Parineeti 27th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Pari couldn’t contact Neeti

Parineeti 27th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Pari couldn’t contact Neeti

Parineeti 27th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pari calls Chandigarh police station. They cut the call. Inspector says this phone isn’t working. Pari calls again but the phone is engaged. Pari says who do I call? Neeti says this Sanju is sleeping. He keeps sleeping. She says I should do yoga. I will get fat soon. I have to get my things from my room too. Neeti looks for Sanju’s clothes. She wears his shirt. Rajiv says Pari press my clothes. Neeti is in the washroom. He says I got so used to Pari. I am sure she is missing me too.

Pari says I need to use the washroom. She calls Neeti. Rajiv says why are wearing my clothes? She says I will do yoga. I will do everything on my own. He says you do yoga. I love my work too. If I get fat I won’t get jobs. She says let’s do yoga together. We will become a couple of goals. He says you’re with your in-laws. You have many duties. Neeti says I keep forgetting. Tell them I wasn’t well. She goes out. Rajiv says Pari and Neeti are so different. I hope she adjusts here. Pari calls Neeti but Neeti is in the washroom.

Scene 2
Chandrika says what are you wearing? Neeti says yoga dress. Then I recalled I had to get breakfast ready. Chandrika says first learn how to live here. No one talks to her. Sanju comes there. Pami says Chandrika you give us tea. Sanju says Neeti is also the DIL of this house. Pami says she has no sense of what to wear. Gurinder says come sit with us Neeti. Eat with us and these clothes are fine. Neeti leaves in tears. Pami says Pari was also your wife. You kicked her out of your house at night. He says I was also worried for her all night. Pami says don’t do this drama now. Does Rajiv say what do you want me to do? I always loved Neeti. She’s preegnant. How can I take her right? Pami says so she doesn’t have to know your truth? Go and tell what your reality is. Pami says Pari left because of your betrayal. I am sure Pari is crying.

Neeti cries and says what have I done. Tai Ji hates me for no reason. Pari calls Neeti. She says Neeti please pick up. Neeti is crying so she ignores the phone. The men ask Pari to come out. Pami says to Rajiv you don’t belong anywhere. God will teach you a lesson. You will repent for losing Pari. Neeti and you will never be happy. Rajiv says I can’t hurt Neeti. She’s my wife and my child’s mother. Pari will get what’s in her fate. He leaves. Rajiv comes to Neeti. He says why are you crying? Neeti says why does Tai Ji hate me like I took someone’s place in this house? At least we could live happily in my house. She doesn’t even talk to me. He says please don’t cry. Neeti says I wonder how did she love Pari? Everyone keeps appreciating her. Rajiv says she has a lot fo patience, She got you your right. You will also win everyone’s heart. Neeti says yes I will win everyone’s heart. He says let’s go.

Neeti sees Pari’s call. Neeti says it must be from office. I won’t pick. Pari cries. Neeti says I should call back. I can’t lose my work. Career was dream, I can’t lose it. Pari cries. She says my life is over.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba


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