Rajjo 5th November 2022 Written Episode Update Rajjo slams the Thakurs for their behavior

Rajjo 5th November 2022 Written Episode Update Rajjo slams the Thakurs for their behavior

Rajjo 5th November 2022 Written Episode Update Rajjo slams the Thakurs for their behavior

Written Update

In today’s episode of Rajjo we saw Rajjo making fun of Arjun for his remarks that he is the king of the area. Kalindi sees Rocky in anger and she thinks she should talk to him before he does anything stupid. He tries to clarify and tells Rocky that she was about to fall and hence Chirag held her. Rocky says that he has now understood that he is just an extramarital affair for her. Kalindi says that this relationship is special to her. Rocky asks her to prove it.

Chirag sees Kalindi with the basketball and asks what is she doing with the ball. He reminds her that he was the champion of the game but always lost to her. Kalindi feels love for Chirag and is confused.

Madhu slams Rajjo for using Arjun’s name for registration. Urvashi says that she is dirt and she is showing her true colors because Madhu has stopped schooling her. Arjun says that she is like that only. Chirag intervenes and says that there is nothing wrong with participating in a race. Arjun tells him that as per the rules only one member from a family can participate in the race and he wants to participate this year. Madhu supports Arjun and asks Rajjo to stay away from the competition. Arjun says that he will get Rajjo’s name removed from the competition as she is not a part of the family.

Rajjo finally loses her cool and says that she will cut away Arjun’s name from her name. She slams the family and Madhu for disrespect. She says that she knows that she is a house help and she is proud of it as house helps are the one who makes your life easy. She says that house helps does things that they will never do even for their close ones. Rajjo adds that they are also servants because they also get paid for their services or goods that they sell. But still, they have the audacity to disrespect the house helps who are doing the same thing. She thanks Arjun for not considering her a part of the family as she does not want to be like them. She challenges Arjun and says that now she will win the race at any cost.

Madhu asks that she is saying all these big words but how will she get herself registered without their help? Rajjo says that not just her but she will also encourage other house helps to participate in the race. She says that Rajjo Manorama Dhake will register herself for the race now and no one will be able to defeat her.

Rajjo goes back to the registration counter and changes her name and occupation in the form. She thanks Shankar for his cooperation and asks him to help her by registering the people from the colony who does menial jobs. Arjun also registers himself for the race. Shankar tells them that only one person from a family can register for the race. Arjun asks him to cancel Rajjo’s name. Shankar says that he will keep their name on hold so that they can decide on their own who will participate from the family.

Rajjo tries to talk to Arjun once again but they end up arguing. Rajjo suggests that they should race each other and whoever wins will participate in the race. Arjun accepts the challenge and tells Rajjo that he can’t wait for her to leave his house so that he can marry Urvashi.


Precap: Arjun punches the punching bag furiously. Rajjo tries to stop him and asks him not to be obsessed with the race. Urvashi comes in. Arjun says that he will win the race and will also marry Urvashi.

Update Credit to: KritiS


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