Naagin Season 6 1st January 2023 Written Episode Update: Prarthana marries Raghu

Naagin Season 6 1st (*6*) 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Raghu confessing his like to Prarthana and hugs her. It seems to be his creativeness. Prarthana claps and says she didn’t know that he performs guitar well. Raghu tells that he’s harm, so the ache resulted in this tune. Prarthana says your hand is bleeding, I will be able to blank and bandage it. He thinks he’s feeling ache of separation together with her. Preeti bandages his hand and says after your marriage, I will be able to depart from right here, Gautam and Sonia can keep right here. Raghu says Preeti. Prarthana asks him to not prevent her. Mahek overhears them and thinks she’s going to lose 9 manis too. She thinks she has simply as of late. Prarthana involves the youngsters’ room. The youngsters ask her to put on the saree which they were given from her bag. Prarthana remembers getting it within the temple. She comes out dressed in the saree. The youngsters compliments her seems. Prarthana sees a woman status at the door and asks who’s she? She is Pratha who’s dressed in similar saree. She thinks what did she see, and thinks to investigate. She asks the youngsters to take care and says she will probably be again within the night. She comes out and enquires with the native chaat and tea dealers in the event that they know her, or noticed her sooner than. She involves the girl and asks her the similar factor. A goon sees her and involves her calling her Sudha. She says your oldsters are looking you and asks her to come back with him. Prarthana is going with him. Tashak Naag worries for Prarthana and thinks the Shesh Naagin within her can’t lend a hand her as of late. He thinks she shall no longer land in any downside. The goon makes her subconscious, clicks and sends her % to the every other goon.

Mahek asks Seema if she noticed her. Seema says no. Mahek worries if she went as of late itself and says she desires the ones 9 manis. Seema says Prarthana is not going to pass leaving the youngsters. Mahek says as soon as I am getting her, I will be able to take out her existence and 9 manis from her. The anklet falls down from her foot. The lady selections it, shouts witch seeing her face. Mahek and Seema are stunned.

The lady runs preserving Mahek’s anklet and calls her witch. Mahek asks Seema to move and catch her. She asks her to offer the anklet and tells that she used to be doing make up. The lady refuses and runs. She collides with Vinay and tells him that his spouse is a witch. He laughs it off after which tells that even he feels the similar. The lady asks him to come back and notice. Seema runs and pours white powder on Mahek. Vinay laughs seeing her face white. Mahek involves the lady and snatches anklet from her hand, says she is actually a witch and threatens her. Prarthana is within the captivity of a few goons, and asks them to inform about her oldsters. The goons inform that any person is coming to offer the best worth for her. Mahek searches for Prarthana and involves the store. The supplier on the store tells her that the lady (Prarthana) used to be looking her oldsters and went with a man. Mahek thinks with whom she went? A man comes and buys Prarthana. They have been going out when Mahek comes there and assaults the goons. She kills them and tells that now she’s going to kill Prarthana. She helps to keep knife on her anklet after which tells that she’s going to take the 9 manis out now. The manis flickers however couldn’t pop out even if Mahek tries to try to stab Prarthana. Seema comes there and tells that she will take the naagmanis out handiest when Shesh Naagin provides together with her personal will. She tells that she has learn this within the guide of her mom and displays the web page. Later Prarthana good points awareness and sees the goons at the flooring. Mahek tells her that she has stored her existence. Prarthana will get emotional and hugs her.

They come house. Mahek tells Ananya’s mom that she loves youngsters, whilst Ananya’s mom is in doubt about her intentions. Mahek asks the youngsters to have the snacks and asks them to name her Bhabhi. She sends Prarthana/Preeti to the room to get one thing. Prarthana sees the bride Ananya speaking to her boyfriend and telling that she could have relation with him even after the wedding. She thinks she shall inform Raghu. She is ready to move. The lady Ananya is if truth be told Mahek and the true Ananya is subconscious and tied at the mattress. Mahek comes out and prevents Prarthana. She tells Prarthana that she is aware of about Ananya’s affair, however her mom doesn’t perceive. She acts to really feel pity on Raghu and asks Prarthana to marry Raghu to save lots of his existence from this kind of lady. She asks Prarthana to come back together with her. She will get her in a position because the bride and brings her downstairs. Prarthana and Raghu sit down for the wedding. Mahek tells Seema that she has executed this to stay her infront of her eyes. Prarthana will get flashes of her previous marriage in black and white. They rise up and take rounds. Prarthana remembers equivalent factor taking place together with her, however she continues to be drowsy. Raghu makes her put on mangalsutra and is ready to boost the ghunghat to fill her maang with sindoor, when Mahek stops him and asks him to use sindoor similar to that. Raghu is ready to fill sindoor in her maang, when Ananya comes there and shouts asking him to prevent. She asks who’s she? Her mom lifts Prarthana’s veil and everybody sees her. She will get offended and burns the mandap angrily, blaming them for betraying her son first and now her daughter. Her son stops her. The youngsters shouts seeing the mandap on fireplace.

Prarthana will get again her reminiscence seeing the mandap burning. She remembers Mahek killing Rishabh, Pratha, Rudra and her cousins. She remembers her promise made to Pratha. Raghu makes her stand up from the mandap after which lifts her seeing her falling subconscious. He asks Gautam and Sonia to take the youngsters within.

Raghu takes Prarthana to room and helps to keep her at the mattress. Smriti scolds Vinay for the fraud. Mahek comes there and says they’re betrayed too. Raghu comes there and apologizes to Smriti, says no person betrayed someone. Prarthana good points awareness and unearths herself within the room the place Rudra used to be killed. She remembers Mahek killing them.

Precap: Prarthana tells Mahadev that she’s going to burn her personal pyre if her circle of relatives doesn’t go back to her. Pratha comes there. Prarthana calls her Maa and hugs her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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