Radha Mohan 2nd January 2023 Written Episode Update: Damini manages to ruin the plan of Mohan.

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Mohan and Ketki are tensed as the police inspector issues his gun against them, Radha throws a wood rod at them inflicting the gun of the inspector to fall seeing which everyone seems to be shocked, the inspector rushes to pick out is gun however Radha as soon as once more manages to hit him with the wood rod, Mohan tries to forestall her however she refuses to pay attention, the woman constable is set to hit her however is stopped via Mohan he asks what’s she doing as all of them know every different , he introduces all of them revealing all of them are relations, he requests them to no longer get started beating them, Mohan asks Radha what’s she doing right here, Radha requests him to go away with Ketki as a result of those aren’t the police however the goons despatched via Damini, Ketki slowly takes to the air her veil when Damini acts as though she is anxious, the inspector orders them to arrest Ketki however Damini requests them to forestall. Inspector asks if Damini is aware of them, she explains Ketki is her sister-in-law, however she was once known as right here via the spouse of Hriday, Radha unearths that Damini is simply mendacity as those aren’t the actual police however the goons despatched via Damini, Mohan asks how does she realize it, Radha unearths that Kaveri masi herself instructed her about the plan.

The inspector asks what’s going on, he instructs the woman constable to arrest Ketki however Radha isn’t satisfied and threatens them in the event that they even take a look at to contact Ketki, the inspector is stunned asking what’s she pronouncing when the inspector explains he’ll display the identification card, he asks if she believes them and so calls for that they will have to arrest the woman for attacking the on responsibility police officer and blackmailing her, Mohan tries to persuade the inspector that it was once only a mis figuring out, Damini questions what’s going on, Mohan replies he himself requested Ketki to inform the lie, Radha asks Damini to forestall appearing as all of them know her fact, Mohan stops Radha explaining he’s speaking with Damini, Mohan unearths he sought after to know if Damini was once operating with Hriday and if Radha was once telling the fact, Damini apologies to the Inspector explaining they’re at fault, the inspector asks what is that this habits as the police aren’t for his or her private quarrels, the inspector orders them to unlock the handcuffs. Radha requests them to no less than pay attention to her however all of them go away.

Damini asks Mohan if he suspected her, simply because Radha stated it to him, Radha angrily replies she is going to as soon as once more say that Damini is mendacity about the whole thing, Damini warns her to forestall interfering, Damini explains that Mohan has nowadays damaged her center, she exclaims that is what he gave her when she waited for him, Radha asks Damini why is she mendacity even now, Ketki consents with Radha however Mohan exclaims now they’re going to communicate in the space. Radha tries to explanation why with him, however he does no longer pay her any significance, Mohan taking the hand of Damini exclaims they will have to return to the space however Damini pulls her hand away exclaiming there’s not anything left to speak about, she walks to sit down in her automobile. Damini notices them status, Radha tries to communicate with Mohan, however he asks alerts her exclaiming it’s sufficient, Mohan is livid with Radha. Damini wipes off her tears, she calls Kaveri exclaiming the first section of their plan has completed and he or she began the subsequent section, so there could be anyone at the door very quickly.

Kadambari is going to open the door when an individual arms her the papers from the court docket, Kadambari is stunned after studying them, as the court docket listening to referring to the custody case of Gungun is on Monday, after 3 days. Kadambari asks Mohan to pop out briefly, Nirmala status at the door explains that Mohan is the groom so how would he have time for these items.

Damini informs Kaveri that the 3rd section of the plan is simply in line with her so she will have to satisfy it, Kaveri vows to ensure that it’s finished, Damini seeing Radha exclaims that is her ultimate plan and after this Mohan himself goes to throw her out of the space, Mohan leaves angrily.

Ketki coming to Radha explains that she is aware of Radha is anxious that their plan failed however she will have to no longer lose hope and stay sturdy in her trust of Bihari jee, Ketki explains that Damini isn’t going to sit down again quietly and can no doubt take a look at to do one thing, she explains they simply will have to wait and notice what her new plan is.

Kadambari is with Nirmala and her son, who exclaims that Mohan has forgot to invite his outdated relations, Kadambari replies that it’s on no account the case as they are able to see that nobody has been invited to the wedding ceremony, Kadambari asks what’s the objective of this understand, as she may be the Grand mom of Gungun and this space belongs to her, Mohan may be marrying Damini so she will get a brand new mom, however their movements goes to ruin the lifestyles of Gungun whilst their relation will finish. Nirmala explains their relation ended when her daughter died, she is simply going to take her Granddaughter clear of this space, Nirmala replies she additionally is aware of that the wedding ceremony of Mohan has been not on time two times in the previous, and the way can it occur when they’re attempting to get him settled over anyone lifeless frame, Kadambari will get frightened. Nirmala exclaims Mohan won’t ever be in a position to reside peacefully. Tulsi wonders what has her mom come right here to do, she requests her mom to no longer do the rest of the type, Nirmala explains simply as she is pressured to reside with out her daughter, Mohan may even reside with out Gungun and it’s the judgment of the court docket, Nirmala asks her son to come, he texts that the paintings has been finished, Damini seeing Radha thinks that she has hit herself on the head with an awl and this time best the accept as true with of Mohan goes to ruin.

Kadambari is frantically calling Mohan and Damini however they each don’t reply, Ajeet comes revealing even Ketki isn’t in her room, Kadambari replies that Pandit jee stated that the wedding ceremony can not occur after nowadays and he or she isn’t in a position to perceive if this can be a comic story. Damini from the again explains this can be a comic story, Gungun is anxious.

Kadambari may be tensed, Damini explains her complete lifestyles is a comic story, Kadambari questions the place all of them went in combination, Tulsi exclaims seeing them situation it feels Damini controlled to outsmart them as soon as once more.

Kadambari seeing Radha asks how she controlled to get out of the room when Mohan himself had tied her, she is also stunned seeing Ketki so questions the place she went dressed as in such garments, Kadambari getting tensed asks what’s going on right here, however nobody replies, she additionally asks Damini the place she went, as she is aware of she is a bride and about to get married so it’s not auspicious. Damini asks what sort of a bride, she explains she does no longer need to get married anymore. The complete circle of relatives is stunned.

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