Parineeti 17th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Neeti is confused about Pari’s status in the house

Parineeti 17th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on Small screen

Scene 1
Biji tells Neeti that I were given to grasp you might be combating together with your husband but it surely’s ok, you’ll reconcile with him quickly. Neeti is confused however remains silent. Biji asks if she met Pari’s Rajiv? Neeti says I by no means were given a possibility to satisfy him. Biji says he was once right here best, she calls out to him. Biji says Pari and Rajiv love every different. Neeti thinks she has misplaced her reminiscence. Pari asks Biji asks to head and take some relaxation. Pari takes Biji from there. Rajiv hides and is going from there. Neeti seems to be on.

Rajiv involves Neeti in the room and says I were given fearful about Biji nowadays. Neeti says Biji stated Rajiv and Pari love every different? How come Biji met Rajiv and I couldn’t until now? Rajiv says it could be a twist of fate. Neeti says who lied to Biji that I’m combating with my husband? Pari comes there and says I did. Neeti says why? Pari says I didn’t need Biji to invite you questions so I informed her lies and no matter is occurring in my existence, I replicated for you. I’m in point of fact sorry and I’d by no means need what came about to me would occur to you. Neeti says it’s ok should you lied for me, you might be my existence so you’ll be able to do anything else. She hugs her. Pari leaves from there. Rajiv seems to be on. He hugs Neeti and says this night is our first diwali. Neeti says you simply want probabilities for love. I’m simply fearful that our love may get spoiled. Rajiv says I will be able to give protection to our courting.

In the morning, Biji meets a neighbor. The neighbor says such a lot is going down in the society. I heard a neighbor having an additional marital affair. She asks Biji to watch out as at the present time are heavy. Biji says other people don’t do pooja at the present time so much. She tells Pami to organize a pooja for the youngsters. She says ok. She neighbor leaves. Biji asks Pami to let Pari do the pooja. Pari comes there and hears Biji pronouncing that Rajiv and Pari will do the pooja. Pari is stunned and thinks I will be able to’t take a seat in the pooja, it’s Neeti’s position. She says I will be able to ask Biji to let Chandrika and her husband do the pooja. Neeti comes there and brings breakfast for Biji. Biji scolds her for bringing dates for her. She tells Pari that you’re going to take a seat in the pooja. Neeti says what? Pari says Chandrika and her husband will have to do the pooja. Biji says they have got carried out a large number of poojas, now its your flip with Rajiv. Neeti is confused and thinks Sanju and I will have to take a seat in the pooja however she is inquiring for Rajiv who is now not even part of this circle of relatives? Neeti says best circle of relatives other people take a seat in the pooja proper? Biji says so Rajiv and Pari are outsiders? Neeti says I didn’t imply that.. Biji says I’ve determined and Pari will do the pooja with Rajiv, I agree with her best. Gurindar is offended and thinks as soon as I am getting the belongings then I will be able to take care of this Pari.

Scene 2
Neeti involves Rajiv, he says I’m going to the place of work. Neeti says Biji requested me to assist Pari to arrange for the pooja. She doesn’t agree with me, she trusts Pari best. I do know Pari can earn agree with simply however what can I do to win her agree with? Rajiv laughs at her and says don’t concern. Neeti says should you depart then I will be able to be on my own with Biji. Rajiv hugs her and says I’m positive you’ll do the whole lot completely, he hugs her and leaves.

Gurindar is offended and says why did this Pari nonetheless right here? Simi comes there and says Pari has blinded Biji so you might be changing into inappropriate. Gurindar says I will be able to now not spare Pari now.

The priest involves the house. Biji says we need to do a pooja for Pari and Rajiv. He provides a listing for the pooja and says we can want most of these pieces. He says all members of the family will have to be provide there with natural center. Neeti comes there so the priest asks if she is their new daughter in legislation? Biji says no, Pari is our daughter in legislation. She will take a seat in the pooja with Rajiv. Neeti thinks what is she speaking about? Biji asks if Neeti can assist her? The priest says sure however Pari has to make parsad. Neeti angrily leaves from there.

Pari involves Neeti and says I’m sorry however we will be able to’t say no to Biji. Neeti says I do know that however you don’t seem to be part of this circle of relatives and why Biji needs Rajiv to sit down in the pooja with you? These other people don’t even know what Rajiv did with you, he is an affordable guy to depart you however those other people stay praising him? Pari says as a result of I by no means informed them anything else unhealthy about him. She tells Neeti that it’s your proper to make parsad for the pooja so you’ll do it and I will be able to can help you. Neeti thank you her and you’re making the whole lot proper. I used to be feeling unhealthy however you made me really feel excellent. Pari hugs her and thinks I’m fixing others’ issues however I will be able to’t do anything else for myself. Gurindar comes there and sees them hugging. She thinks nowadays’s pooja will make everybody get started hating Pari. Neeti tells Pari that I will be able to’t prepare dinner. Pari says I’m with you so don’t concern. Neeti says you’ll be able to assist me after which I will be able to serve parsad to everybody. Gurindar thinks Neeti depends upon Pari such a lot in a different way it could had been more uncomplicated to throw Pari out of right here. I want I may inform the reality to Neeti however then she would depart Sanju and he would depart me. She involves them and says I want I had a perfect buddy such as you each. Neeti smiles and says I used to be fearful about meals however Pari solves the whole lot for me. Gurindar says I may have helped you. Neeti says Pari is right here with me. Neeti tells Pari that I’m so fortunate to have you ever throughout me. Pari is harm listening to all that. Gurindar says you might be so great in a different way we don’t get excellent daughter in rules at the present time. Pari seems to be on.

Precap: Rajiv and Pari are sitting in pooja, Neeti walks in and sees Panditji blessing Rajiv and Pari. Biji blesses them too as a pair.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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