Naagin Season 6 29th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Anmol stops Rudra and Prarthana for Diwali celebrations

Naagin Season 6 29th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on Small screen

The Episode begins with everybody coming to Anmol. Anmol will get up and says she don’t need somebody’s lecture, and blames Rishabh for giving Prarthana’s hand in Rudra’s hand. She says you didn’t consider me as soon as and snatched my love from me. Pratha says you could possibly have considered Anmol as soon as. Rishabh says it used to be no longer in my arms, we will be able to’t make somebody love us forcibly. Anmol says I beloved him such a lot. Rishabh and Pratha take Anmol within. Rudra tells Prarthana that no matter took place used to be no longer proper and says the way in which we were given married isn’t proper, even though I really like you. Prarthana says it’s my mistake, I shouldn’t have take a seat on Anmol’s position. Pratha involves Anmol and asks her to have meals. Anmol refuses. Urvashi involves Anmol and instigates her towards Prarthana, and says your folks’ eyes are on Prarthana most effective. Anmol says it isn’t true. Urvashi tells Patali that they will have to do one thing giant. Patali burns Prarthana’s pallu whilst holding candle on the subject of her. Rishabh and Rudra activate the hearth. Rishabh asks Anmol how did the hearth were given stuck. Urvashi says the hearth in Anmol’s middle is not going to activate. Anmol involves her room and throws Rudra and her picture frames. She sits down and cries.

Urvashi and Patali come there. Urvashi tells Anmol that you’ve supported Prarthana such a lot, in case you had went clear of mandap, what used to be the desire for her to sit down at the mandap. She says this used to be her drama, she would possibly have beloved Rudra and that’s why taken merit. Patali says they have been in administrative center in combination and we didn’t suppose that this may increasingly occur. Urvashi tells Anmol that she is silly to harm herself and asks her to stay her nearer to her eyes and spoil her marriage like she has damaged her marriage. Rudra and Prarthana are leaving. Anmol stops them and asks them to wait the Diwali birthday party. Rudra says I’ve harm you numerous and shall no longer keep right here. Pratha says allow them to pass for honeymoon. Anmol says I regard Prarthana as my sister, and tells that she has learned that it used to be one sided love, and says we could put out of your mind it and have a good time Diwali. She says in case you pass then everybody will suppose that Anmol used to be depressed and in case you keep again, then they’ll suppose that Anmol isn’t effected. Rudra concurs. Anmol asks them to stick within the adorned room, which used to be adorned for them. She asks him to inform the folks that she has completed get a divorce with him.

Prarthana asks Rudra why did he inform that he loves her? Rudra says I really like you. She says I sat within the mandap pondering I will be able to make Anmol take a seat at the mandap. He says I do know, I will be able to no longer come close to you, and will wait for the day when she additionally loves him. Prarthana tells that she’s going to sleep on settee. Rudra says I will be able to sleep. He says he has to paintings on some knowledge and he has to do paintings by myself. He thinks he can’t possibility Prarthana’s lifestyles. She thinks to get this diary.

Pratha thinks there’s undoubtedly one thing that Prarthana married Rudra. Rishabh comes there and sees wax falling on her hand. He reveals her hand high quality. Pratha says she has such a lot ache in her middle that she isn’t feeling this ache. Prarthana will get up in night time and involves Rudra to get his pill. He wakes up and asks what’s he doing? She says I got here to hide you with blanket and fell down. Rudra is going to do paintings. Rishabh and Rudra discuss Vasuki temple and the treasure door will opened via Shesh Naagin. He tells that Vasuki Naag had taken his avatar when the attackers attempt to get the treasure, and then he took the Samadhi, and the door used to be closed. He says Shesh Naagin will come there to open the door. He says Zang and his imply want Shesh naagin to get the treasure. Zang meets crew contributors and tells that Vasuki Naag is protective the treasure and now we have made the plan to get it. He says the entire naag and naagin will come there, together with Shesh Naagin. He says we need to seek Shesh Naagin. Rishabh says we need to pass to Vasuki Shesh Naagin. Prarthana hears them and thinks to head there and take her revenge. Rishabh involves Pratha and tells that he’s on the lookout for Shesh Naagin and he’s going to pass to Vasuki temple. Pratha says she’s going to include him.

Later Rudra is helping Prarthana to zip her get dressed. He says he has some paintings and goes. Prarthana says I will be able to include you. Rishabh says I will be able to pass by myself. Pratha says I need to come and pray for our daughter. Rishabh says adequate. Rudra says I will’t take you. Prarthana says she’s going to come. Rishabh says we could pass. He sees Anmol and says she has given him happiness via transferring on in lifestyles. Anmol tells that she has controlled Diwali birthday party right here. Pratha asks her to come back along with her. Anmol refuses and thinks she’s going to spoil Prarthana’s marriage.

In the Vasuki temple, Rishabh and Rudra are sitting for the particular bathtub. Pandit ji tells about its significance and says let’s start the tub. Pratha and Prarthana put water on their respective husband’s heads. Urvashi tells that Pratha and Prarthana are in combination as of late. Patali throws a snake in air calling somebody. Peacock comes there flying in air. Urvashi says she has come. Another snake comes out of the basket. Patali calls Peacock as Mayuri and it eats the snake. Mayuri turns into human and says she’s going to style Naag and Naagin as of late, she is worked up.

Rishabh asks Pandit ji if there’s secret door or any cave right here. Pandit ji says no person noticed it. Rudra says they’ve heard that most effective Shesh Naagin can see that door. Pandit ji says this is a trust. Prarthana thinks to determine in regards to the 3 traitors. Pratha says we could do the puja. Pandit ji says couple will have to do the puja. She asks God to give protection to each her daughters from her hurricane. Urvashi and Patali come there. Urvashi says you’ll no longer know the place the hurricane will take you.

Mayuri comes there. Patali says that is my grand daughter Mayuri, who’s Shiv Bhakt. Mayuri says as of late she’s going to dance in order that she will get boon from Shiv ji. She begins dancing. Pratha thinks she isn’t an odd woman. Rudra’s father (*6*) comes out. Zang says you’re disenchanted that your son didn’t marry Rishabh’s daughter. He says as soon as Shesh Naagin opens the door, it’ll open.

Pratha is going out. Zang follows her. Pratha takes Naagin avatar and prays to Mahadev and says Shesh Naagin is greeting you, and asks him to make her see the door. She asks the Naag mani to seem and make her see the divine door. She thinks naagmani isn’t showing infront of me. Zang says the door would have come. Mayuri comes there.

Precap: Rishabh sees Pratha because the naagin and will get surprised. Pratha fights with Prarthana and tells her that Rishabh didn’t kill Professor. Prarthana tells that Rishabh is to blame and need to endure her Rudra avatar.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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