Sasural Simar Ka 2 12th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Aarav to marry Labuni

Sasural Simar Ka 2 12th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Aarav to marry Labuni

Sasural Simar Ka 2 12th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Simar giving her earrings for the statue. She says I like your passion for your work and says I am sure that if you do the work with dedication, then you will give life to the statue. Aarav says yes. Simar hugs him and asks him not to forget that he is hers. Aarav says yes, and steals her mangasultra from her neck. Vivaan and Reema come back home. Reema tells Simar that the statue is still there. Simar asks her not to panic and says you are overthinking. Reema tells that she was attacked. A fb is shown. Vivaan saves Reema from the tea seller’s stove attack. His hand gets burnt. He sets the fire. Reema sees Labuni in the fire and gets shocked. Vivaan tells Simar that Reema is saying truth, she is here. Reema tells that Labuni is still with them. Aarav is about to go out of the room, when the door gets closed by the statue. Aarav starts repairing it. Reema tells that she has attacked me now. She says Guru ji had said that they did right to burn the statue before Amavasya. She realizes and tells that today is Amavasya. She shouts no and tells Simar that Labuni and Arindham had got married on Amavasya day. She says Labuni is trying to get alive again. Aarav repairs the wound from the statue’s face and applies lipstick to her. Labuni is taking the human form. Simar runs to her room and finds Aarav sleeping and Sandhya sitting at his side. She says he slept while doing work. Simar feels the evil affect of the statue. She is about to see the statue by removing the cloth from its face.

Sandhya stops her and says Aarav wants you to see the statue when it completes. Simar says Reema di was saying that the soul is in the house. Sandhya says danger is not gone there. Simar says I can feel the danger. She collides with Chitra. Chitra says I am here. Simar asks why she is so much ready. Chitra says today is marriage. Simar asks whose marriage. Sandhya asks Simar to be careful from soul as she tried to kick it out. Simar says when we had done the visarjan then how can the soul comes back. Chitra says anything can happen, if that statue is changed. Sandhya tells that anything can happen on Amavasya night and tells that the statue can get alive. Simar says she will tie mata rani thread to Aarav. Sandhya shouts, and tells that he is sleeping. She asks her to go and think how to get rid of it. Chitra says there is a danger on us. Sandhya throws the protection thread. Aarav is pretending to be sleeping and gets up. Sandhya asks him to decorate her daughter well, and tells that they will stand outside so that no hurdle can come in their way. She says put life in it. Chitra says then she will become your bride. They hold each other’s hand and go out.

Reema searches the article about the bride. Vivaan says we have to search it. He finds it and shows to Reema. She says oh no, marriage is today and goes out. Sandhya tells Chitra that their wait is going to be complete. Chitra says we never left hope. Sandhya says my Labuni will be beautiful when she becomes bride. Chitra says you said right, I can’t wait. Simar is in the lawn and worries. Reema comes there and shows her the article, and says it is written that they were about to marry on Amavasya night, it means Aarav can marry her. Simar says it is not possible. Reema says they can get married at any time. Aarav decorates the statue with the jewelery. Sandhya and Chitra dance happily. Reema tells Simar that Arindham had stolen his wife’s jewellery and mangalsutra to give them to Labuni, and when his wife comes to know about this, then all the story changed and they both were killed. She says Labuni didn’t get that mangalsutra. She says Aarav used to call statue as beautiful and can make it wear mangalsutra. Simar is shocked. Chitra and Sandhya are dancing still. The statue is ready as the bride. Aarav admires it. Reema tells Simar that they have to save her mangalsutra safe. Simar says I will protect it and will keep it safe till my last breath. She touches her neck and finds Mangalsutra missing.

Precap: Chitra tells Simar that Aarav had changed the statue at the right time. Sandhya says that statue never went out of the house. Aarav is about to make statue wear the mangalsutra, when Badimaa gives trishul to Simar. Simar starts walking holding the trishul.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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