badi’s reet. Everyone is stunned. Chitra refuses. Simar requests her and appears at Badimaa and Arindham signing at every different and smiling. Vivaan says I will be able to do as Badimaa needs and says sorry. Badimaa asks him to bend down his head and folds his fingers. Chitra says she will be able to’t endure anymore. Vivaan apoloigizes to him after which to Badimaa. He touches her toes and will get surpised seeing her slippers.

Later, Simar tells Aarav that Badimaa is in power else she will be able to by no means do that and will’t recall to mind slapping Vivaan. Aarav says she would possibly have felt unhealthy. Vivaan says Arindham is one thing else and tells that he had observed Badimaa’s slipper in his room, when she got here right here, she used to be dressed in one thing else. Reema says her conduct and tone used to be modified. Simar says she used Badi phrase which is home is bengali. Aarav says is also you misunderstood. Simar says definitely he’s enjoying some recreation. Badimaa takes out bengali sound. Arindham hugs her. His Dadi tells that she used to be caged within the bottle and asks him to let her revel in. She hugs him. Joker claps. She talks in bengali. Dumroo claps. She asks did you be told any paintings or simply clap. Arindham says such a lot of years handed. She says I overlooked the frame, and appears at herself. She says what sort of garments, this woman wears and says she is going to alternate her bindi. He says she has to stay up for few days, till he brings again all of the circle of relatives. She asks in the event you love Simar. what do you assume. He seems on the dust to make statue.

Aarav says we need to do one thing and shall communicate to Badimaa. Simar says one thing is extraordinary definitely. Reema says we will stay eye on Arindham. Simar feels headache and tells them. Arindham tells his dadi that till his paintings is completed, Simar will really feel ache. He says he were given her nail and tells that what he couldn’t do with Labuni, he’ll do with Simar. She asks if you’ll regulate her absolutely. He says sure, I will be able to make her statue after which she will probably be in my regulate absolutely.

Precap: simar says we will be able to struggle with Arindham in combination. (*2*) says Simar, Aarav, Vivaan and Reema will altogether struggle with Arindham.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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