Pandya Store 3rd November 2022 Written Episode Update Shweta succeeds in her plan to create differences in the Pandya family

Pandya Store 3rd November 2022 Written Episode Update Shweta succeeds in her plan to create differences in the Pandya family

Written Update

In as of late’s episode of Pandya Store, we noticed Shweta going within the kitchen to execute the subsequent level of her plan. She gives Dhara to assist her and guarantees that she is going to win the family over with her honest efforts and love.

Raavi makes labels for her items. She puts them on the shirts she intends to present Shiva, Dev, Gombi, and Arnav. She sees Shiva coming within the room and makes a decision to disguise the shirts from her. Shiva sees her doing so and wonders what she is hiding.

Shweta sees Rishita and tells Dhara that she has purchased a gold ring for Chikoo from the cash she gave her. She additionally tells her that she appreciates her resolution for saving cash in order that Raavi and Shiva can pass to Goa. Rishita hears their dialog and confronts Dhara. She yells at Dhara and says that we’ve got cash for Goa go back and forth when Chutki may have to have fun Diwali with restricted method. Rishita blames Dhara for mendacity and asks her to use the whole cash and ship Raavi and Shiva to Goa. Rishita says that Chutki too has her nana nani who too can purchase gold ring for her however she by no means asks for his or her assist on account of Dev. She additionally says that Shiva and Raavi will handiest battle in Goa similar to they struggle right here. Rishita makes a decision to pass to her mum or dad’s position as they are going to do all that Pandya family can’t do for her and Chutki.

Shweta packs her belonging whilst Shweta pretends to be apologetic. Dhara asks her to stay her mouth close as she does now not know when and what to discuss. Shweta is happy to see her plan paintings whilst Rishita leaves the space with Chutki.

Suman comes to the corridor and asks the place is she going. Rishita says that she goes to her mum or dad’s position in order that she will be able to have fun Diwali the approach it must be. She additionally calls them heart elegance. Gombi tries to make Rishita perceive however she denies it and says that she has made up his thoughts.

Shiva appears at the items and will get happy to see the items. He then sees a label with Arnav’s identify on it and loses his cool. She compares the worth of shirts and wonders which one is for him.

Meanwhile, Dhara could also be making an attempt to calm Rishita down and says that she has introduced new garments for Chutki. Rishita says that it isn’t truthful that Chikoo will get gold whilst Chutki handiest will get garments. She calls for a gold ring or bracelet for Chutki. Suman after all loses her cool and says that she will be able to depart if she needs but if she returns she needs to see her loaded with gold. Suman says that she needs to see how a lot his father can spend on her.

Shiva tries to intrude and says that he’ll get gold for Chutki as soon as he receives fee for the gross sales of the retailer. Rishita says that she needs gold for Chutki and he or she needs it now.

Raavi tells Rishita to loosen up and says that she isn’t going to Goa with Shiva. Suman is stunned to listen this and asks who’s going the place. Suman says that she additionally needs to pass to Goa. Raavi says that Rishita will likely be happy to know that she isn’t going to Goa as she won’t get any longer leaves from the place of work. She says that it’ll be higher for her to keep in the place of work and be told a couple of issues from Arnav.

Shiva is livid to listen Arnav’s identify over and over whilst Shweta is elated to see her plan paintings.

Precap: The Pandya family lighting fixtures diyas in the space. The go back and forth agent comes to ship the ship tickets for the Goa go back and forth. Shweta’s father will get infuriated and asks Dhara to spend Chikoo’s cash just for Chikoo.

Update Credit to: KritiS

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