Sanjog 7th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Amrita supports Tara and Chanda both against Gauri

Sanjog 7th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on Television

Scene 1
Maasa asks Amrita to prevent making Gauri glance unhealthy in entrance of her daughter, you will have to express regret to her. Amrita says sorry to Gauri. Maasa leaves. Amrita asks Gauri why did you grasp Chanda’s happiness? She merits all this happiness, both of my daughters are equivalent. Gauri says I felt great whilst you apologized to me. Amrita says I don’t thoughts apologizing for my daughters. Gauri says you will have to get ready for Tara’s birthday the next day to come, your entire members of the family are busy in tending to my daughter however they name me a servant. She takes the cake and leaves. Amrita seems to be on.

In the morning, the party begins. All visitors are there. Maasa says Tara could have a different access. Tara arrives there in a blingy golden get dressed. Rajeev and Amrita want her. Gauri tells Chanda that it’s important to win at any price. Gauri involves her different children and asks them not to do the rest incorrect lately. Amrita involves Chanda and says I do know you’re scared to bop in entrance of her however let’s pray to Mata Rani. She prays for her. Chanda hugs her. Tara is jealous seeing that. Tara’s pals say that Chandini is having a look like a princess, you aren’t having a look as excellent as her. Tara will get indignant.

In the birthday party, Amrita publicizes to everybody that Tara and Chandini will carry out in combination. Maasa tells the visitors that simplest my Tara will likely be the focal point. Tara is going to Chandini and pushes her to the bottom. Gauri sees that and thinks she is my daughter simplest. Amrita rushes to Chandini and asks what took place? Chandini says my foot has sprain so I will be able to’t dance. Gauri comes there and says you’ll lose even with out making an attempt? this ache is bearable, you’ll no longer honor Amrita’s laborious paintings on you? Chanda says she is true, I will be able to dance. Amrita says you’re in ache? Chanda says I will be able to dance.
Maasa tells Rajeev that what was once the wish to make that servant’s woman dance with Tara? Anjali says she is destroying her daughter’s birthday for a random woman. Chanda is going at the degree and offers a excellent efficiency. All are playing her efficiency. Gauri says Tara will lose to her if she assists in keeping dancing like this which is what I would like. Amrita is going to Chanda and says I’m so happy with you. You did rather well. Chanda hugs her. Gauri thinks I’ve to do one thing. She is going to the DJ and tries to play the tune for Tara however he doesn’t let her. Gauri says I’ve to make Tara lose and simplest then she’s going to get started hating Amrita.
The subsequent efficiency is of Tara. She begins dancing however falls down. All giggle at her. Rajeev says it’s ok, you’ll get started once more. Amrita is going to her and takes to the air her footwear. She begins dancing along with her. All clap for them. Gauri is indignant seeing them. All children reward Tara. Rajeev says neatly carried out. Anjali says you have been remarkable, no person can win against you. That servant’s child can’t compete with you. Amrita says Chandini had foot sprain however she nonetheless carried out. Rajeev says no, no person can beat my daughter. Tara says that suggests I received? Amrita says it was once no longer a contest. Rajeev says you received and I will be able to come up with a present the next day to come. Tara says simplest I will be able to win. Amrita says don’t be overconfident. Rajeev says she is assured which is true.

Tara is able to minimize the cake. Amrita says you’ll minimize the cake with Chandini. Tara says no, it’s my birthday simplest. Rajeev glares at Amrita and whispers to prevent doing all this in entrance visitors. Tara cuts the cake. Amrita and Rajeev hug her. Gauri sees that and thinks God has given the whole lot to a few other folks. She thinks I will be able to do one thing which can make Tara and Chanda hate every different now.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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