Pandya Store 6th November 2022 Written Episode Update Shiva burns Raavi’s gift

Pandya Store 6th November 2022 Written Episode Update Shiva burns Raavi’s gift

Written Update

In these days’s episode of Pandya Store we noticed Suman slamming Dhara for trusting Shweta. She says that on account of her she needed to face guilt in entrance of Shweta’s circle of relatives. Shweta’s father is now unsure about Dhara’s honesty and asks whether or not they will have to reconsider their resolution to make Dhara Chikoo’s father or mother.

Arnav comes on the Pandya Niwas. Raavi sees him and thinks that she must forestall him out of doors the home handiest or else Shiva will lose his cool on seeing him. Arnav tells Raavi that he idea as a substitute of staying by myself on Diwali he will have to have fun Diwali with the Pandya circle of relatives. He brings presents for the circle of relatives. Raavi thinks that she will have to additionally give him the gift she were given for him. She rushes inside of to get Arnav’s gift. Shiva sees them in combination and loses his cool. Raavi and Arnav change presents.

Raavi is going inside of the home and offers the presents to everybody within the circle of relatives. She provides the blouse to Shiva. Shiva thinks that he will have to no longer doubt Raavi however he needs Raavi to admit that she met Arnav out of doors the home. Raavi however is pondering that she’s going to inform him the next day that she met Arnav.

Arohi asks Shiva to put on the blouse. Shiva opens the gift and sees the associated fee tag at the blouse. He will get infuriated to look the blouse with the lower cost. He thinks that Raavi gave the pricy blouse to Arnav. He says that Raavi has proved how a lot she values him. Pandya circle of relatives sits on the eating desk in combination. Shiva takes the blouse and burns it. Shweta sees it and seizes the chance. She excuses herself to visit the washroom however as a substitute move the place the blouse used to be burning and extra diyas to it in order that burns correctly. She needs Raavi to not know that she modified the blouse she purchased for Shiva to the only which she purchased for Arnav.

Gombi sees the fireplace and rushes to extinguish it. Shweta tells everybody that previous she noticed Shiva status there. She additionally says that Shiva noticed Raavi meet Arnav. Suman blames Raavi.

Precap: Shweta provides the tablet to keep watch over classes to Raavi. She tells her that the tablet is for the headache.

Update Credit to: KritiS

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