Rajjo 30th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Urvashi makes Arjun doubt Rajjo

Rajjo 30th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Urvashi makes Arjun doubt Rajjo

Rajjo 30th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Arjun taking Rajjo to the storeroom. Urvashi asks Madhu and Pratap to stop Arjun. She acts. Chirag says it wasn’t a small thing, the fire was dense, Rajjo dared to go to him, she should get the credit. Madhu stops Chirag and gets angry. Kalindi says Urvashi’s fast didn’t complete. Madhu says Arjun got saved because of Urvashi’s fast. Pratap says yes, its good that Arjun got saved. Kartik says its good that Rajjo is also safe. Mukund says yes, finish the puja soon then we will go downstairs. Pushkar gets angry. Madhu asks Urvashi not to get disheartened. She says Rajjo won today, but we will win this battle, Arjun is on our side. Arjun cares for Rajjo. Rozana…plays… Rajjo looks at him. He asks why did you jump in fire to save me. She asks why did you come here, I have protected you as I told you, I m not like you think of me. He coughs. She feeds him the water. He says you have food and sleep now, okay. She thanks him. He asks her to take rest now, no need to lie outside his room. He says I sleep with safety, don’t worry. He goes.

Urvashi comes and asks are you fine. He says yes. She says I was going to jump in the fire but… Chirag says but your uncles stopped you, but nobody could stop Rajjo, I salute her courage. Arjun says don’t confuse me, she is greedy, she has a motive behind coming here, what she did today, a selfish person can’t do this, I m confused. Chirag says you know everyone loves you, we all tried to save you, but didn’t dare to jump in fire, I was also scared but Rajjo didn’t get scared, without thinking anything, she kept the relation which we think its one sided, I can see everything clearly, Rajjo will stand by you always. Urvashi says I m that person in his life, I m his fiancée. Arjun says don’t misunderstand Chirag. She says you didn’t know her real intentions. She argues. She says I have seen her going out around 4am and then coming home with money, don’t know if she is stealing the money, follow her and then clear your doubt, your heart won’t believe her. Rajjo sits to eat food. She stops eating and says no… Arjun thinks of Rajjo’s words. Rajjo sees the fruits and vegs in the fridge. She takes the cupcakes. Urvashi and Pushkar argue. She says you failed in your plan.

He says I have to think of something new. She says I will also plan something tomorrow, I guarantee I won’t fail like you. She taunts him. They argue. She says I know you have an old score to settle with Rajjo, I need money to pay my dad’s debts, I love Arjun a lot. He jokes on her. She says you can’t see Kalindi and Rajjo equal, dare to tell this to Thakur family, everyone is selfish here, me too, I want to stay with love and luxury, what’s wrong. He says you do something your way and then I will give the report card, we will know who passes and who fails. He goes. She says I will make Rajjo fall in Arjun’s sight. Arjun goes to the door and sees Rajjo. He asks what are you doing here. Rajjo says you really locked the door, and held bat in hand. He says yes, I asked you to go and sleep, you are hurt. She smiles and says your scolding reminded me the old days, you used to scold me with love before.

Arjun says you can never become Rajjo Singh Thakur, you can’t run in the Diwali race competition. Rajjo says fine, I will participate as Rajjo. She argues with him. She says you compete with me if you dare, then we shall see who wins.

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