Pandya Store 11th November 2022 Written Episode Update Dhara rushes Raavi to the hospital

Pandya Store 11th November 2022 Written Episode Update Dhara rushes Raavi to the hospital

Written Update

Shweta will get the being pregnant equipment and is questioning how to display it to Rishita. She sees Dhara and drops the equipment. When Dhara asks she tells her that she got here again to get the cash and is now going to get the being pregnant equipment.

Raavi screams in ache. Dhara is going to assist her and asks Shweta to deliver the members of the family. Shweta says that Rishita and Ma have long past out.

Dhara takes Raavi to the hospital. Shweta thinks of any other devious plan. Shiva on the different hand goes to meet any person on his motorbike. Raavi sees him and hides her face in order that Shiva can’t see her. Raavi thinks that if she is pregnant she wishes to inform the information to Shiva first.

The physician does an intensive checkup on Raavi. He says that he’s looking forward to the record of blood check. Rishita comes again house and asks Shweta the place Dhara and Raavi are. Shweta says that she does no longer know the place they’re. Rishita calls on Dhara’s telephone and unearths it in her room handiest.

Shweta thinks of calling Dr. Nitin who’s her early life pal. She says that she’s going to ask him to claim her 4 months pregnant in order that Shiva will doubt her. Rishita hears her plan and says that this can be a dangerous one reason someday Raavi gets her sessions and her plan gets uncovered. Shweta says that during that case she’s going to say make the physician say that she has aborted the kid. Shweta says that she has additionally organized for the being pregnant equipment to body Rishita. Rishita slaps Shweta and is going to name any person.

Shweta calls Dr. Nitin and asks if he met Dhara and Raavi. He says sure, and says that he’s going to quickly give them the excellent information as according to her directions.

Suman is taking part in a picnic along with her pals when she sees a pregnant woman in hard work ache. She makes a decision to take her to the nearest hospital and results in the identical hospital.

The physician tells them that she is 4 months pregnant. While Dhara is happy to pay attention the information, Shweta is concerned about what she’s going to inform Shiva. The physician says that they are going to have to do an ultrasound to ascertain it. Dhara asks the physician to do the ultrasound. The physician says that they are going to have to wait. Dhara makes a decision to take Raavi to the ultrasound room.

Suman additionally reaches the hospital with the pregnant woman. Meanwhile, Rishita additionally reaches the hospital to act upon her plan.

The ultrasound man tells Dhara that Raavi is having a fibroid that wishes to be operated on once conceivable. Dhara tells him that Raavi is pregnant. The ultrasound man says that she isn’t pregnant.

Precap: Dhara arranges for Raavi’s fibroid surgical treatment. Shweta tells the hospital workforce to substitute Raavi’s record with the one she has.


Update Credit to: KritiS

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