Radha Mohan 22nd December 2022 Written Episode Update: Damini reaches the Trivedi Mansion

Radha Mohan 22nd December 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on Viral22g.com

Pandit jee instructs the bride and groom to fulfil the ritual of Varmala, Mohan is the first one to meet it by means of putting the Varmala round the neck of Radha, the complete circle of relatives is congratulating them. Kadambari asks Damini to take it however she is status nonetheless which worries all of them, Kaveri additionally indicators her or even Kadambari instructs her to boost her hand, Tulsi manages to make use of her powers so Radha can take the Varmala, which she slowly raises so Mohan can put on it, Gungun is smiling as the complete circle of relatives throws plants over them.

The rubbish guy thinks there’s a ghost in the suitcase, he explains any person would possibly have completed it with their magic, all of them are terrified when the suitcase falls on the ground and Damini screams.
Pandit jee explains that now the sister of the groom would carry out the ritual of Gantbnadhan, Kadambari instructs Ketki to meet the ritual however she refuses explaining she can’t do that drama anymore as she isn’t serious about changing into part of this marriage, Mohan tries to forestall Ketki however she apologizes explaining she can’t grow to be part of it, she sees Gungun status in entrance of her who requests Ketki to accomplish the ritual, she explains she had the maximum drawback along with his marriage however now she has additionally agreed, Gungun explains Radha mentioned it’s written in Bhagwat Geeta that no matter occurs is for the excellent and she or he should leisure confident it might be for the excellent, Tulsi additionally consents with Gungun informing Ketki that Radha is the one getting married to Mohan.

Ajeet requests Ketki to simply accept the request of Gungun, Ketki exclaims who can refuse to this type of lovable face. Gungun walks over to face beside Kadambari who showers her affection.

Mohan wonders what kind of magic does Radha have as she controlled to persuade his daughter or even taught her about Geeta, he needs she will have to were provide on this marriage ceremony as he feels that she is someplace close by. Tulsi taking a look at the Gantbnadhan thinks that this knot will have to be for all the seven lifestyles instances and now not simply this lifestyles, Tulsi thinks there is only one factor left as she’s going to shut the lighting of the complete space so Mohan fills her Mang and Maa would now not forestall this marriage as a result of the worry of the auspicious time.

Damini manages to return out of the suitcase, seeing this everyone seems to be surprised questioning what has took place. Damini is baffled asking if all of them are mad and why did they now not suppose that any person is trapped inside of the bag, a woman asks Damini why she was once locked in the suitcase. Damini ties to suppose and recollects that she tipped from the hand of Radha, she thinks she has return house.

Pandit jee exclaims they should carry out the ritual of strolling round the Hawan, the complete circle of relatives is throwing plants over them, however Ketki is tensed, Ajeet indicators her to meet the ritual. Pandjt jee explains the 2nd circle is of affection in order that they each should pray that they get the power to are living with every different in the complete lifestyles and their dating is all the time sturdy. Ketki thinks that Mohan himself is getting married to the largest drawback of their lifestyles and now even Bhagwan can’t lend a hand them.

Damini whilst operating against the space falls inflicting an damage on her head, an individual comes asking if she is ok when Damini request if she will name the use of his cellular, she tris to touch her mom who thinks that she is asking from a financial institution and explains they are not looking for any roughly mortgage, Damini then additionally tries to name Kadambari on the other hand she does now not solution her telephone, Damini then after all calls the space when Dulari solutions it informing that the marriage of Damini is occurring of their space.

The particular person is livid and takes the cellular explaining she dialed such a lot of contacts, Damini is shocked questioning how the marriage is occurring when she is right here, she realizes that Radha is getting married to Mohan, she thinks of going with the auto, however he first calls for the cash as she s now not dressed correctly, Damini notices a lady running by means of her bicycle so leaves on it.

Pandit jee is set to tell about the that means of the 3rd circle to which Mohan explains he isn’t getting married for the first time, they should satisfy the ritual briefly. Tulsi exclaims she does now not like his angle however consents with him these days, Gungun whilst smiling additionally asks them to get married briefly, Kadambari will get somewhat anxious.

Damini whilst driving the cycle thinks about the instances when Mohan would chance his lifestyles for Radha, how he took her accountability and was once all the time there to give protection to her, she is in point of fact angered by means of the bond which they each percentage with every different.

