Radha Mohan 12th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Mohan gets injured while protecting Radha

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The reporter says there may be very much less time within the bus to blast and then it will be coated in fireplace.
Mohan informs Radha they’ve little or no time to leap, he counts to 3 and then they each soar, everyone seems to be tensed.

Some time previous, Mohan asks Radha to step apart since they will have to ensure that the velocity doesnot lower, he after solving the rod asks her to come back since they want to soar.

The inspector explains that the bomb is set to blast so there is not any method left to avoid wasting Radha and Mohan, Damini tries to go away however Kaveri stops her wondering the place does she assume she goes since they can’t undo what has already been executed.

Mohan instantly stops achieving the door, he’s surprised to peer how briskly the bus goes, Mohan begins announcing the similar verse which Radha speaks when she is scared, Radha recalling it begins smiling after staring Mohan, he questions why is she smiling because the bus goes truly speedy so he would get injured once they soar, he asks if she has ever jumped from a shifting bus, Radha replies she has no longer. Radha replies she feels he will have to soar because it sj no longer conceivable, Mohan and Radha as soon as once more get started looking at each and every different recalling all of the recollections they’d with each and every different, he recalls Radha has all the time been there to give protection to her.

Radha questions Mohan what he’s ding since she desires him to leap, he says that he’ll depart however simplest together with her. Radha in anger says he all the time calls her as the one that has part a thoughts however in fact, he is sort of a sour twine, Mohan is surprised wondering what’s she announcing since they even calls folks as potatoes however why did she say that to him.

Tulsi status in entrance of the Mandir exclaims no matter going down is mistaken since if the rest occurs to Radha then nobody goes to imagine in him ever once more, they are going to, lose agree with in him as a result of those that have stored the lives of such a lot of kids want to be safe, Tulsi asks him to assume what may occur to Gungun.

Radha requests him to take into accounts Gungun since she will have to face so much in her existence, he must ship her to a excellent collage or even get her married, Mohan questions what a couple of mom, Radha herself mentioned she is sort of a Yashoda Maa to Gungun so she may even want Radha up to she wishes him. The bus begins ticking so Mohan panics questioning what they’re doing.

The reporter mentions everybody from the bus had been rescued however the individual using the bus was once a courageous woman Radha, Mohan Trivedi has already long past into the bus however has no longer been ready to avoid wasting Radha. She exclaims the diesel is set to finish however Mohan corrects her spelling, Radha questions what he’s doing since this isn’t the fitting time for an English lesson.

Mohan has the same opinion however asks Radha to near her eyes and rely to 3 and then they are going to soar, Radha on the other hand stay retaining to the steel rod, Mohan noticing she is truly scared takes her hand from the steel rod, he assures they’d have the ability to do it when Radha hugs Mohan.

The reporter finds that in keeping with resources the diesel is set to finish within the bus and then it will grow to be a hearth. Gungun is praying with all of the circle of relatives that Bhagwan will have to save Radha and Mohan.

Radha and Mohan are hugging each and every different on the door, Damini and Kaveri are shocked seeing it while Tulsi may be satisfied. Mohan indicators Radha that they have got to leap so he after mustering up the braveness after all manages to leap, Kadambari isn’t ready to endure the ache so cries for them, even the oldsters aren’t ready to stick calm.

Mohan all through the soar hits his head in opposition to the rock, the bus after going for far blasts. Radha is tensed seeing they each are protected, Damini additionally breathes a sigh of aid, everybody begins clapping. Radha instantly asks Mohan if he’s high-quality, he on the other hand questions if she is didn’t get harm.

Kadambari indicators them of doing an incredible activity while even Radha is relieved considering, they’re protected, she recalls when Mohan vowed to give protection to Radha from all of the issues in existence, and he stood to give protection to her every time there was once an issue in her existence. Radha doesnot even pay attention the rest that Mohan is announcing, she recalls when Mohan mentioned that Radha and Mohan are hit when they’re in combination, he even jumped into the bus to give protection to her. Radha recollects when he mentioned he would no longer let the rest occur to her as Tulsi already died however she wishes to stick with him.
Mohan mentions now they will have to cross to the police base camp as everybody can be looking ahead to them, Radha walks retaining Mohan to the bottom camp, everybody begins smiling together with Damini on the other hand she is shocked to peer Radha strolling while retaining the hand of Mohan. Radha and Mohan stare each and every different when Gungun exclaims, they each are hit when they’re in combination, Tulsi praises Bihari jee for saving everybody.

Kaveri greets Mohan and Radha as they each controlled to avoid wasting everybody, Mohan is thrilled to peer Gungun operating against him, she involves hug Radha seeing which Mohan feels relieved to peer how satisfied she is, Mohan begins getting dizzy status there and isn’t ready to know what is occurring to him, everyone seems to be cheering for them, Kadambari is going to Mohan asking if he’s high-quality when he assures not anything has came about, she then hugs Radha however Damini is jealous that her plan failed.

Mohan continues to be dizzy, he turns to Radha who may be looking at her however then Mohan as soon as once more smiles again at her, he begins feeling dizzy sooner than falling subconscious at the flooring, everyone seems to be shocked that Mohan is subconscious, they rush to him looking for out what has came about. Mohan is rushed to the clinic when Radha requests Mohan to open his eyes and he’s nonetheless retaining the hand of Radha, the nurse asks them to prevent a it isn’t allowed to come back within, she asks Radha to let cross of his hand, the physician calls Radha and Misses Mohan Trivedi, he explains they really feel that Mohan isn’t bodily harm however may have suffered an interior harm, he doesnot wish to scare them however whether it is an interior harm then may well be deadly for him. Radha begins crying.

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