Radha Mohan 4th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Radha manages to break the police barricade

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Mohan is concerned about Radha, she taking the title of Bihari jee drives over the barricade then again isn’t ready to keep an eye on the bus after it manages to go it, Mohan is via the facet of the bus.

Kadambari asks Dulari to care for the area after she leaves, Kaveri comes operating to her and explains that Damini goes to pass and open the coverage protect, Kadambari wonders why did she no longer call to mind it herself, Kaveri says she should no longer fail to remember the explanation why they didn’t open it remaining time, Kadambari remembers how Damini warned that if Tulsi is ready to break unfastened she would possibly take Gungun together with her.

Tulsi is concerned questioning why is Damini pondering of opening the coverage protect herself, Damini explains Tulsi could be pondering why is she doing it when she accepts she doesnot like Gungun and Radha however is head over heels in love with Mohan so would by no means let the rest occur to him, she additionally needs Gungun and Radha to be secure, Tulsi thinks that she would save everybody who’s in the bus. Damini kneels to open it when she is concerned questioning why her mom has no longer returned as though Tulsi is ready to break unfastened she would possibly wreck her plan. Kadambari stops Damini at the remaining second who acts as though she is surprised however Kadambari asks her to take a step again wondering what’s she doing since they know Tulsi is a spirit and he or she would possibly in anger take her son and grand daughter together with her, Tulsi in anger reasons the vase to fall. Tulsi exclaims that Damini for the first time was once doing the proper factor so she will have to no longer have stopped her, Kadambari leaves with Damini whilst Tulsi additionally tries to practice however is stopped via the barricade.

Radha asks all the kids if they’re nice, Damini questions the inspector why the bus no longer stopped he replies it was once simply to sluggish the bus as then they wouldn’t be ready to prevent the bus, Damini is happy she was once ready to come after taking a shortcut as till the remainder of them achieve, everybody in the bus could be lifeless.

Radha is surprised seeing the 2nd barricade, Mohan may be fearful pondering what are they doing as he recommended Damini to tell them that there will have to no longer be any barricade. Radha then again manages to break thru the barricade, Mohan begins cheering for her then again Damini is livid wondering why did it no longer prevent, she says he should no longer tell her it was once additionally to scale back the velocity of the bus, and the ultimate could be ready to prevent it, Damini thinks her undertaking would achieve success since the bus will blow.

Radha whilst riding the bus notices the barricade so she begins doubting herself exclaiming she can not do it, Mohan mentions the police are making it much more tricky for Radha, Ajeet asks what if she can not do it, Mohan replies she would for sure have to satisfy the activity.

Radha is expanding the velocity of the bus however after some time Ketki will get scared asking Radha why is she expanding the velocity of the bus when Radha replies that that is the handiest likelihood, Ajeet additionally asks Mohan who replies she could be very sensible as a result of if the velocity is higher then it will break thru the barricade, then again if any one in all them comes beneath the bus it will wreck the whole lot, Mohan prays to Bihari jee bringing up he wishes to lend a hand him and Radha.
The inspector wonders why the velocity of the bus remains to be expanding, Damini thinks she is raring to die.

Radha informs Ketki that is the handiest method they might be ready to save everybody, she suggests Ketki will have to asks the kids to kneel down and hang onto one thing tight, Ketki instructs them whilst Radha as soon as once more hits the barricade, she manages to break thru it however in the procedure has harm her brow which will get injured, Radha thinks she can not lose hope as she wishes to care for some of these kids, Gungun is stunned seeing Radha is injured. Ketki additionally will get fearful, she praises Radha for saving them from the barricade, Ketki assures all of them are together with her and he or she should do it despite the fact that she is scared.

Gungun informs then again Radha were given injured when she replies she is okay, Ajeet with a grin exclaims that Radha didn’t let the rest occur to the kids, Mohan may be happy however suggests they will have to pass and tell the police differently it will be an issue for Radha.