Pandit jee mentions after the ritual of the circles now the rituals of Sindoor and Mangal Sutur are left, Pandit jee questions the place they’re when Gungun recollects that she took it, she is going to carry it when Kaveri asks why she does have it, Gungun explains that she at fist didn’t need them to get married, she asks papa to fill the Mang of her new mom. Pandit jee asks them to boost the veil of the bride, listening to this Tulsi and Gungun each are tensed. Tulsi turns to have a look at the major transfer bringing up simply as he would elevate the veil of Radha, she will tun off all the lighting. Gungun is in point of fact anxious of what would possibly occur if the fact comes out, Kaveri leans to boost the veil however is stopped when Damini screams status at the door, she is exhausted status there with a scar on her brow. Mohan at the side of the remainder of the circle of relatives also are shocked. Damini mentions this marriage ceremony can’t occur it’s deception.

Kaveri runs to Damini asking who did this to her, Tulsi thinks how she controlled to return again as she will damage the whole thing. Kadambari may be surprised exclaiming if Damini is status there then who’s in the Mandap.

Kaveri is also tensed wondering who’s in the Mandap if Damini is status right here, Mohan is surprised, he lifts the veil along with his personal arms, Tulsi is terrified of what’s going to occur now that the fact is set to return out. Mohan unearths that it’s Radha below the veil, he’s surprised seeing her there.

The complete Trivedi circle of relatives may be surprised by means of the truth, Mohan can’t consider it and is simply observing Radha who’s status there together with her eyes closed. Ajeet and Ketki each are excited however forestall when Kadambari scolds them.

Mohan asks Radha what’s she doing right here however Radha does now not answer, Ketki exclaims that she prayed to Bihari jee for a magic and he did it, she says each Mohan bhai and Radha are taking a look in point of fact excellent in combination, she asks Mohan to return shut because it should really feel they each are husband and spouse, Kadambari instructs her to forestall this nonsense. Mohan then additionally asks Radha, however she doesn’t answer.
Kaveri rushes asking what’s going on right here and why is Radha in the Mandap as a substitute of Damini, Mohan as soon as once more asks Radha what’s she doing right here in the position of Damini, he even inquires why is she status together with her eyes closed.

Gungun thinks that this can be a mess, and she or he should do one thing, she act as though she may be surprised by means of it however mentions that now the rituals have ended so he were given married to Radha as a substitute of Damini, she ask Mohan to fill her Mang and carry out the ritual of Mangal Sutur to make Radha her mom.
Ketki consents with Gungun explaining she is true as they don’t have some other selection, Kadambari asks them each to forestall speaking nonsense, when Ketki mentions what’s her mistake when Damini suffered a center smash, they each pressure Gungun to take a photograph with Radha and Mohan. Kadambari as soon as once more scolds them.

Kaveri threatens to rip the face of Radha, Mohan asks what’s she doing as he’s going to speak with Radha, Kaveri exclaims he should now not attempt to forestall her as she has misplaced her thoughts and Radha would now not be spared together with her anger, she is first going to overcome her after which throw her out of the space. Mohan replies to Kaveri masi would now not do anything else of the kind, Kaveri asks what his drawback is and is she now not getting indignant by means of what’s going on, she blames Mohan asking if he additionally likes it as now, he were given two of them or is he in the back of the whole thing that is occurring. Mohan exclaims it’s sufficient.
Mohan as soon as once more asks Radha what she is doing right here however Radha simply stands there, Mohan mentions the questions would building up if she stayed quiet, he requests Radha to talk the fact. Damini notices that the coverage has ended, she thinks it’s the paintings of Gungun and Tulsi so she should win the scenario. Damini thinks that is the proper second to oust Radha from the lifetime of Mohan as soon as and for all.

Ketki and Ajeet additionally don’t perceive why Radha is status there with out uttering even a unmarried phrase.

Damini furiously choices a pot ahead of taking Radha together with her, the complete circle of relatives is surprised when Damini throws the water on her face, so she wakes up. Mohan is livid wondering what’s she doing. Damini asks why any individual would ask her to do anything else of the kind, Radha after all regains awareness.

Damini blames Radha for doing the whole thing, in the meantime Radha is surprised how she were given in the garments of the bride. Radha notices Damini is status furiously in entrance of her whilst the complete circle of relatives is surprised.

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