RadhaKrishn 26th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Kanha Saves His Friends From Agasur

RadhaKrishn 26th December 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on Viral22g.com

Krishna is busy taking part in Radha in a lake when he hears Ashtasakhis in the hunt for his lend a hand. He informs Radha about Agasur and says he desires to show karma to Agasur, however Agasur refuses to be informed. Radha says on occasion mukti is the one method out, in order that they will have to cross and save Asthasakhis. On the opposite aspect, Kans feels glad considering Krishna would die quickly in Agasur’s mouth. Riddhi says his want can be fulfilled quickly. Akroor walks in and informs that Agasur gulped Kanha’s pals, however Kanha is lacking. Kans will get offended listening to that and says he desires Kanha to die quickly. Akroor says Kanha will cross into Agasur’s mouth to avoid wasting his pals and can be killed.

Balram by means of telepathy asks Kanha to come back and save his pals first. Yashoda, Nand, and others get tensed listening to their youngsters pleading for lend a hand and rush against lake. They don’t to find someone there and listen to the voice coming shape a mountain-like construction. Kanha with Radha reaches Agasur. Agasur demanding situations to gulp him alive. Kanha guarantees to get into his mouth if he spares his pals. All pals stroll out of Agasur’s mouth and request Krishna to not get into Agasur’s mouth. Kanha provides his promise and walks into Agasur’s mouth. Balram as seshnag creates a protecting barrier round all of them.

Agasur spreads poison and makes everybody subconscious. Kanha tells Agasur that he sought after to spare him, however his vanity will kill him lately. He enlarges himself and will get out of Agasur’s mouth killing him. Everyone get up after that. Mahadev and Devi Gauri smile seeing Krishna leela. Soldiers tell Akroor that Krishna killed Agasur. Akroor will get fearful of Kans and refuses to relay this information to Kans. Yashoda and others get afraid seeing a monstrous snake. Radha informs them what simply took place.

Precap: Vrishbhan comes to a decision to depart Vrindavan.
Radha feels unhappy. Balram asks Kanha to do one thing and forestall Radha and her circle of relatives from leaving Vrindavan.

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