Rajjo 6th November 2022 Written Episode Update Arjun stops Rajjo from training for the race

Rajjo 6th November 2022 Written Episode Update Arjun stops Rajjo from training for the race

Written Update

In these days’s episode of Rajjo, we noticed Urvashi getting involved for Arjun and telling Madhu that she is concerned for his well being owing to the force Rajjo is inflicting him. Madhu says that she had all the rights of Arjun’s spouse and she’s going to lend a hand her to take care of Rajjo.

Arjun wakes up early in the morning to follow for the race. He will get out of his room and sees that Rajjo is napping on the flooring. He is happy to peer her sleep as thinks that he’s going to end his training ahead of she wakes up. While Arjun warms up outdoor the space. Rajjo comes and greets him. Arjun is surprised to peer her. Rajjo says that regardless of when he wakes up it’s going to be her who will win the race. Rajjo tries to inform Arjun how necessary race is to her. Arjun asks how a lot she’s going to take to close up.

Arjun asks her to move inside of the space and wash his grimy garments. He additionally forbids her from going to the training flooring and for her industry. Rajjo is going inside of the space and washes his garments. She trains whilst washing the garments and says that she’s going to win the race at any value. Rajjo receives a choice from her boss who warns her to turn as much as paintings each day or he’s going to fireplace her. Urvashi asks her to fill the cotton in the blanket. Arjun holds her hand and says that he would have married Urvashi by means of now if she wouldn’t had been there. Rajjo says that she’s going to do the task most effective as a result of Arjun has requested him to.

Pankhudi offers an inventory of jobs to Rajjo. Chirag says that he’s surprised to peer Pankhudi exploiting Rajjo. Chirag says that she is appearing double requirements in the case of Rajjo. Pankhudi says that she is supporting Arjun and so far as the family paintings is worried, it’s Rajjo’s task to all of them. Chirag asks Rajjo to follow for the race. Rajjo sees Urvashi chatting with the moneylenders and wonders what she is as much as. Urvashi thinks that she must do away with Rajjo first.


Precap: Arjun loses the race to Rajjo. He faints.

Update Credit to: KritiS

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