Sanjog 2nd November 2022 Written Episode Update: Gauri tries to hurt Tara

Sanjog 2nd November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on Television

Scene 1
Amrita combs Tara’s hair and asks her to do her homework. Rajeev comes there and performs with Tara. Gauri comes there and brings water for him. Rajeev says I’ve to pass to the place of work now, Tara sends him off. Tara says I need to pass to the park. Amrita performs along with her and says we will be able to pass afterward. Gauri is going to the kitchen and burns the microwave. Amrita rushes to her and asks her to keep away, she asks her to go away. Gauri smirks and leaves.

Gauri comes to Tara and says we could pass to play. You are a queen so don’t fear. She begins leaving with Tara. Gopal seems to be on.

Gauri brings Tara to the park and brings her to a swing. She swings her on it.

Amrita asks Gopal if he noticed Tara? He says she went to play. Amrita comes out of the home and asks about Tara. Chanda says she went to the park. Rajeev comes to Gopal and asks for Tara. He says she went to the park.

Tara is enjoying within the park, her hair will get caught in a swing. Tara cries and says unfastened me. Gauri says there is just one approach. Tara says don’t minimize my hair. Gauri says I haven’t any selection, your mother must have combed it. She is set to minimize her hair however Amrita comes there and forestalls her. She consoles Tara and untangles Tara’s hair. Tara is crying so Amrita sings for her. She frees her and says you’re k now. Tara is going to play with Chanda. Amrita glares at Gauri and says you made my daughter cry, you may have attempted to hurt me. Rajeev comes there and asks why was once Tara crying? Amrita says her hair were given caught however she is ok now, I’m along with her. She leaves with Tara. Gauri tells Rajeev that Amrita must have combed her hair however she didn’t.

Chanda comes to Gauri and says I’m doing all my faculty paintings. Gauri says you simply care about Amrita, why did you convey her to the park? She says she was once anxious about Tara. Gauri says avoid Amrita, she is wealthy.

Amrita is combing Tara’s hair. Tara says I didn’t need my hair minimize. Amrita says I’m with you, you shouldn’t pass to the park on my own. Tara leaves. Rajeev tells Amrita that you simply must watch out about Tara, your accountability is to maintain her but when you’ll’t then I will be able to rent a nanny. Amrita says you’re evaluating me to a nanny? Why are you so impolite with me? Rajeev asks her to do just her tasks. He tries to go away however journeys and falls down. He says oh Maa… Amrita rushes to him and says you referred to as out to your mom as an alternative of a nanny. Rajeev says then be a excellent mom to Tara.

Amrita comes to Gauri and says you need cash? She offers her 40 lacs and says simply take it and get out. Gauri says that’s it? I don’t need to take it however you’ll be offering me that protected password. Why are you appearing ego? You don’t have anything, your husband owns the whole lot and your daughter isn’t even yours. It’s not that i am a beggar so don’t check out to purchase me. Amrita says in reality? You are egoistic however you need protected key? I will be able to ship you again to the prison. Gauri says then do it, I’ve not anything to lose so do what you need however I will be able to do what I need. Amrita says however you’ll’t hurt my Tara, she is my daughter as I’ve raised her. Gauri says she is my daughter. Amrita says I’m giving them a excellent lifestyles however you don’t care. Gauri says I will be able to take the whole lot from you. Amrita says you’re difficult my upbringing? I gained’t mean you can close to Tara. Gauri says I’m Gauri and Tara is my blood so don’t problem me.

Gauri brings pillows to her room. Gopal asks the place did you get it from? Gauri says I were given it from the storeroom, It’s not that i am frightened of Amrita. Gopal says I do know you’re doing all this for Tara and for us however we must inform the reality to Tara, she must know that she is our blood. She must know that we’re her actual folks. Will you do it? Gauri seems to be on.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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