Naagin Season 6 31st December 2022 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 6 31st December 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mehek returns house with Sonia. The takral circle of relatives feels satisfied. Seema sees Prathna coming with Mehek. She thinks in spite of everything Mehek discovered Prathna. Mehek welcomes Gautham and Sonia and divulges to everybody that she is agreeing to Sonia’s marriage with Gautham. She makes them sit down at the mandap and asks Pandit to begin the wedding. The Takral circle of relatives leaves. Seema is going to Mehek and asks her if the lady who got here along with her is truly Prathna or now not. Mehek says Prathna isn’t reacting seeing us so let’s play together with her. Vinay thank you Mehek for working out Sonia’s emotions. Gautham and Sonia get married and takes the elder’s blessing. Gautham hugs his orphan circle of relatives. Seema asks Mehek if she is Prathna or her glance alike. Mehek says she has a strategy to in finding it. She poisons the candy her poison. She asks Vinay to distribute goodies to everybody. She takes particular goodies to Prathna. Prathna takes the candy. Bunty collides along with her and makes Prathna drop the candy. Prathna asks him why he did it. Bunty says he noticed a snake. Prathna asks how can snake come right here. Raghu says once in a while snakes come right here.

Seema asks Mehek why she purchased her enemy to house. Mehek says she purchased her to grasp if she is (*6*) or Prathna. Seema tells her a plan to grasp if she is truly Naagin or now not. Mehek meets Prathna and tells her to mild Diya infront in their circle of relatives goddess and it’s executed from the groom’s facet so do that ritual. She concurs and leaves. Seema arranges snake catchers within the jungle and asks them to execute their plan as soon as Prathna comes right here. Prathna is going to Kuldevi temple. Seema hides at the back of the tree. Mehek comes there and joins Seema. Seema indicators snake catchers to begin their paintings. Snake catchers play the track. Prathna adjustments to her Naagin shape and dances to the song. Seema says they get their fingers and sees Mehek is dancing too. She asks Mehek to regulate herself and tells her that it’s Prathna and now not (*6*). Mehek says she’s going to get germs as soon as Snake charmers lock her.

Raghu meets the children and asks the place is (*6*). Kids inform him Mehek ship her to the jungle to mild a lamp close to kuldevi. Raghu feels anxious for Preeti/Prathna’s protection. Pratha turns to her snake shape and her 9 germs get visual. She assaults Snake charmers. One of the snake charmers throws a potion that weakens Prathna and she or he turns into a small snake and he catches her the use of a internet. Raghu comes there on the lookout for Prathna and he thrashes Snake charmer and saves snake and he’s unaware that it’s (*6*). Mehek feels disillusioned. Prathna leaves from there and falls subconscious. Raghu spots her and asks her to open her eyes. Prathna good points awareness. He asks if she is okay. Prathna asks him what took place to her. Mehek and Seems see it and talk about that Prathna is dramabazz. Raghu says chances are you’ll fall subconscious seeing the snake charmers who got here to catch snakes. He takes her with him.

Later within the evening, Prathna wakes up. She feels thirsty and springs out to drink water. Prathna is set to drink water. Mehek stops her. She hypnotises her and takes her to her room the place she asks Prathna to inform her what took place and the way she transform (*6*). Prathna in her hypnotization tells her no matter took place to her and the way she reached the orphanage. Mehek asks if she didn’t take into account what took place to her folks. Prathna says she didn’t take into account. Mehek asks her to visit her room. Prathna leaves.

The subsequent day Prathna says they’re going to go away. Raghu asks them to stick for extra days. Mehek concurs with Raghu and asks Prathna and the children to stick extra days. They agree. Seema thinks what’s Mehek’s plan. Kids really feel satisfied to stick within the haveli. Raghu is going to his room and sees the wound on his again that took place all over his battle with a snake charmer. Prathna comes there with lep and applies to him when he’s not able to do it. Both really feel awkward. Prathna remembers flashes of Rudra and falls subconscious. Rudra holds her and asks her what took place. Prathna good points sense and apologises to him. He thank you her for making use of lep.

Seema scolds Mehek and asks why she made Prathna keep right here. Mehek says Prathna doesn’t take into account anything else and I in finding it through hynotizing her and now you’re going to see how I can get 9 germs from Prathna. Prathna comes close to the closed door and feels dizzy. She thinks what’s her reference to that room. Mehek tells Seema that she’s going to grab 9 germs from Prathna all over a complete moon evening. Seema asks can she do it. Mehek says she’s going to. Prathna sees within the closed room and will get flashes of ways Rudra died. She thinks what’s her connection to this room.

Smitha Takral fights with Mehek and Vinay. Prathna hears the shouts and is going down. Smitha breaks the deal they have got. Vinay asks her to stay their private {and professional} lifestyles aside. Smita denies it and says she’s going to wreck them through taking again their price range and wreck their popularity available in the market. Vinay feels anxious. Raghu asks her not to communicate to Vinay in that means and tells her that he’ll marry her daughter in keeping with the deal these days itself and asks her to do the preparations. Vinay tries to prevent him. Raghu says he can’t undergo it if any individual insults him. Prathna feels dangerous and she or he doesn’t know why she is feeling that means. Raghu leaves. He performs guitar in his room and remembers his moments with Prathna/(*6*). Prathna is going to him and asks if he’s nice. Raghu asks if she doesn’t know what he feels for her. He confesses to her how a lot he loves her. He says she isn’t written in his destiny and asks her to bop with him for one closing time so he can are living lifestyles with those recollections. Prathna forwards her hand. Raghu holds her hand and dances along with her. Both hug each and every different.

Precap: Takshak says hopes these days Prathna doesn’t land in any hassle as these days Prathna’s Naagin shape can’t lend a hand her. Mehek takes a knife and assaults Prathna’s navel spot to get germs.

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