Sanjog 14th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Amrita tries to save Tara

Sanjog 14th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on Television

Scene 1
Lakshita lies to Amrita and saves Gauri. Amrita leaves from there. Lakshita asks if she abducted Tara? Where is she? The flashback presentations how Gauri abducted Tara and took her away. She gave it to her guy who locked Tara in a field.

Rajeev arranges the cash, Maasa cries and says my daughter should be in bother, I’m so anxious. She prays to Mata Rani. Amrita cries listening to all that. Maasa says I gained’t consume or drink the rest until Tara comes again. Rajeev says don’t do this, Maasa says no.

Gauri talks to Gopal and says you’ll quickly perceive why I’m doing all this.

Alok calls Amrita and says we couldn’t hint the quantity however I’m making an attempt. She ends the decision and is going to the mandir. She cries for Tara. Rajeev cries and prays for her too. Amrita hugs him and says our daughter is powerful so you have got to be courageous. Rajeev says I’m anxious about her. Amrita says I all the time advised Tara to grasp my invisible package when she is in bother after which she will battle in any scenario. She says Tara will turn out to be tremendous after dressed in it. Rajeev smiles.

Tara is locked in a field and the kidnapper mistakenly places a telephone at the hollow and leaves. Tara begins feeling suffocated. She remembers about Amrita’s magic package and tries to battle again. She telephone drops and Tara can get started respiring agian. She reveals a hollow within the field.

The kidnapper calls Rajeev and says stay inspector Alok clear of this situation another way we can kill your daughter. I will be able to ship you the site and you have got to ship Amrita with cash on my own, he ends the decision. Rajeev says that shall be unhealthy. Amrita says I will be able to battle any individual for my duaghter. She tells Alok to no longer move the rest as it will put Tara’s existence in peril. Alok silently places a tracker within the a refund.

Maasa blesses Amrita and asks her to deliver Tara again. Rajeev is going along with her. All glance on. Maasa and Anjali move to pray within the mandir.

Rajeev brings Amrita to the website online and offers her the cash bag. Amrita is going to the abductors’ den. She appears to be like round for Tara and asks if any individual is right here? The kidnapper calls Gopal and says Amrita is right here. Gopal says do just as I stated. He ends the decision and is going to Amrita. He issues the gun at her and says go away the bag right here and move away, Tara will achieve house. Amrita says what? The kidnapper says don’t argue with me. Amrita says I’m really not terrified of your threats, she shouts for her daughter and says I will be able to do the rest for my daughter. The kidnapper says you gained’t pay attention like this? He fires close to her. Rajeev is outdoor and will get scared. He tries to move within, some goons catch him however he beats them. The kidnappers deliver Tara there. Amrita says please don’t harm her. We have already given you cash. The kidnapper says we can ship your daughter again so simply go away. Amrita tells Tara that you are going to be again with us quickly. Tara cries and says don’t go away me right here. She bites the goon’s hand and tries to run to Amrita. The kidnapper shoots at Tara however Amrita pushes her away in time.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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