Kadambari with the remainder of the circle of relatives reaches the web site when Kadambari questions why they weren’t ready to prevent the bus, the inspector informs they made a gigantic plan then again it failed on account of the woman who was once riding it, Kadambari asks which woman are they speaking about, Mohan finds Radha is riding the bus.

Kaveri whispers to Damini asking what did she do as now Radha is riding the bus and it will wreck her plan.

Kadambari asks how can it occur and why is Radha riding the bus, Mohan finds as a result of the driving force were given a panic assault so Radha was once pressured to take the riding seat, Kadambari asks then why is she no longer preventing the bus, Mohan finds as a result of there’s a bomb in the bus and the terrorist attached it to the engine so if the velocity is going under sixty it will reason the bomb to blast which is why he knowledgeable Damini.

Shekar replies then again she didn’t advised them the rest of the kind however as an alternative recommended they will have to put the barricades, Mohan going to Damini questions why did she do it as she is aware of his daughter, sister and Ketki are in the bus. Damini tries to give an explanation for she didn’t make any mistake as there was once a community factor since she attempted calling him, she assures she would by no means put the lifestyles of youngsters in danger. The inspector additionally comes apologizing for interfering of their circle of relatives topic, he finds there was once a community factor and so they additionally attempted to name him a large number of instances.

Radha is riding the bus questioning the place is Mohan jee.

Mohan asks the inspector what is ready their rescue plan, he assures it will be able inside of ten mins. Ajeet brings the jeep soliciting for Mohan to come as they should pass and lend a hand Radha, she could be getting tensed and Mohan has to ensure that her hope remains top,as Radha and mohan are hit in combination, the inspector asks if the girl riding the bus is his spouse as she is in point of fact robust, Damini angrily replies she goes to be his spouse, Mohan is of the same opinion explaining she will be able to in reality do the rest, kaver exclaims she certainly trapped Mohan in her entice.

Mohan informs Kadambari he wishes to go away to offer protection to the kids, Damini suggests she would name him o tell about the plan, he advises her to no longer make any kind of mistake since it will no longer be just right for her, Kaveri assures she would do it with none mistake.

Mohan and Ajeet are diving the automotive when Mohan explains the two scooters that have been at the back of them are actually two kilometers forward of them, Ajeet is of the same opinion bringing up their nation has made large developments in the box of automobile business, Mohan says he was once suggesting Ajeet will have to force rapid.

The inspector is surprised seeing the journalists however Damini requests him to no longer be fearful as he will have to tell her about the plan.

Mohan attaining the facet of the bus praises Radha for being so courageous, she angrily asks the place did he pass when he apologizes for leaving her, Radha replies that she were given in point of fact scared and if he behaves adore it then she would go away him and no longer even communicate with him, she says he at all times says he could be via her facet however why did he no longer pay attention to her calls, and got here so overdue. Mohan assures he would no longer go away her once more and can even accompany her to the bathroom lavatory, Radha will get in point of fact scared, she is livid when he informs it was once a comic story.

Ajeet additionally assures Ketki that he would no longer go away her by myself, she doesnot consider him pronouncing he’s going to marry anyone who doesnot make her therapeutic massage her ft, the convention calls connects so Mohan additionally offers Ketki a telephone. The inspector finds that the plan is that they might take the bus to the street which has been diverted so nobody is in danger, he says they’ve often known as an skilled driving force who would come and driving force some other truck beside them, they might get ready a bride to shift all of the scholars however there’s a large chance for the driving force, Damini all at once cuts the name. The inspector questions why she no longer let him inform Mohan that there is not any plan to save the driving force and it may be a chance to save Radha, Damini thinks as a result of Radha should die as of late.

Precap: Inspector tells Mohan, driving force shall be right here in 3 hours, he’s coming via street. Mom says to Mohan, I’ll force stroller and you are going to rescue the youngsters. Radha seems at gasoline metre and will get scared after seeing it at close to empty.

Update Credit to: Sona

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