Radha Mohan 21st November 2022 Written Episode Update: Mohan starts regaining consciousness

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Damini exclaims even Mohan can’t prevent their marriage since he’ll learn about it as soon as he wakes up, she instructs the physician to organize the dose however he informs they require a syringe, he rushes to carry it from the clinical cart when Kadambari comes with Ajeet wondering what are all of them doing with Mohan, she turns to peer Parthap alternatively he manages to cover at the back of the door, Damini mentions the physician was once simply acting a regimen checkup, Kadambari mentions the Pandit jee has made the entire preparations so can they cross to the Mandap, the physician notices that he may get up at any second.

Damini is gazing Parthap who’s hiding at the back of the door, she doesnot even reply to Kadambari when she calls her which worries her, Damini as soon as once more stares on the door the place Parthap is hiding so Kadambari additionally appears again however Damini explains she is concerned for Mohan however is certain he would recover truly quickly, Kadambari instructs Ajeet to return, he starts strolling with the ward boy whilst Mohan continues to be at the wheel chair.

Damini instructs the physician to stay the dose in a position and inject Mohan once imaginable.

Radha is within the morgue questioning how she would go away right here with out being spotted because the circle of relatives is not going to let him get close to Mohan jee. Radha hears the ward boys speaking about opening the morgue and so they additionally provide an explanation for how for the primary time there’s going to be a marriage in a medical institution, they each after opening the door really feel as though there was once anyone inside of or even take into accounts ghosts alternatively they each go away with the frame.

Gungun is in the home crying exclaiming it’s higher that she runs away if damini marries Mohan, she informs that Damini si now not the precise particular person and if she will get married to Mohan then would unquestionably ship her away whilst she needs to are living with Mohan. Gungun explains they will have to prevent this marriage ceremony alternatively Ketki replies she’s going to carry her telephone from the room. Rahul thinks he will have to tell Damini concerning the plans of Ketki and Gungun.

Ajeet leaves informing Kadambari that he’s going to test the arrangements of the Pandit jee, the ward boy and Damini realize the hand of Mohan transferring which falls from the deal with of wheelchair, Damini directly says she is going to proper it, she covers the hand of Mohan along with her dupatta whilst Rahul calls her informing how Gungun came upon about her plan and he or she is coming to forestall the marriage. Damini threatens if he isn’t in a position to regulate the little lady then must disregard it, he’s truly tensed when Damini suggests if he isn’t in a position to do the rest in the home then must do it outdoor, Rahul will get anxious when Damini thinks how she will inform him there’s Tulsi inside of the home, Damini is informing Rahul concerning the plan when the ward boy starts strolling forward with Mohan. Radha may be coming from the opposite aspect disguised as a lifeless particular person, either one of their palms contact each and every different, and he or she notices he’s Mohan jee. The ward boys check out their absolute best to dislodge the wheelchair, Rahul assures Damini he would do one thing, Tulsi thinks she didn’t assume he’ll sign up for palms with Damini however she is certain he would handiest cross to the darkness but when he’s in opposition to Gungun then she would stand beside her as handiest Radha gets married to Mohan.

Damini seeing how the wheelchair is caught questions what the hell as they’re going for a marriage whilst they’ve positioned a lifeless frame, Kadambari questions what has gotten into her as this might simply be a lifeless frame for her whilst anyone would have misplaced their circle of relatives member, she exclaims it’s not honest, Damini apologizes.

Kadambari requests them to take the stretcher, Mohan holds the hand of Radha because it touches as soon as once more, she starts smiling pondering he stuck her hand recalling the entire gorgeous reminiscences they each had with each and every different and even if they have been in combination throughout her kidnapping. Mohan jee stated she is her Bhagwan if it manner to all the time be with each and every different, he even refused to depart her throughout the bus.

Radha thinks if Mohan jee has held her hand then it manner he’s regaining consciousness or is she simply dreaming, Radha assume regardless of the case she has to ensure that this marriage ceremony doesnot occur.

Ketki asks Gungun to return for the reason that taxi has arrived, Rahul alternatively stops them each which angers Ketki who instructs him to get out in their approach however Rahul replies they each would handiest cross inside of the home, Ketki is truly offended wondering what has gotten into him as they’ve to depart, Tulsi additionally exclaims it’s sufficient as a result of if he doesnot let cross of Ketki then she can be compelled to do one thing, Ketki falls when Rahul pushes her, he as soon as once more starts forcing her to move inside of the home whilst Ketki is making an attempt to break out alternatively Tulsi will get livid so slaps Rahul.

Rahul asks if she slapped him even if he’s her brother, Tulsi replies she slapped him and if he misbehaves then she would give him any other beating, even though it manner breaking the vow which she made to Mohan.

Mohan starts transferring his different hand seeing which Damini will get anxious pondering what would occur if someone else sees him, Kadambari asks what has came about when she notices Damini is gazing Mohan alternatively Damini asks if the entire arrangements had been made, Kadambari assures the whole lot can be positive as Ajeet has long past to test the arrangements.

The ward boys organize to dislodge the wheelchair and stretcher, so that they stroll away whilst Radha will get anxious pondering what may occur, Damini notices the garments at the stretcher, she doesnot give them any idea alternatively after pondering for a second, Damini will get anxious and turns in surprise pondering she noticed Radha at the wheelchair.

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