Radha Mohan 19th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Radha finds a way to enter the hospital

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Radha requests the woman safety to let her within anyone’s existence is in peril however the guard pushes her away so she hits Parthap who stumbles and is set to fall, even his glasses and hat fall off, Parthap turns in anger when Radha notices him, he thinks she at all times comes to destroy his plan so he has to depart another way she would destroy the whole lot, Radha pleads with the guards to catch the individual since he’s a in point of fact problematic individual. The guard replies do Radha suppose she is such an idiotic individual as a result of if she is going within to test it could give Radha the alternative to rush into the hospital. Radha wonders what will have to she do,. She sees Kadambari strolling so calls her asking for she simply wishes to talk together with her, Kadambari begins strolling against her however Kaveri stops Kadambari in the heart explaining that Radha is the drawback for his or her circle of relatives, however she is not going to let her do anything else as Damini is set to get married to Mohan. Radha tries to tell Kadambari the similar one that used to be in the bus could also be right here in the hospital, the nurse questions why she is yelling as that is the hospital, she orders the safety to throw her out of the hospital, Damini sitting with Mohan thinks that now no person can separate them each.

Maha Pandit jee asks Kadambari to no longer be fearful since she is the mom of Mohan and if the simplest way to save him is that this marriage ceremony, then it’s applicable, he leaves assuring she would settle for his resolution.

Ketki calls Kadambari wondering what’s she doing as she discovered that she is getting Mohan bhai married, Kadambari informs that there are a lot of issues in Mohan’s kundali so she has to make this resolution however Ketki tries to give an explanation for she is in point of fact trained however even then approved the plan of Damini, Kadambari replies she would for sure do anything else to save the lifetime of her son, Ketki requests her to no less than take into consideration it when Kadambari replies if she isn’t proud of this marriage ceremony then there’s no want to be a a part of it. She ends the name, Tulsi wonders why no person from the circle of relatives is figuring out the plan of Damini.

Radha sitting outdoor the hospital notices the circle of relatives speeding to the hospital with their affected person, she thinks of coming into the hospital with them however Radha stops seeing Kaveri status in entrance of her, she comes out explaining she at all times knew Radha would for sure check out to enter the hospital as soon as once more as he ultimate time she gave her a critical beating and so she beats her, Radha questions why is she developing all the drama, Kaveri replies that she feels it could be just right as everybody would see her fact and he or she at all times threw her in the pond of dust, Radha figuring out the fact asks if she used to be the person who hit her on the way to the Mandir and were given their pictures in the newspaper, Kaveri with a smile she simply gave her a beating whilst Damini ship the photograph to the newspaper. Kaveri wonders what has she simply stated so rushes again within teaching the guards to no longer let her enter another way they might lose their jobs, Radha as soon as once more requests the guards to let her within as she wishes to meet her circle of relatives, the guard query what relation does she have with the guy in ICU.

Rahul takes out the get dressed from the cloth cabinet in the meantime Tulsi is asking for him to no longer return to the hospital as Damini isn’t worthy to be his sister-in-law, he walks against the door which she closes. Rahul begins screaming challenging they open the door, Dulari comes questioning why is he screaming, she tries to open the door when anyone holds her hand, she feels it’s the ghost then again Ketki comes forward, Rahul says he is aware of she locked him so he needs her to open the door however Ketki even instructs Dulari how they will have to simply let this door stay closed.

Kaveri is with Kadambari strolling against the room of Mohan, Damini is available in entrance of them wearing a conventional apparel, Kaveri praises her attractiveness bringing up it’s the need of each woman to be welcomed with the beating of drums however her daughter doesnot want anything else since she simply loves Mohan who’s a widow or even the father of a daughter, they have no idea if he’ll even keep alive however nonetheless Damini loves him a lot.

Ketki informs Dulari that she feels Gungun would possibly have closed the door, however Dulari says that Gungun by no means teases Rahul like this, and Ketki exclaims even she loves him a lot however ever since he modified aspect to that of Damini, she has stopped trusting him. Rahul calls for that Ketki will have to open the door as even Damini is on their aspect, however Ketki says Damini can simplest recall to mind herself, Dulari asks if Ketki would settle for when she says one thing to her, she revels there’s a ghost on this space.

Kaveri is going to hug Damini whilst Kadambari is concerned, Mr Trivedi comes out asking if she is okay when Kadambari asks if she is doing the proper factor, Mr Trivedi explains he accepts there was variations between them however Mohan used to be simply ten years previous when she took his accountability, he utterly trusts her resolution when it relates to Mohan so he’s going to stand by means of her, Kadambari mentions now she feels they might get Damini and Mohan married at this time in the hospital, Ajeet says she will be able to take a while if she isn’t satisfied, Kaveri exclaims there’s no time and if one thing occurs to Mohan whilst they watch for the proper time.

Radha wonders why the individual got here to the hospital when he is aware of he would for sure be stuck, she tries calling Ajeet however Damini sees her calling so she temporarily turns off his telephone, he questions what she is doing when Damini explains Radha would stay demanding everybody and so she may have everybody’s cell.

Radha wonders why no person is answering her name, she remembers that Parthap used to be additionally enthusiastic about the whole lot unsuitable that took place together with her so she wonders who would have given him the deal with of this hospital, she thinks if the enemy in their circle of relatives is taking the lend a hand of Parthap and referred to as him right here, Radha suspects Kaveri and Damini.

Radha thinks she first has to forestall the marriage as that is the simplest way to in finding out the fact then again she doesnot know the way to enter the hospital when she has been thrown out. Radha is surprised when some water droplets fall on her, she notices the steel pipe working throughout the hospital, Radha thinks Bihari jee will have to give her energy so she will be able to climb the pipe simply as he would do himself.

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