RadhaKrishn 12th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Radha Knocks Out Bakasur

RadhaKrishn 12th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Radha Knocks Out Bakasur

RadhaKrishn 12th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Radha and Krishna’s teams play hit the ball game. Radha’s friends suggest her not to spare Krishna. Krishna says he wants discuss a game strategy with Balram and silently informs Bakasur has come to attack him. Balram asks what will he do now. Krishna asks him to wait and watch. Radha asks Krishna if she should hit the ball like Radha or Adhishakti. Krishna says Adishakti. Radha throws ball at Krishna. Krishna bends. Ball hits Bakasur, and Bakasur falls down injured. Radha’s friends discuss that Krishna escaped her attack and ask where did the ball go. Krishna says he will go and check.

Bakasur thinks how can a small ball be so powerful. Krishna walks to him and warns him to stay away from a friend who threw such a powerful ball on him. Bakasur says one who is hiding from Kans is giving him a lecture. Nand offers gifts to Vrishbhan’s villagers. Vrishbhan thanks him and reveals that they came to Vrindavan as an asur/monster bird attacked them. Nand, Yashoda, Vrishbhan, and Kirtida pray Narayan to protect Vrindavan from an asur bird. Krishna hears that and tells Bakasur that he is giving him and chance and sending him back. He throws Bakasur back in air. Bakasur challenges that he will return soon to take revenge. Krishna says he is Radha’s Krishna and would wait for him. Radha walks to him and notices him holding ball. He asks what is he doing here. He says she is so powerful that she threw ball from one mountain to another. He further says that a ball had come from Barsana and he sent it back.

Yashoda fears that an asur bird may attack Vrindavan. Bakasur thinks he surely will attack Vrindavan. Kanha returns home with Radha and her friends. Yashoda scolds him for taking them to play in mud and says she will punish him. Kanha stops her and says just like he sat on her lap in childhood, he sat on month earth and its Radha and her friends who wanted to play. Kirtida supports Krishna scolding Radha and her friends. Krishna requests Yashoda to let them play. Vrishbhan and Kirtida support him, Yashoda permits krishna. Radha and Krishna plan to play chausar. Bakasur prays Kans to give him powers and says Krishna’s end has come.

Precap: Balram informs Kanha that Bakasur has returned. Krishna says he returned to die and is about to kill Bakasur when Radha stops him.

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