Naagin Season 6 16th October 2022 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 6 16th October 2022 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 6 16th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Prarthana attacking Rishabh. Pratha comes there and hears the sound, and sees the snake attack on Rishabh. She becomes snake and fights with the other snake. Rishabh sees them fighting and thinks if they want to kill him or save him. He faints. The other snake leaves. Pratha comes in her human form and comes to Rishabh. She heals all his wounds. Rishabh gains consciousness and asks Pratha what is she doing here? Pratha says Anmol called her and said that she is here. Rishabh thinks how did all his injuries go? They come home. Chanda asks where did you go? Pratha asks about Prarthana. Chanda says she was asking about you. Pratha thinks she is here, so she can’t be naagin. Rishabh tells Pratha that he has witnessed an other world and tells that the attacker was Naagin and savior too. He says he was attacked on Prarthana marriage day also. He says the 5 deaths which happened is for the Shesh Naagin who could open the door of the other world. He tells that he is shocked after finding the other world and tells that he will enquire about it. Pratha recalls their marriage and thinks she haven’t told him about her being a naagin. They come to open the fast. Rishabh romances with Pratha and says he is fine due to her fast. Pratha thinks to tell him the truth. Rishabhh breaks Pratha’s fast. Pratha says she has kept this fast for his good health and safety. Rudra thinks he is hiding something in his heart. He is about to break Anmol’s fast when he gets a call. Anmol breaks her fast herself. Pratha asks what did you do? Anmol says she can’t bear hunger. Rudra comes back and makes her have the sweets. Anmol smiles. Rudra talks to moon saying it knows him and his heart secrets. Prarthana looks at the injury on his hand. Pratha goes to her and asks about it. Prarthana tells that she gets rashes on her hand often. Pratha says I will bring skin cream for you. Prarthana thinks she will never let her know about her.

Pratha comes to the temple and calls Naagraj Tashak. Tashak welcomes her and asks why did she come? Pratha says I am Shesh Naagin and has done something to save this nation, and tells that some snake attacked her husband and asks who was she? Tashak says I can’t tell you, you will know yourself. Pratha says I will save my husband from that naagin and says I am Shesh Naagin. Tashak thinks she doesn’t know that she is no longer Shesh Naagin and now her daughter is Shesh Naagin. Pratha comes home and looks at Prarthana. She thinks if Prarthana is Shesh Naagin. Prarthana thinks Pratha must have saved Rishabh else she would have killed him today. Rudra comes there with his parents. Pandit ji takes out two mahurat for Rudra and Anmol’s marriage and says one is after 2 days and other is after 3 months. Rudra says they shall get married after 3 months. Anmol insists to marry after 2 days. Pratha asks Rudra and his family to shift at their place. Rudra thinks how to convince Anmol to cancel the marriage. Prarthana thinks how to kill him in 2 days.

Later Pratha is in the car with Anmol and her friends. She sees Urvashi in the other car and gets down on the car on the pretext of going to temple. She follows Urvashi and asks her to come infront of her. Urvashi runs and reaches Pataali Devi. Pataali Devi threatens Urvashi to kill her. She tells that she will tell them a secret today. She says while they were fighting with Naag vansh, their clan was getting extinct, so they killed Pratha’s Nani to get Amrit Kalash. She says they tried to kill Pratha, but failed and later she became Shesh Naagin. She then they replaced Prarthana with Professor’s daughter with suhasini’s help.. She says we will go to Pratha’s daughter marriage and will play dhol.

Pratha reaches home. Sayali tells that she will be with her after Anmol’s marriage. Pratha sees Pataali Devi and identifies her. Rudra’s mother tells that she has called her. Pataali tells about her daughter who is no more and prays for the house. Pratha thinks Pataali is here. After everyone go from there. Pataali removes her veil. Pratha asks why did you come here? Pataali says a big dhamaka is about to happen. Urvashi comes there. Pratha says you are alive and I will tell everyone about you. Urvashi says what you will tell that you are a naagin and tried to killed me and tells that she will tell Rishabh that his loving wife is a naagin. Rishabh comes there. He asks how dare you to come here. Urvashi says she doesn’t know who was Mahek and says how to tell you. She tells that she had met with an accident and the person who rescued her, kept her with her for 20 years as she had lost her memory. She says just as I got her memory, she missed Reem’s daughter and came here. Sayali calls her Nani. Urvashi hugs her and says she will go. Rishabh stops her and asks her to stay with them. Urvashi smiles and turns to him, thanks him. Pratha thinks both enemies came here for a big conspiracy.

Urvashi and Pataali Devi look at the function happening. Urvashi appreciates Pataali Devi for her idea. Pataali Devi asks her to add tadka to the function. Urvashi shouts saying she saw the snake. Rishabh and others gather there. He asks where is snake? Urvashi asks him to call the snake charmer. Pratha thinks if snake charmer comes there, then all my world will change. Snake Charmer (Maha Sapera) comes there and plays his flute. Pratha and Prarthana hide, as their skin turn scaly hearing the flute sound and they couldn’t bear. Snake Charmer goes inside the house while prarthana comes out and shouts, before becoming snake.

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