Parineeti 7th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Pari and Rajiv dance together

Parineeti 7th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on Television

Scene 1
Simi and Monty dance subsequent. Neeti asks Rajiv why did Pari’s mother give him and Pari blessings together? He says elders give blessings. Why do you query such a lot? Smile now. She says you’re so bizarre. He says we will be able to have a 2d child after this one. Neeti says are you loopy? Gurpreet wonders why is nobody asking Pari to come back on degree? Monty says who’s subsequent? Gurpreet says, Pari. It’s her first Diwali as neatly. Pari says I don’t wantnan dance. She says Chandrika calls Rajiv. They will do a few dances. Pari is going on degree. She’s anxious that Neeti would possibly see them. Gurinder says to Pami that is a laugh. Pami says if her mother unearths out other people will snigger at her. Rajiv hugs Neeti. Neeti says we can let our children be who they would like. Rajiv says what a contemporary spouse. Chandrika comes. She says they’re calling you within.

Pari dances additionally. Neeti and Rajiv stand together. Gurpreet wonders why is Rajiv status with Neeti and no longer dealing with Pari. She asks Rajiv to move at the degree. Rajiv dances with Pari. Neeti doesn’t adore it. Pami says God has made their couple. They glance superb together. Chandrika says they do. But Neeti gained’t like this. Neeti appears to be like at them in anger. Rajiv is concerned. Neeti leaves. Gurpreet hugs them and says you each danced so neatly. Gurpreet says now I’m certain you’re satisfied there. Pari says Chachi Ji will have to be on my own. You must cross house and position dia in entrance of father’s image. Gurpreet says sure we must depart now. They depart.

Scene 2
Rajiv asks Neeti are you k? Neeti says one thing isn’t proper. Mummy Ji gave you and Pari blessings as she knew you and you then had been dancing with Pari? You met her as a result of me. It appears like you understand them. Pari tells Pami she instructed her mother the whole thing however then instructed her it used to be a false impression. Chandrika says to stick on this area till issues are fantastic. Pami says simply don’t harm your middle whilst you see Neeti and Rajiv together. Pari says I will be able to’t tolerate all this. I’ve to move.

Rajiv says Pari’s mother is a middle affected person. Her mother used to be so dissatisfied. She requested me if Pari used to be satisfied in her circle of relatives? I assumed I must dance to cheer her up. Neeti says is that it? He says sure. She says I’ve every other factor on my thoughts. Come with me. She takes him out of doors. Neeti says you all permitted me with such a lot love. The one who made it imaginable is Pari. Thank you, Pari. And a maximum vital particular person in my existence is Sanju. I like him essentially the most. She kneels down and offers him a hoop. Gurinder is more than happy. Neeti says do you need to be mine for 7 lives? Pari appears to be like at them. Rajiv appears to be like at Pari. Pami says what’s she doing? Rajiv says we’re together for existence. Neeti makes him put on the hoop. Pari leaves. Gurinder claps. She says you’re the highest woman for my son. Rajiv says of their middle she tries to insult Pari each and every time and I don’t adore it.

Episode ends

Precap: Neeti says Pari, you have got mata ka sindoor for your brow and I’m certain one thing just right goes to occur. Rajeev and Neeti are appearing aarti, Neeti slips and Pari is going and holds the aarti to put it aside from falling together with Rajeev. Pari and Rajeev carry out aarti. Neeti unearths it bizarre.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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