Radha Mohan 13th November 2022 Written Episode Update: The entire Trivedi family is worried

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Mohan is taken into the operation room, the physician thinks Radha is his spouse so explains he ahs no longer sustained any bodily harm however they really feel he may have got any harm in his mind so that they will have to no longer lose hope and pray, Damini questions what does he call to mind himself since if he leaves Mohan on Bhagwan then she’s going to make him pay for his movements, the physician questions if this is learn how to communicate with a physician, he is going to accomplish the operation.
Damini sits down bringing up she simply want her Mohan and doesnot take care of any individual else, Kadambari assures her that not anything will occur to Mohan, Kaveri in her thoughts thinks it could no longer be just right if she will get indignant with the medical doctors.
Tulsi is anxiously looking forward to the family contributors, Dulari additionally brings the thali to welcome them however will get worried questioning why they’ve no longer returned, she will get tensed considering that the pudding which she is making for the family may burn, she walks away striking the Thali in entrance of Mohan’s portrait, Tulsi notices that it is burning so will get in reality worried.

Mr Trivedi mentions Mohan stored everybody or even got here again advantageous however what took place all at once, Gungun status out of doors the room thinks when she used accountable Mohan for being a killer, she all the time stated he killed her mom, Gungun apologizes considering she wronged him however has discovered she was once fallacious so doesnot need to lose him.

Kadambari is crying beside the sofa when Ketki rushes to improve her or even Mr Trivedi assures not anything would occur to Mohan, Ketki exclaims had Mohan no longer come to save lots of them, he would were advantageous however Ajit exclaims what is she pronouncing since Mohan in reality loves they all. Radha thinks that if the realization of the family dies then there would no longer be any hope to save lots of Mohan jee, she kneels in entrance of Kadambari asking how Mohan says there is nobody like his mom so if she loses it then who will accompany Mohan jee. Kadambari explains {that a} brother is no longer all the time the protector, but it surely additionally signifies that a sister will have to additionally offer protection to her sister, her Rakhi is no longer that vulnerable that anything else may occur to Mohan.

Radha is going to Ajit explaining that he will have to deal with everybody since if he doesnot then who would do it. Radha is going to Mr Trivedi explaining that generally the son are meant to deal with their folks however this time he will have to be the only to deal with his son, Radha tries to visit Rahul however he walks clear of her, Radha notices Gungun crying status out of doors the room so she rushes to her, asking that she sit down down. Gungun assures she is advantageous however Radha is no longer neatly and he or she is scared as a result of she rally loves Mohan which is why she would have additionally gotten in reality scared, Gungun wipes off her tears, explaining that she doesnot like to offer check within the college and at some point she refused to visit her college however Mohan stated they get just right marks after giving small exams simply as Bihari jee prepares them by means of giving them such small issues to stand the large issues. Kaveri exclaims that Radha did what Damini was once intended to do and what if she even takes her position because the daughter in regulation of this area, Damini thinks how Radha got here to the bottom maintaining the hand of Mohan, she will get livid.

Dulari sees the photograph body burning so she instantly places out the hearth, she will get worried considering if any person sees it then she can be indisputably overwhelmed and if the burning of this photograph is the signal of any giant drawback, she is worried if she did a nasty factor. Tulsi refutes her exclaiming it is no longer like that as she will be able to now not give those exams.
Gungun assures not anything would occur to Mohan since she stated that Bihari jee by no means wrongs those that are at the proper trail and their love for Mohan proves that not anything can occur to him. Damini angrily walks in opposition to Radha, Ketki will get worried then again she kneels in entrance of Damini, explaining she is in reality scared if one thing occurs to Mohan. Damini mentions simply as Radha has all the time secure their entire family; she will have to additionally ensure that Mohan is secure differently she would no longer be capable to reside. Gungun no longer with the ability to undergo Damini cry additionally wipes of her tears, she says there is no want to cry since Mohan would indisputably be advantageous. Radha notices that Damini is maintaining Gungun’s hand, Damini will get as much as go away however Radha stops her, she is status mentions Gungun is proper and not anything would occur to Mohan so that they will have to believe Bihari jee, Radha explains she is aware of how Damini is feeling, she hugs her tightly which even worries Kaveri. Radha assures the whole lot can be advantageous, Damini mentions nobody can pay attention her ideas apart from her, she accepts so much has took place between them each however they each want that Mohan will have to get well, Damini asks Radha to wish to Bihari jee for Mohan, she as soon as once more hugs Radha which shocks Kaveri. Ketki wonders why has Damini modified all at once.

Ketki is nonetheless suspicious of Damini, Kadambari blesses each Radha and Damini bringing up she will be able to perceive their emotions, since each Rukmani and Radha cherished Mohan, whose love was once sturdy then the opposite was once no longer judged by means of even Bihari jee. Kadambari walks away whilst Radha turns and he or she as soon as once more begins crying.

Ketki exclaims that everybody is worried for Mohan however Damini is nonetheless appearing, Rahul asks her to forestall since Damini will also be evil however her love for Mohan is true can it may by no means finish.

Dulari tries calling everybody, however they don’t seem to be answering her name, Tulsi is additionally worried when they don’t seem to be answering her name, Ajeet calls her again when she questions if the whole lot, Ajeet begins revealing all that has took place since Mohan stored Radha, the physician discussed his lifestyles may well be in peril so Dulari drops the telephone. Tulsi questions Dulari what took place inquiring if everybody is advantageous, Dulari is simply crying when Tulsi asks what took place so drops the vase, Dulari explains she is already very tensed so will have to no longer aggravated extra as their family is already struggling and if anything else occurs to her, she would additionally no longer be capable to assist any individual, however Dulari runs away as she is in reality scared, she doesnot inform anything else and runs away, Tulsi will get worried of what may have took place.
Mohan is nonetheless subconscious within the medical institution.

Update Credit to: Sona

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