Parineeti 18th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Rajiv agrees to sit in the pooja with Pari

Parineeti 18th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Rajiv agrees to sit in the pooja with Pari

Parineeti 18th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pari comes to her room and cries. She says why am I have to give tests for all relationships? I just want to be out of here? These people and relationships are not mine so I just want to leave and I don’t want to become trouble for Neeti. I can’t become a pain for her and I know the truth will be out soon and then I will lose her trust. She cries so Pami comes there. She asks her to cry and calm down. She says we can’t live without you, you have done so much for us that we can’t let you go. We might be selfish to keep stopping you here but please don’t leave us, we will all lose ourselves if you leave. Pari says I don’t have a right to stay here, you people have given me love and I don’t want to leave this house. You people are like my own so how can I leave? But when I think about Neeti finding the truth then I get scared. Pari says I won’t let Biji find out the truth, I won’t let your trust break.

Neeti is reading a pregnancy book. She says Sanju didn’t even call me, he should worry about his pregnant wife. She video calls him and taunts him if he forgot her for some other woman? Rajiv says I am working and I will be late. Neeti says we have a pooja in the house. Rajiv says I have to finish work fast. Neeti says you don’t have time to talk to me now? Rajiv says just give me some time. Pari comes there so Neeti gives the phone to her in anger and leaves. Rajiv tells Pari that Neeti got angry at me. Pari tells Rajiv that Bibji wants us to sit in the pooja so come back soon. He says okay.

Monty is playing with a rose when Babli comes there and teases him. Monty says I am going on a date today, Babli says someone must be crazy to go on a date with you. Monty says I think you might be adopted by Pari’s family, he leaves. Babli says I won’t spare him easily.

Pari is helping Neeti in cooking parsad and food for the pooja. Pari says Biji will praise you today. Neeti asks what did Sanju tell you? Pari says nothing. Neeti says I shouldn’t have been angry with him. Pari says I asked him to come early for your pooja and he agreed. Neeti says really? when I asked him then he didn’t listen. Pari says I will help you in cooking halwa. Biji comes there and says what were you saying? she says only Pari will make the halwa. Pari says yes. Biji says I will stay here while you both cook. Pari says you need to rest. Biji says you care for me so much. Pari goes with Biji. Neeti is cooking there. Gurindar comes there and says you people are cooking a lot. She looks at the kajus and says Pari is making halwa right? Neeti says yes. Gurindar asks Neeti to go and select her dress, I will handle it here. Neeti nods and leaves. Gurindar puts salt in Neeti’s food. Pami comes there and says you were spoiling Pari’s dish? You should be ashamed. Pari comes there and asks what happened? Gurindar says I didn’t put anything in the food, you can taste it if you want. She leaves from there. Pami says I don’t trust her. Pari says you can’t be wrong. Pami says she can do anything to throw you out of the house.

Monty calls Rajiv and says I have a date but your sister in law Babli is spoiling everything. Rajiv says Biji wants me to do a pooja with Pari so you have to keep Neeti distracted for that time. He says I just want this pooja to be done without Neeti finding out anything.

Gurindar thinks I have to attack on Pari after the pooja. Pami comes there and says I am warning you to stop trying to hurt Pari, you have already destroyed her life.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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