Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 2nd January 2023 Written Episode Update: Ravi takes heavily injured Keerti to hospital

Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 2nd January 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Keerti coming infront of Malhar’s automobile. Malhar hits her unintentionally and rams his automobile on her. He then will get down and thinks she is alive. Keerti takes Ravi’s identify. Malhar says I will be able to allow you to. He sees somebody coming and sits in his automobile. Someone is taking pictures the video. Malhar thinks if somebody sees me, then my occupation and existence is over. He feels sorry and leaves within the automobile. Keerti is mendacity subconscious or lifeless at the highway. Ravi asks somebody for those who noticed Keerti. Malhar comes again to Keerti and tests her nerves. He unearths her lifeless and thinks to stay her frame on facet. The individual captures the video. Malhar leaves in his automobile. The individual taking pictures the video is Raghu.

Some folks pop out of the venue and notice Keerti. The girl asks somebody to pass inside of and speak to somebody. The man comes within the venue and tells Ravi and others that the woman dressed in white garments is injured at the highway. Pratiksha, Prateik and others pop out. Kinjal says she has forgotten her cell duvet inside of. Pratiksha says she’s going to deliver. Malhar cries recalling Keerti’s loss of life and he begins sweating. He drives off and sees Police checking the automobile. He thinks he shall pass by way of automobile. Ravi comes out working and sees Keerti’s get dressed. He comes close to her and hugs her.

He asks somebody to name physician and ambulance. He says I’ve come, don’t fear. Malhar comes again to the venue in his automobile and asks if everybody got here to know that I’ve killed her. All the members of the family pop out and will get stunned. Adi calls Doctor. Gulshan comes out and will get frightened for her. Ravi asks Keerti to prevent fooling them. Pratiksha sees them at the highway and thinks what had came about? Hansa calls Pratiksha and asks her to come. Pratiksha is going. Ravi cries protecting Keerti in his hands. Malhar thinks automobile isn’t blank, if somebody sees then I will be able to be stuck. He thinks to blank the automobile first after which get the dent got rid of. Pratiksha knocks at the automobile door and says Chachi is looking forward to you there. She asks what has came about there? He says coincidence. Pratiksha says she’s going to pass and test. Malhar tries to prevent her. Hansa calls Malhar and says she won’t look ahead to them, and can go away. Pratiksha says she’s going to see. Malhar says we’ve to go away. He asks her to take a seat within the automobile. She sits within the automobile. Thakur, Raghu and different goon pop out and notice Keerti lifeless. Hansa tells that she has searched hero and asks auto motive force to get started the automobile. Ravi tells that Keerti has fainted and fallen down. Mandeep comes out and asks Ravi what came about to her.

Thakur and his goons are nonetheless status. Doctor comes there and tests Keerti. They ask Doctor to say. Doctor says I’m sorry, she is not more. Everyone will get shcoked. Gulshan asks Doctor to test her once more. Keerti’s mom and Kavya cries. Ravi asks Keerti to open her eyes and tests her pulse. Thakur and his goon take away the material from their faces and go away. Pratiksha and Malhar pay attention about somebody’s loss of life. Malhar thinks everybody will assume that she collided with the pillar. Pratiksha prays for the one who met with an coincidence. Ravi feels her pulse and tells everybody. Doctor tests Keerti and so they stay her within the automobile to take her to hospital. Pratiksha tells Malhar if he idea he’ll be freed and says I will be able to inform everybody. Malhar says please pay attention to me. Pratiksha says Chacha and Chachi won’t permit you to sign up for the activity. Malhar says such factor won’t occur once more. Pratiksha says how to imagine you, you’ve gotten finished the similar factor once more. He asks what are you pronouncing? She says you’ve gotten drank once more, you had promised that you are going to no longer drink. Malhar says sorry and guarantees her once more. Ravi takes Keerti in his automobile. Malhar says he’ll change into Police Inspector and won’t go away somebody breaking regulations. Ravi asks Keerti no longer to go away her breath, and says they’ll succeed in in 10 minutes.

Precap: Ravi takes Keerti to hospital. Doctor starts her remedy. Gulshan tells Police that he desires the accountable to be arrested. Malhar asks Pratiksha to pressure the automobile, as he’ll get arrested for drink and pressure. The Police unearths the pillar’s paint at the automobile and tells different officer.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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