Pandya Store 20th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Pandya family prepares to welcome Chiku

Pandya Store 20th December 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Gautam hugging Dhara. Dhara recollects her being pregnant problems. She asks will this dream ruin. He says no, its now not a dream, let me pass to the shop now, then we’ve to pass to court docket additionally. Everyone is busy searching for Chiku. Krish likes a helicopter. Shiva says you aren’t so younger. Rishita says we got here to purchase garments and toys for Chiku and Chutki. Raavi displays tips. Rishita says she has many crimson clothes, search for another color. Raavi will get unhappy. Shiva asks what took place, is the whole thing nice. Suman prays that the whole thing will get nice. Dhara comes and hears Suman praying. Suman says I believe one thing fallacious is occurring. Dhara rests in her lap. She cries. Suman consoles her. She says cash isn’t imp than members of the family, members of the family are my power, I m scared, happiness can’t be purchased with cash, we’re giving cash to Shweta. Shweta reads the papers, we’re naming Pandya retailer to Shweta. She offers 100rs to the person for making the prison papers. Raavi says I believe extraordinary, like Dhara stated. Suman says I believe one thing fallacious goes to occur. Dhara says me too, one thing fallacious will occur. Suman says no, the whole thing will likely be nice. Shiva asks Raavi now not to take rigidity. Dev asks them to romance at house, store for Chiku, it’s a wonder celebration. Rishita says we will be able to purchase matching garments for Gautam, Dhara and Chiku, no person will have to know. Krish says promise. They depart.

Shweta takes Chiku. Kaki will get onions. Shweta says I simply need one onion, I gave delivery to Chiku, Dhara will elevate Chiku from now, when he will get the valuables, then I can come again, make a selection me that point. Gautam asks the place is Suman. Suman says I m right here. Dhara will get the tea. Krish says we’re going for a large paintings. Rishita says how do we do our paintings in the event that they don’t pass. Suman comes and says you’re making plans the wonder for Dhara, you each will likely be unhappy that I gave 25 lakhs to Dhara, can this smash the members of the family. Raavi says no, now not as a result of cash, however… Suman asks her to say. Raavi says again and again, any person’s small mistake and feelings creates issues, cash can’t ruin our relation, but when somebody breaks middle unknowingly then…

Suman says sufficient, what does Rishita assume. Rishita says our bond isn’t so susceptible, the whole thing is okay. Suman asks them to come and say bye to everybody. Dhara feeds the curd and sugar to everybody. Krish asks her to include them to take Chiku. Dhara says no. Suman says you’re glad, I do know, come. They depart. Rishita and Raavi smile. Shweta waits for Pandyas. She talks to Chiku. She says your mum doesn’t do any fallacious paintings, your family has come.

Rishita and Raavi beautify the home. Rishita asks her to repair lighting on the window additionally. Raavi asks her to do it herself. They stay the presents at the beg.

Dev reads the papers. Shweta worries. Raavi asks Rishita now not to be disillusioned together with her. Rishita says its ok. The ornament board falls. Raavi worries. She says my middle isn’t agreeing, I believe extraordinary, Shweta agreed so quickly to depart from our lives, I will’t inform the rest to Shiva, don’t you assume its extraordinary. Rishita says I m additionally apprehensive, is she going to do one thing fallacious with the papers.

Shweta methods the family and makes them signal the papers quickly. Jankana says Shweta is leaving the whole thing, she requested for 25 lakhs for her new existence. Shweta will get the cash.

Update Credit to: Amena

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