Pandya Store 16th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Dhara learns Shweta’s truth

Pandya Store 16th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Dhara learns Shweta’s truth

Pandya Store 16th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krish asking Shiva and Raavi to come. He asks where is Dhara. Suman asks where were you, you went to get Dhara, where is she. Raavi says I was fixing this dupatta. Rishita signs Raavi. Suman thinks don’t know what they are planning. Krish calls Gautam and asks where are you, I won’t marry without you. Gautam thinks to lie to him. He says I have stomach ache, Dhara is with me, just start the marriage rituals, we will come. He says I know Krish won’t break our swear. Krish says he asked me to start the rituals. Pandit says there is no mahurat for the next three months. Jankana says I beg you. Krish says don’t embarrass me. Suman says its Dhara’s mistake, tell me, what’s happening. Suman says Maun vrath is over, you can tell me now. She asks Shiva to say. Shiva signs. She says maun vrath over, tell me now. Shiva says I don’t know. She asks about Dhara. Raavi says I don’t know. Suman asks Rishita to say where is Dhara. Rishita says I don’t know. Shweta thinks did Dhara learn about the jewellery.

Dhara beats Deven and asks won’t you see your sister’s marriage. Deven says I have no sister, stop beating me. She asks what do you mean, Shweta isn’t your sister. Suman says Dhara wants all the focus in every event. Rishita says maybe she has some work. Suman says it means you know it, tell me. Shweta thinks this marriage should happen. She acts dizzy. Jankana gives her water. She asks them to proceed with the marriage. Suman asks Krish to come ahead, and marry.

Raavi says we have to stop the marriage. Rishita says we will stop. She opens the gathbandhan. Jankana asks how did the gathbandhan open. Rishita says its okay, I will tie this. She takes much time. Raavi says I will tie it. They both delay the marriage. Everyone gets puzzled. Suman asks will the entire family come for gathbandhan now. Rishita says its enough that Dhara comes. Dhara says tell the truth else I will not leave you, tell me before the truth comes. Deven says I m Shweta’s ex BF and Chiku’s dad. Dhara is shocked.

Deven says she still loves me, you tell me, if any girl gives you money and love, can you refuse. She scolds and slaps him. Rishita and Raavi try to blow off the diya. Krish and Shweta hold the diya. Rishita thinks where is Dhara, is this marriage happens before the truth comes out, then… Deven says Shweta told me about the money and jewellery in your house, and we both made the plan to steal it. Dhara is shocked.

Pandit says now the elder bahu will keep five fruits on the bride’s hands. Suman asks Rishita to come. Rishita says he said elder bahu. Suman says you are also elder, come and give the fruits. Rishita acts and delays more. Raavi laughs. Rishita drops the fruits and says sorry. Pandit asks her to hurry up. Rishita says wait, I will have the juice first. Suman asks Raavi to come and give the fruits to Shweta, Rishita’s drama always goes on. Raavi sneezes and says don’t know why I m getting sneezes. Rishita asks Raavi to have juice. Raavi asks for water. Shiva says they are doing timepass, I will give the fruits. He gives the fruits to Shweta. She thanks him. Deven says its not just my mistake, its her mistake also, why would I get punished. Dhara says she will also get punished. She slaps him. Gautam calls out Dhara. Deven pushes her and flees in the cab. She says I will nab you soon, but I have to stop this marriage, Shweta can’t become our house bahu. Pandit asks the groom and bride to stand for pheras. Rishita and Raavi worry.

Rishita says I will get Shweta’s truth out. She says Maa, Shweta made fake jewellery. Suman asks Dhara to say the truth.

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