Pishachini 11th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Pavitra counter attacks Maha Pishach Veer

Pishachini 11th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Pavitra counter attacks Maha Pishach Veer

Pishachini 11th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rani thinking what to do. She sees green star and thinks she shall take Ayodhya Singh Rajput’s help. Dada ji sees black smoke coming in his room and thinks I will not help you, and knows what shall I do. Veer asks where is Pavitra? Pavitra comes there and says she has put baby in basket to take it safely. Rani comes to know that Dada ji refused to help her. She gets angry. Dada ji tells that Maha Pishach will win and Rani will lose. Vidya tries to hear him. Veer tells Rocky that they have to go alone. Pavitra looks at Rocky and goes. Vidya tells Rocky that Dada ji was telling something. She then tells that Rani was telling her that she can only save us from Maha Pishach. Rocky says if he is not with her, then what is his aim? Rocky gets ready to go behind them. Sanchit says Veer will handle and tells that he asked them not to come. Rocky says Veer didn’t say nobody can come behind them. Sanchit says how we will search them. Rocky tells that he had tied glitter powder packet to Pavitra’s dupatta. Sanchit and Vidya offer to come with him. Rocky asks them to stay at home and says he will go alone. Veer asks Pavitra to keep basket on the ground. Suddenly green light comes and sunlight goes. Veer says we have come to the right place. Pavitra asks if Maha Pishach will come here and we will trap him. Veer tells that Maha Pishach has come. Rani thinks Maha Pishach will become more powerful and has started the rituals. Veer asks the green star to bring rain. The green rainfall happens.

Pavitra asks what is this, I didn’t see it before. Veer says this rain is coming from green star. Pavitra asks if we will catch Maha Pishach now. Veer says your ear drums might blast and says we have come here to make Maha Pishach more powerful and not to catch him. He says your murder, your blood. He roars as Maha Pishach. Pavitra gets shocked. Rani feels dragged by the tree. Rocky follows the glitter and says I will be there soon. Veer tells Pavitra that the divine sign on her hand is very powerful and she didn’t know. He says we are in search of rare people like you. He says when Rani told me that you broke that Maha Pishachini crown, I realized that you are the one. He tells that once the rain falls on her, her powers will get weak and he will swallow her along with her powers. He sits down and roars.

Everyone is doing puja in the house. Vidya sees the baby Pishach in the cradle and tells Bubbly and Sapna. Sapna says I saw Pavitra taking the basket. Surender says Pavitra took empty basket. Bubbly says how they will catch Maha Pishach. Shikha says Pavitra should have done, whatever Veer said. Sanchit says Pavitra might know something which we don’t know. Pavitra picks that Narakshanka from the basket, and throws at Veer. Veer falls down. The green rain is coming down. Rocky follows the glitter. Maha Pishach look at the rain. Pavitra asks do you think that only you can cheat and asks him to get ready for destruction.

Precap: Veer holds Pavitra’s neck after the fight. Rocky comes there and fires arrow around Veer/Maha Pishach. Veer asks who told you about this. Rocky says Nashak. Nashak comes there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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