Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 30th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 30th December 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ravi and Keerti fail to notice each and every different as Keerti will get down in any other flooring. Raghu spots Malhar and asks for his assist. Raghu tells Malhar that Thakur has come to kill Keerti. Malhar says that he can’t assist them as he’s about to turn into a police officer and doesn’t need to get entangled with criminals once more. Raghu scares Malhar taking Thakur’s title. Ravi sees Pratiksha as Pratiksha dances with Malhar. Kavya asks Ravi not to take a look at Pratiksha as she doesn’t like her. Ravi asks her not to act like a child. Ravi assists in keeping having a look at Pratiksha.

Malhar forcefully dances with Pratiksha, tries to be sensitive. Pratiksha seems to be visibility uncomfortable. Ravi senses her emotions. Due to Malhar’s carelessness Pratiksha is going to fall. Ravi comes there and catches her. Ravi and Pratiksha proportion an intense eyelock. Ravi tells Pratiksha that he already advised her that he didn’t like Malhar’s title. Ravi leaves. Ravi’s aunt tells Ravi that Kavya is loopy for him. Ravi says that he simplest loves Keerti. She asks him why he was once having a look at Pratiksha. Ravi says that he doesn’t need Pratiksha to marry any person whom she doesn’t know smartly. Kinjal is going to Pratiksha and tells her that she wishes a hero like Ravi no longer a villain like Malhar.

Keerti fails to peer any individual. She is going to name Ravi however recollects that she by no means memorised Ravi’s quantity. She even calls the police however the phone at police station had some problems. She fails to identify Pratiksha who attends a telephone name few steps clear of her. Being helpless Keerti tries to move out of the venue. Thakur’s males apply her in all places. Ravi is going upstairs and enters within Keerti’s room. He sees that the room is darkish and Keerti isn’t there. He calls Keerti and learns that her telephone is ringing within the room. Thakur’s guy who was once cleansing the blood marks spots Ravi. He tries to assault Ravi however fails. Ravi reveals a damaged bangle of Keerti within the room and will get nervous.

Thakur’s guy informs his spouse about Ravi. Keerti is going out of doors. Thakur reaches there and is available in entrance of her. He tells Keerti that her loss of life is simplest two steps clear of her. Keerti bends on her knees and begs ahead of Thakur for her existence. Thakur says that Keerti has given him a large number of hassle up to now, he once more takes the iron rod and hits on Keerti’s head. Keerti will get blood in her mouth. Thakur is going to hit Keerti for the second one time. This time Keerti by hook or by crook manages to drag Thakur’s leg and makes him fall.

Keerti is going away. Malhar tells his good friend about Thakur’s presence there and says that he doesn’t need Thakur to smash his long term. He is going out of doors, will get into his automotive, will get inebriated. He plans to leave in order that Thakur doesn’t in finding him. He begins riding. It’s begins raining. Keerti walks helplessly at the street. She comes infront of Malhar’s automotive. She shouts and asks him to prevent the auto. Malhar fails to grasp anything else. He applies spoil however it’s too overdue. His automotive runs over Keerti. The episode ends.

Precap: at the street, in presence of Ravi and Keerti’s circle of relatives physician assessments Keerti and says that she is not more. Police notices the pole color of the auto which is liable for the twist of fate.

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