Radha Mohan 26th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Mohan takes Radha into the room

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Radha mentions Mohan is aware of her the best possible on this space, so does he truly assume she will be able to do anything else which might both hurt Gungun or any member of this circle of relatives, she inquiries if he does now not know her.

Damini explains they certainly didn’t know her in the previous however have now come to grasp the complete fact, Damini mentions she is not anything greater than part a spouse or somewhat the 2nd girls who’s most effective looking to seize the husband of any other girl. Damini explains lately Radha has gotten part married however is completely ruined, she explains Radha is status beside the Mandir whilst dressed in the bridal get dressed on the other hand she doesn’t have a husband, it’s because she has snatched all of it from her and belongs most effective to her. Damini furiously holds the Varmala, she after tearing it throws it away. Radha will get emotional, Kaveri smiles considering their plan would now be fulfilled.

Tulsi exclaims Damini is crossing her limits, Damini then begins doing away with the bangles revealing Radha is only a thief as this all belongs to her. Tulsi requests Mohan to prevent Damini as she is doing mistaken with Radha, Damini blames she is the lady who has attempted to seize the husband of any other girls. Radha seems again at Mohan who is solely status there in the nook quietly taking note of the whole thing. She remembers when Mohan vowed to take her accountability.

Damini calls Radha an incomplete bride earlier than snatching the different bangles, bringing up she carried out part of the rituals however has no Sindoor in her Mang. Damini turns to the different hand from which she begins doing away with the rings, revealing she does now not have even the Mangal Sutur, Damini mentions not anything would ever belong to her, she is adamant and livid. Radha after respiring as soon as once more turns to take a look at Mohan who remains to be perplexed, Damini puts her hand on the head of Radha earlier than snatching the jewellery from her head, the complete circle of relatives is shocked.

Damini stares at Radha, Tulsi requests Damini not to do it, however she nonetheless eliminates the earrings which even hurts Radha on the other hand nobody says anything else to prevent her. Damini furiously eliminates the necklace hurting Radha whilst Mohan additionally feels fearful for her. Tulsi wonders what she has completed as it’s mistaken and has ruined the whole thing.

Damini walks to Mohan explaining the auspicious time is set to finish, Tulsi requests him not to make the mistake of marrying the mistaken particular person, she says he will have to most effective marry Radha.

Kadambari looking at Radha thinks she must forgive her as most effective she is aware of how helpless she is since she so as to give protection to her son wronged Radha.

Radha status calls to Mohan earlier than strolling in entrance of him, she explains she by no means attempted to marry him however lately if he will get married to Damini then it is going to be the greatest mistake of his lifestyles, it is going to smash his courting with Gungun and damage the whole thing. Damini exclaims it’s sufficient, she tries to drive Mohan or even requests the pandit jee to start out the Mantar, however Mohan is solely status there.

Mohan is truly tensed status between Damini and Radha, he holds the hand of Radha seeing which Damini is tensed, Radha seems down to note that he’s conserving her hand. Mohan remembers when Radha authorized that she truly loves him, Damini is concerned of what would possibly occur.

Mohan we could cross of Damini’s hand, turning to Radha, Kaveri is tensed when Shekar and Tulsi smile.
Mohan takes Radha from the Mandap, Damini tries to prevent them however isn’t ready to be triumphant.

Kadambari wonders what is set to occur on this space, she prays that she does now not have power to stand anything else on this space.

Radha asks Mohan what’s going on, Damini stops him at the door asking if he’s taking any other lady into his room and used to be this the reason why, she beloved him on the other hand Mohan nonetheless locks the door with out taking note of Damini, she requests him to open the door.

Radha requests Mohan not to be indignant with him, she is aware of she has truly harm his emotions, however he must a minimum of concentrate to her for as soon as, Mohan in anger begins thrashing the room, Radha requests him to relax on the other hand he’s simply destroying the room, Damini additionally requests him to take into consideration her admire as what would everybody about her persona, she explains he must communicate with Radha in entrance of everybody.

Radha tries to prevent Mohan on the other hand he furiously pushes her, so she falls on the flooring, hurting her hand.

Kaveri exclaims Damini must let it cross as Mohan could be hitting Radha whilst Damini explains that Radha would possibly even inform Mohan the complete fact which is mistaken for them.

Kadambari asks the pandit jee what’s he announcing, Damini additionally questions what has took place when he explains that the auspicious time has ended so it’s nugatory to stick right here, Damini angrily explains that he must ask for extra money if that is what he wants, pandit jee warns her to keep an eye on herself as it’s his accountability to get the {couples} married consistent with the rituals. Damini tries to get bodily with him however is stopped by way of Kadambari, Ketki explains that she is the girls with whom their mom deliberate to get Mohan bhai married, Damini angrily instructs her to close up, Kadambari will get livid together with her.

Damini apologizes to the Pandit jee for her angle explaining it most effective took place on account of most of these eventualities, she asks if it can be crucial to get married at the auspicious time since if the hearts are natural then what’s the drawback. Kadambari angrily warns Damini not to speak about the natural hearts as she has already knowledgeable her that Mohan has numerous issues in his lifestyles and he or she does now not need to invite much more issues by way of breaking the regulations, Damini tries to reason why together with her when Kadambari explains now the wedding ceremony would occur at the subsequent auspicious time, Damini asks the Pandit je when is it, he finds it is going to come after six hours and if the weddings isn’t finished even then, it will take them a minimum of one entire month listening to which Damini is surprised. Kadambari explains they’d meet after six hours.

Kadambari turns to go away when Damini asks what’s going on in her thoughts, Kadambari explains that most effective what Bihari jee wants will occur, Damini refutes it explaining nonetheless now most effective what she wants will occur. Kadambari explains that Damini has used every solution to marry Mohan however remains to be unsuccessful so now what Mohan will come to a decision goes to occur, she explains Damini can threaten her however what would she do about Mohan, Damini is livid.

Mohan seeing the harm of Radha right away rushes to her asking if she is ok, he explains he’s going to seize the glass which would possibly harm a little, Mohan turns to take a look at Radha who’s crying with ache.

Kaveri explains that Kadambari mentioned something proper as a result of what if in the back of the closed doorways, the love tale of Radha and Mohan starts as it’s imaginable the most effective reason why, he used to be now not together with her is as a result of he didn’t know the fact of her emotions however now that he’s acutely aware of Radha’s emotions because of Damini, it’s imaginable he would possibly carry her to the Mandap after six hours and get married to her. Damini will get tensed. Mohan and Radha stare every different whilst sitting on the flooring.

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