Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 11th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Pratiksha is arrested

Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 11th January 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Pratiksha telling Ravi that Keerti and her final assembly used to be excellent, they know every different. Ravi says you killed her and tells that she sought after to be my Dharam patni and sought after to reside her lifestyles with me, however she couldn’t turn into my spouse because of you. He says despite the fact that you turn into any person’s spouse then additionally you’ll’t get his love. Kinjal and Parul cry listening to Ravi’s curse. Prateik tells Inspector that his daughter is his satisfaction and he is certain that she will’t do that. Inspector displays the arrest warrant and says now she has to come back with us. Prateik sees the warrant and will get silent. Hansa asks Malhar to mention one thing. She tells that Pratiksha can’t do that. Ravi says there can’t be any punishment to your crime, I swear you’ll be all on my own, you’ll now not get your circle of relatives’s love. Pratiksha says I collided with Keerti by accident. He asks why you got here to our venue many times and what your earring used to be doing there. Pratiksha asks earring. Ravi displays it and says I discovered it on the twist of fate spot. Malhar asks Ravi, the way it is proved that she killed keerti? Ravi says it may possibly’t be twist of fate. Pratiksha realizes and tells that she had hugged Keerti and is also the earring fell down from her ear. Ravi says you’ll lose the whole lot like I misplaced it, and you’ll be harm the place you are feeling the many of the ache. Pratiksha cries, whilst she is taken by means of the Police. Parul asks Prateik to do one thing. Prateik says he’ll do one thing. Hansa asks Malhar to do one thing and save his could be spouse. Malhar says if I had stated infront of senior officer at the first day then what may have occur. He says he’ll save Pratiksha. He then thinks Pratiksha is his could be spouse and took his crime on her head. He thinks he’ll save her.

The neighbors see Police taking Pratiksha outdoor to their jeep. Kinjal comes there with Parul and tells that she is blameless. Inspector asks what used to be your sister’s cause, and says Keerti’s case used to be prime profile. Pratiksha tells her sisters that she will likely be again quickly and cries. Lady constable says you’ll by no means be again from the prison. Ravi thinks Pratiksha is fortunate to hug her sisters, however I couldn’t hug Keerti. Pratiksha is taken within the Police van. The woman is sitting close to the store and tells that it is future’s conspiracy, that the surprising factor occurs all the time, those that love don’t unite and however those that don’t love will unite. She says such tale won’t finish and asks the God to put in writing the sort of tale of them.

Ravi is riding the auto and recollects Keerti’s loss of life and cremation. Hansa asks Prateik to do one thing. Prateik says that man who accused Pratiksha is influential. Hansa says what folks will say about Malhar. Prateik says how did her earring reached there and thinks whom to name to avoid wasting her. He calls any person.

Pratiksha asks Inspector to consider her and says I haven’t performed the rest. Inspector asks her to consider him and says we discovered your earrings close to Keerti’s lifeless frame. He says criticism is filed in opposition to you and asks her to offer the evidence of her innocence, if she has. She says once I got here to grasp concerning the twist of fate, I prayed for her. Ankush and the landlord come to the PS. Inspector tells Tej Singh that homicide took place together with your automobile. Ankush asks when did this occur? Inspector says we were given the felony. Tej Singh says Malhar had taken the auto on hire. Inspector thinks Pratiksha used to be riding the auto, we’ve got checked the pictures. Ankush recollects Malhar’s risk and thinks to be silent. Inspector asks them to signal at the felony papers. Tej Singh indicators. Inspector says you’ll now not get your automobile till our investigation completes. Pratiksha calls Tej Singh and Ankush, and asks if about who has performed the twist of fate. Tej Singh says we don’t know. Ankush says he gave us 5000 Rs and requested me to get the dent repaired. Tej Singh asks if she did the twist of fate. Pratiksha says no and recollects Malhar behaving unusually that evening. She thinks he used to be hiding one thing or escaping from Police. Tej Singh says they’ve to undergo the loss and is going. Pratiksha thinks if Malhar ji has performed Keerti’s twist of fate.

Precap: In courtroom, Gulshan asks Pratiksha about her earring. Pratiksha says after they had met, it may well be left. Gulshan says she is a chilly blooded assassin and mendacity.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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