Naagin Season 6 22nd October 2022 Written Episode Update: Rudra and Anmol’s pre-marriage ritual begins

Naagin Season 6 22nd October 2022 Written Episode Update: Rudra and Anmol’s pre-marriage ritual begins

Naagin Season 6 22nd October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhasini coming to the function. Pratha asks her to come. Suhasini greets Anmol and says she is looking beautiful. Anmol’s friends and cousin asks Rudra to go and change his clothes. Rudra gets ready in Sherwani. Prarthana looks at him and says Naagin has come to take revenge for her Papa. She becomes snake and comes inside the room. Rudra’s friend comes there and asks if you really want to marry Anmol. Prarthana thinks I will kill you. She checks the file and thinks to enquire why did they kill her Papa. She checks his suitcase. Rudra comes there and sees Anmol. Prarthana takes Anmol’s avatar and tells that she is searching gift for her. Rudra says it has important documents. The friends come there and ask Rudra to click photos with Anmol. Rudra gets a call and goes out. The friend tells Anmol that her groom is gone. Prarthana as Anmol comes downstairs. Rishabh hugs her. She feels as if her Papa hugged her and thinks he has murdered my Papa, why I am feeling for him. Pratha asks them to come.

The mehendi designer asks Anmol( Prarthana) tell about her husband’s name. The friends say Rudra. Prarthana sees Anmol coming, makes an excuse to leave. The friends see Anmol and asks says they saw two Anmol. Anmol asks if they are imagining. Prarthana is standing as herself and looks at mehendi on her hands. Anmol asks the mehendi designer to apply mehendi to her hand. The designer says she has already applied mehendi on her hand. Anmol says just now she came and says her skin is sensitive. Rudra imagines dancing with Prarthana, but he is dancing with Anmol. Anmol dances happily. Prarthana sees the chandelier about to fall on Anmol and saves her. Rudra says your hand is bleeding. Pratha says I will do your first aid and takes Prarthana with her. She cleans her injury. Prarthana shouts. Pratha says I don’t have any words to thank you, you have saved your life for my daughter. Prarthana says who is there for me to cry, even if I die. Pratha tells Prarthana that she is her mother, who feels the utmost pain. She says I am your mother and Rishabh is your father. She says since you got changed with Professor’s daughter, our world changed. Prarthana calls her Maa and hugs her. Naagraj Tashak says they have united. Prarthana thinks my real Papa has killed my Papa. Anmol thanks Prarthana and hugs her. Prarthana thinks you are my sister, I will not let you marry a murderer. Rudra thinks he can’t marry Anmol.

Anmol looks at the outfits. Rudra comes there. The friends go outside and hear them. Rudra tells that he want to talk to her, and says I want you to be happy always, but I give you this happiness, as I love someone else. Anmol takes the gun kept under her pillow and says I loved you since my childhood, and I don’t believe in puja paat, but asked you from God. She blackmails him to agree to marry her, and says she is not joking and will shoot at herself surely. Rudra says I will marry you, Anmol. He goes outside.

The friends come inside and asks Anmol if she is fine. Anmol laughs and says ofcourse, Ia m super cool. She says my love is truthful, but this gun is fake. Her friend says Anmol said that he loves someone else. Anmol says he loves his work and has phobia about marriage. She says he is nervous and no girl can come between Rudra and me and if any girl comes then I will kill her. Prarthana thinks to kill Rudra before his baraat goes. Rishabh comes to Rudra and asks him to come to study with him. Prarthana thinks now both of them will die together. Someone asks Prarthana to dance. Prarthana says I can’t dance. Rishabh tells Rudra that the enemies wanted to open this temple door and for that they need Shesh naagin. Rudra says Shesh Naagin. Rishabh says I have seen her with my eyes. Rudra says it is just written in the book. Rudra asks what is hidden in this temple. Rishabh says our country’s wealth is hidden there and tells that they have to find out about Vasuki temple. He says the 5 people died who had gone there. He says that guy is returned, whom I thought is dead, along with the 5 people about whom we don’t want. He says why they come to know about our plan. Rudra says someone knows about us, and says that person is very near to us. Rudra’s father meets Zang. Zang congratulates him and says this marriage shall happen. Rudra’s father says I had gone to my son’s office and got all the info from there and then informed you. He says I always got some news and the news reaches you before you. He says my son knows that 5 people wants to ruin this country, and he doesn’t know that his dad is one among them. He says my son is a desh bhakt and I am desh drohi. Rishabh says we shall search him. Rudra’s father comes there and asks about his son. Anmol’s cousin tells that he is in study with Rishabh. Rudra’s father comes there. Rudra and Rishabh go out with him. Pratha comes there and sees the drawing of the 5 people. She thinks one is Rudra and other is Rishabh, and thinks who are the other three people. She thinks I will kill them after knowing about the other three. She starts walking and is about to keep leg on the open fire. Rudra comes there and saves Prarthana, and he feels the current. Prarthana asks why did he save her? Rudra thinks he loves her. Anmol comes there and hugs Rudra. Prarthana thinks he doesn’t love her. Rudra thinks you are not in my eyes, but someone else.

Anmol’s friends asks her to come to the bachelorette party. Anmol asks Prarthana to come. They go there. Anmol tells Prarthana that she shall wear western clothes as the clothes suit her. They drink and dance while Prarthana looks on. Anmol asks if you are thinking something. Prarthana asks if you want to marry Rudra. Anmol says yes, he is the best and I love him, and I will marry just him. Prarthana thinks how to tell you, that he is not a lover, but a murderer. Anmol cuts the cake and makes Prarthana have it. Prarthana thinks I will not let you marry the betrayal.

Rishabh comes to Pratha and says she is still gorgeous. Pratha says everyone is looking at you. Rishabh says I am your husband. Ranjeet, Sanjana and Rudra come there for sangeet. Pratha welcomes there. Prarthana recalls Jeet pointing finger at Rishabh.

Pratha compliments Anmol. Rishabh says you are looking gorgeous. Urvashi asks Sayali to apply haldi to Anmol. Anmol asks Prarthana to do her haldi rasam. Rishabh comes to Prarthana and asks her to do. Seema’s Nani grinds haldi and mixes something in it.

Urvashi provokes Sayali against Anmol and says your role and job is snatched by her. She asks her to fight for her rights, else Anmol will snatch everything. Urvashi says your mother was innocent and Pratha had broken all her dreams. She asks her to fight for her rights. Chanda says lets apply haldi. Prarthana brings it and applies it to Anmol and Rudra’s faces. Pratha, Rishabh and others apply haldi to the couple. Patali tells Urvashi that the haldi color will turn red as if it is blood.

Anmol’s friend asks Anmol and rudr to apply haldi to each other. Anmol applies haldi to Rudra. Rudra is about to apply haldi to her, when Prathana comes and slips. Rudra runs and holds her, and the haldi gets applied to her face. Friend says he is marrying Anmol and applied haldi to Prarthana. Anmol tells that it is ok. Rudra then applies haldi to her.

Patali and Urvashi wonder why the color haven’t turned red. Pratha comes there and tells that she had changed the liquid with Chandan. A fb is shown. She warns and threatens them not to mess up with her daughter’s life.

Precap: Anmol comes ready for marriage. Rudra thinks how to marry Anmol when he loves Prarthana. Anmol’s friend hears him and tells everyone that Rudra doesn’t want to marry Anmol as he loves Prarthana.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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